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Mortgages Made Easy: 8 Steps to Smart Borrowing for Homes and Investment Properties, Australian Edition

Book Description

Structure your mortgage for a more secure, more profitable property investment

Mortgages Made Easy is the definitive guide to getting the optimal mortgage for your home or investment property purchase. Bestselling author, mortgage broker, and financial advisor Bruce Brammall, aka Debt Man, walks you through the process in his trademark style, giving you all the information you need to buy a property and finance it right. Success in real estate is as much about having the right debt structure as it is about buying quality property, and this book shows you how to build the financial fortification that is critical to your long-term security. You'll learn how to set yourself up for success before you even begin to house hunt, and how to approach investment properties differently from your own home purchase. Brammall guides you step by step through the loan and purchase, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make your property work in your favor.

Property and debt are inseparable in the beginning, but what most people don't know is that accruing debt correctly plays a crucial role in the financial success of the property. This book explains it all, with practical advice and guidance throughout the process.

  • Learn why debt is necessary and property is so popular

  • Navigate the big choices that buying property entails

  • Discover the critical differences between homes and investment properties

  • Get mortgage-ready and examine loan structure options

  • Given his qualifications, Brammall intrinsically understands the point where property, debt, and investment intersect, as well as their broader role in your wealth-creation plans. Your home is your castle, and a major part of your future security - it's important to set it up right. For savvy advice from an expert perspective, Mortgages Made Easy is the property buyer's mortgage manual.

    Table of Contents

    1. Assumptions and disclaimers
      1. Tax and accounting
      2. Assumptions
    2. About the author
    3. Acknowledgements
    4. Introduction
    5. 1 Debt — the grease that oils the property wheel
      1. You can't save your way to a home
      2. Homes versus investment properties
      3. So why did you pick up this book?
      4. What's your goal?
      5. Setting your targets
      6. What does getting it right mean?
      7. Debt is a tool … use it properly
      8. And the biggest tools of all …
      9. Delayed gratification — money's golden rule
      10. Property purchasing principles
    6. 2 Why property is so popular
      1. Why invest in property?
      2. Two types of property … don't mistake them
      3. Home — the cornerstone of wealth creation
      4. Property success — the three ingredients
      5. Property purchasing principles
    7. 3 Getting mortgage fit
      1. Saving a deposit
      2. Putting on a ‘bag of fruit'
      3. Understanding the different types of debt
      4. What banks want — getting your paperwork in order
      5. Odd bank rules — an introduction
      6. Getting pre-approval
      7. Guarantors — security at a price
      8. Understanding stamp duty
      9. First Home Owner's Grant
      10. More costs of purchasing
      11. DIY or mortgage broker?
      12. Property purchasing principles
    8. 4 The loan ranger — understanding mortgages
      1. Which bank?
      2. Loans — making the big decisions in the right order
      3. Test your lender — threats, ultimatums and tantrums
      4. Property purchasing principles
    9. 5 Home — buying the ‘Great Australian Dream'
      1. Rent … to the death
      2. Why, what and where?
      3. And how much?
      4. The thrill of the chase
      5. Building equity in your home
      6. Trading up — your second and third home
      7. Homes versus investment properties — not the same game
      8. Property purchasing principles
    10. 6 Investment property — building your wealth
      1. You need money to make money …
      2. Why is funding investment properties different?
      3. No equity — starting with savings
      4. If you could choose your debt structure …
      5. Buying an investment property before buying a home
      6. Having equity in your own home (or any property)
      7. Maximising investment property loans
      8. Structuring your loan — an introduction
      9. Creating real wealth — building a property portfolio
      10. Diversifying your property portfolio
      11. Coping with huge debt
      12. Negative gearing explained
      13. Geared property in self-managed super funds (SMSFs)
      14. Property purchasing principles
    11. 7 Structuring your loans
      1. Ownership — who's on the title?
      2. Structuring debt
      3. Property purchasing principles
    12. 8 And now for the property purchase
      1. Before signing the contract
      2. Dealing with real estate agents
      3. Buyer's advocates
      4. Auctions versus private sales
      5. Offer accepted!
      6. Insuring against disaster
      7. Getting ready for settlement
      8. Property purchasing principles
    13. Bringing it all home
    14. Index
    15. Advert
    16. End User License Agreement