Administering Assignment Submissions

Only a few administrative tasks are involved with assignment submissions and upkeep. Moodle adds useful functionality for you to view submissions. When you're ready to mark and/or comment on students work, the following tools make your job easier.

  • Viewing students' submissions: You can view student's submissions in two ways. You can click the Assignment link in the Activities block, and Moodle takes you to a table that lists all the assignments by week/topic assigned, tells you what type the assignment is, states the due date, and tells how many were submitted and what the grades are. (See Figure 10-3.) This is a very useful overview. Each assignment name is a link that takes you to that specific assignment. If you click the View X Submitted Assignments link, Moodle takes you to an Assignment Submissions page like the one shown in Figure 10-4.

    Another way to access the assignment is from the course front page. By clicking the name of the individual assignment, Moodle takes you to new page listing the assignment description and another link in top-right corner informing you how many assignments have been submitted. Select this link by clicking it. Moodle takes you to the Assignment Submissions page like the one shown in Figure 10-4. Notice this page is set up as a table with headings First Name/Surname; Grade; Comment; Last Modified (Student); Last Modified (Teacher); and Status. You can sort the list by clicking the heading.

    Figure 10-3: A ...

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