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MOSS Explained: An Information Worker’s Deep Dive into Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007

Book Description

You've figured out the simple stuff-you can create a list, add some columns, and throw a Web Part on a page to display the list, but then what? Are you really taking advantage of everything SharePoint can do? This book will help you maximize all of SharePoint Server's potential. Whether you're a business user just trying to get more value, a SharePoint administrator trying to figure out what can be done, or a developer trying to decide if custom development is necessary, this book can help you. This book is designed to help you create solutions and take your SharePoint sites further. It not only describes the more advanced functionality of SharePoint but also walks you through steps to actually implement the solution. Because both of the authors are current SharePoint consultants and trainers, the examples and solutions provided are based on timely experiences with clients and students in the classroom.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. About the Authors
  4. Introduction
  5. The Business Case for SharePoint
    1. Great Power Equals Great Responsibility
    2. What Exactly Is SharePoint?
    3. Where Did MOSS Come From?
    4. Why Use SharePoint?
    5. Implementing MOSS
    6. Maximizing ROI
    7. Customization Tools and What They Do
    8. Summary
  6. Creating Corporate Portal Sites
    1. Understanding a Web Application
    2. What Does the Shared Services Provider Mean to Me?
    3. Site Collections—The What, the Why, and the When
    4. Sites
    5. Features
    6. Navigation
    7. The Containment Hierarchy within SharePoint
    8. Summary
  7. Lists, Document Libraries, and Content Types
    1. Lists
    2. Unique List Features
    3. Document Libraries
    4. Common Functionality of Lists and Libraries
    5. Web Parts
    6. Site Columns
    7. Content Types
    8. Reusing Configurations
    9. Summary
  8. Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2007
    1. What Is SharePoint Designer?
    2. Getting Started with SharePoint Designer
    3. Common SPD Tasks
    4. Summary
  9. Web Content Management Using Publishing Portals
    1. What Is Web Content Management?
    2. The ABCs of Web Content Management
    3. Web Content Management for MOSS
    4. Building Your WCM Site
    5. Summary
  10. Creating a Custom UI for SharePoint
    1. What Is SharePoint Branding?
    2. SharePoint Branding Basics
    3. Summary
  11. User Profiles, My Sites, and Audience Targeting
    1. Importing and Configuring User Profiles
    2. My Sites
    3. Audience Targeting
    4. Summary
  12. Configuring and Extending Search
    1. MOSS Enterprise Search Technical Primer
    2. Search Architecture 101
    3. Configuring and Administering Search
    4. Search Center and Search Pages
    5. Search Examples
    6. Searching Quickly on Specific Properties
    7. Customizing the Search Results
    8. Summary
  13. Microsoft InfoPath 2007 and Forms Services
    1. What Is InfoPath?
    2. What Is Forms Services?
    3. Working with the InfoPath 2007 Forms Designer
    4. Browser-Enabled Forms
    5. Publishing an InfoPath Form to a WSS Form Library
    6. Mobile Browser Functionality
    7. Summary
  14. Workflow and Process Management
    1. Leveraging Workflow to Automate Business Processes
    2. Workflow Templates, Workflow Associations, and Workflow Instances
    3. Using the Out-of-the-Box Workflows
    4. Creating Custom Workflows with the SharePoint Designer 2007
    5. Taking It One Step Further: Options Available with Visual Studio
    6. Summary
  15. Leveraging the Business Data Catalog (BDC)
    1. BDC Architecture and Application Definition Files
    2. Configurations Available in the Shared Services Provider
    3. Leveraging the Out-of-the-Box BDC Web Parts
    4. Integrating BDC Data with WSS Lists
    5. Integrating BDC Search
    6. The Profile Page for a BDC Entity
    7. Custom Solutions
    8. Summary
  16. Creating Dashboards
    1. Overview of Excel Services
    2. What’s New in Excel 2007?
    3. Setting Up and Understanding Excel Services
    4. Publishing an Excel Workbook
    5. Displaying an Excel Workbook in the Browser
    6. Using the Capabilities of Dashboards, KPIs, and Filter Web Parts
    7. Summary
  17. Index