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More Food Styling for Photographers & Stylists

Book Description

Thanks to the exploding popularity of food-based television shows (entire networks, even), websites, books, and magazines, food stylists and food photographers are in more demand today than ever before. While there are many amazing opportunities for creative professionals to showcase their work in ads, cookbooks, blogs, and food packaging, there is also more competition for these jobs. Whether you are a food stylist who works alongside photographers or a food photographer yourself, you'll find everything you need to know to give your portfolio that little extra push in this expert guide by three professionals with decades of experience in each field. More Food Styling for Photographers covers topics that Linda, Jean Ann, and Brad's fans have been asking for, such as shooting food on location, working with packaged foods, building the perfect breakfast shot, and more. Clients and foodies eat with their eyes first, so don't be afraid to play with your food - make sure it's YOUR image that whets their appetite!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Disclaimer
  7. About the Authors
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Preface
  10. Chapter 1. Building Your Portfolio
    1. Where To Start?
      1. My Story
      2. Portfolio Basics
      3. Building a Basic Portfolio from Scratch
      4. Building a Portfolio: A Photographer’s View
      5. Building a Portfolio: An Agent’s View
      6. Presenting Your Portfolio
      7. Planning a Test Shot
    2. Our test shot: “Living Food”
  11. Chapter 2. Beer and Cocktails
    1. Beer
    2. Cocktails
      1. Curaço on Ice with a Twist Garnish
      2. Layers of Liquor in a Glass
      3. Cocktail with Foamy Top
      4. Raspberry Daiquiri
  12. Chapter 3. Styling Packaged Foods
    1. Pizza
      1. Pizza Styling: Bake Method
      2. Pizza on Set
      3. The Pizza Cheese Pull
    2. Styling Peas and Other Vegetables For Serving Suggestion Images
  13. Chapter 4. Soups
    1. Designing the Set
    2. Styling a Clear Soup with Solid Ingredients
    3. Styling Blended Opaque Soup
  14. Chapter 5. Tacos
    1. Prepping Taco Shells
    2. Prepping Taco Ingredients
  15. Chapter 6. Hot Dogs
    1. Hot Dogs! And you thought they were Easy!
    2. Hot Dog Bun Selection
    3. Prep steps for a Hot Dog Image
    4. Building a Hot Dog Rig
  16. Chapter 7. What’s For Breakfast?
    1. Pancakes
      1. Choosing Design Elements for the Set
      2. Styling Pancakes
      3. Pancake Batter Prep Techniques
      4. Positioning Fruit in Photo Pancakes
    2. Cereal
      1. Styling a Bowl of Cereal
    3. Breakfast Smoothie
  17. Chapter 8. Styling Montage Shots
    1. General Information about Montage Images
    2. Creating Visual Interest in Montage Images by Adding Risers
    3. Montages Photographed from a High Angle
      1. Steps in Building the Entertaining Montage for Central Market
  18. Chapter 9. Styling a First Course for the Camera
    1. The Process of Planning an Image
    2. Prepping and Styling Ceviche
  19. Chapter 10. Tricks of the Trade
    1. Catching a Pour or Splash in Action: Where to Begin?
      1. Styling for a Splash
      2. Protecting the Set during Pour Attempts
      3. Establish Communication Protocol
      4. Liquid Pour Caught in Action: Landing on Ice and Other Objects
      5. Prepping for the Pour
      6. Other Types of Pours
    2. Drips
      1. Styling a Drip on a Spoon
      2. Drips Falling from Food
    3. Steam and Smoke
      1. A Steaming Cup of Hot Chocolate
      2. Building a Rig for the Smoke Source
      3. Building a Smoking Fake Fire
      4. Preparing the Fake Fire
  20. Chapter 11. Shooting Food on Location
    1. Planning for a Location Photo Shoot Involving Food
    2. Some General Information about Location Photography
    3. Location Shoot 1
      1. Organizing Food for Transport to Location
      2. Setting Up a Location Kitchen
    4. Location Shoot 2
  21. Appendix
  22. Index