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More Fearless Change: Strategies for Making Your Ideas Happen

Book Description

63 New and Updated Patterns for Driving and Sustaining Change

“The hard part of change is enlisting the support of other people. Whether a top manager interested in improving your organization’s results or a lone developer promoting a better way of working, this book will give you tools and ideas to help accomplish your goal.”

–George Dinwiddie, independent coach and consultant, iDIA Computing, LLC

“Keep the patterns in this book and Fearless Change handy. … These patterns transformed me from an ineffective ‘voice in the wilderness’ to a valued collaborator.”

–Lisa Crispin, co-author (with Janet Gregory) of Agile Testing and More Agile Testing

In their classic work, Fearless Change, Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising interviewed successful leaders of change, identified 48 patterns for implementing change in teams of all sizes, and demonstrated how to use these techniques effectively. Now, in More Fearless Change the authors reflect on all they’ve learned about their original patterns in the past decade, and introduce 15 powerful, new techniques–all extensively validated by change leaders worldwide. Manns and Rising teach strategies that appeal to each individual’s logic (head), feelings (heart), and desire to contribute (hands)–the best way to motivate real change and sustain it for the long haul.

Learn how to

  • Focus on the best things you can achieve with limited resources

  • Strategize to build flexible plans and go after low-hanging fruit

  • Get help from the right people in the right ways

  • Establish emotional connections that inspire motivation and imagination

  • Create an “elevator pitch” that keeps everyone focused on what truly matters

  • Build bridges, work with skeptics, soften resistance, and open minds

  • Uncover easier paths towards change, and build on what already works

  • Sustain momentum, provide time for reflection, and celebrate small successes

  • More Fearless Change reflects a profound understanding of how real change happens: not instantaneously in response to top-down plans and demands, but iteratively, through small steps that teach from experience. Best of all, as thousands of change agents have already discovered, its patterns are easy to use–and they work.

    Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Praise for More Fearless Change
    5. Dedication Page
    6. Contents
    7. Foreword
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. About the Authors
    10. Part One: Overview
      1. Chapter One. Introduction
        1. Some Insights since Our First Book
        2. The New Patterns
      2. Chapter Two. Strategize
        1. Know Yourself
        2. Evolving Vision
        3. Concrete Action Plan
        4. Low-Hanging Fruit
        5. Where to Go Next
      3. Chapter Three. Share Information and Seek Help
        1. Elevator Pitch
        2. Town Hall Meeting
        3. Go-To Person
        4. Future Commitment
        5. Where to Go Next
      4. Chapter Four. Inspire Others
        1. Emotional Connection
        2. Accentuate the Positive
        3. Imagine That
        4. More Patterns to Inspire
        5. Where to Go Next
      5. Chapter Five. Target Resistance
        1. Pick Your Battles
        2. Wake-up Call
        3. Myth Buster
        4. Easier Path
        5. More Patterns and Some Final Thoughts
    11. Part Two: Stories in Leading Change
      1. Enterprise Architecture
      2. Community Initiative
    12. Part Three: The Patterns
      1. New Patterns
        1. Accentuate the Positive
        2. Concrete Action Plan
        3. Easier Path
        4. Elevator Pitch
        5. Emotional Connection
        6. Evolving Vision
        7. Future Commitment
        8. Go-To Person
        9. Imagine That
        10. Know Yourself
        11. Low-Hanging Fruit
        12. Myth Buster
        13. Pick Your Battles
        14. Town Hall Meeting
        15. Wake-up Call
      2. The Original Patterns
        1. Ask for Help
        2. Baby Steps
        3. Big Jolt
        4. Bridge Builder
        5. Brown Bag
        6. Champion Skeptic
        7. Connector
        8. Corporate Angel
        9. Corridor Politics
        10. Dedicated Champion
        11. Do Food
        12. e-Forum
        13. Early Adopter
        14. Early Majority
        15. Evangelist
        16. External Validation
        17. Fear Less
        18. Group Identity
        19. Guru on Your Side
        20. Guru Review
        21. Hometown Story
        22. Innovator
        23. Involve Everyone
        24. Just Do It
        25. Just Enough
        26. Local Sponsor
        27. Location, Location, Location
        28. Mentor
        29. Next Steps
        30. Persistent PR
        31. Personal Touch
        32. Piggyback
        33. Plant the Seeds
        34. The Right Time
        35. Royal Audience
        36. Shoulder to Cry On
        37. Sincere Appreciation
        38. Small Successes
        39. Smell of Success
        40. Stay in Touch
        41. Study Group
        42. Sustained Momentum
        43. Tailor Made
        44. Test the Waters
        45. Time for Reflection
        46. Token
        47. Trial Run
        48. Whisper in the General’s Ear
        49. External Pattern References
    13. Appendix: Quick Guide to the Patterns
    14. Notes
      1. Part One
      2. Part Two
      3. Part Three
    15. Index