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Moodle Recipes

Video Description

Use Moodle resources to the fullest by embedding social networks and working with online live resources for communication

About This Video

  • Create and design attractive activities using external resources such as videos, sound, and images in order to enhance Moodle's resources and activities
  • Communicate with students, teachers, and parents using Moodle's resources or external resources and social networks
  • A hands-on course that will cover online live communication and create groups of students in order to interact with them

In Detail

Moodle is one of the most popular open source platforms to create, manage, and organize content for courses.

This video course shows how to create different types of activities in Moodle. It starts giving recipes on how to enhance the Moodle course using different types of external elements and embed them in it. Later it goes on adding social condiments as well as the creation of groups within Moodle. Afterwards, the course shows how to interact online and live among students, teachers, and parents.

By the end of the course, you will be able to make the most of Moodle for teaching purposes.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Working with Videos or Screencasts
    1. The Course Overview 00:02:27
    2. Exploring Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Channels 00:06:11
    3. Exploring Video Resolutions 00:03:32
    4. Adding Subtitles and Closed Captions to Videos 00:03:27
    5. Adding Hotspots or Links to Videos 00:05:18
    6. Optimizing the Touch Experience 00:02:37
  2. Chapter 2 : Recording and Listening to Podcasts, Sound or Music
    1. Exploring Free Sounds and Music 00:03:36
    2. Exploring Tools to Work with Podcasts, Sounds, and Music 00:03:22
    3. Editing a Podcast 00:04:19
    4. Embedding Recordings in Moodle 00:04:17
    5. Creating an Activity or Resource Using the Recording 00:02:41
  3. Chapter 3 : Images, GIFs, and Photo Portfolios
    1. Exploring Images File Formats 00:04:25
    2. Exploring External Tools to Work with Images 00:03:34
    3. Creating Different Types of File Formats 00:04:34
    4. Editing Images 00:03:05
    5. Creating an Activity or Resource Using the Images 00:04:13
  4. Chapter 4 : Written Communication
    1. Creating a Social Format Course 00:03:19
    2. Communicating Through Forum Within the Social Format Course 00:03:58
    3. Communicating Through Personal Messages 00:03:32
    4. Designing Activities for Collaborative Work 00:06:58
    5. Creating Wikis 00:02:50
  5. Chapter 5 : Online Spoken Communication
    1. Exploring Online Live Speaking Plugins in Moodle 00:04:38
    2. Exploring Online Live Speaking Resources Outside Moodle 00:04:10
    3. Embedding Online Live Speaking Resources Outside Moodle 00:02:08
    4. Exploring Social Networks and Embedding Them in Moodle 00:03:19
    5. Using the BigBlueButton 00:04:27
  6. Chapter 6 : Groups
    1. Working in Groups Using Google Docs 00:04:34
    2. Using SurveyMonkey to Work in Groups 00:06:00
    3. Using an Interactive Web Based Whiteboard: Twiddla 00:04:46
    4. Embedding Twiddla in Moodle 00:02:09
    5. Designing a Workshop Activity in Moodle 00:07:11