Getting the Most from Gmail

As you know, the Gmail app comes preinstalled on your Xoom; it's on the main Home page unless you've moved it. Like other apps, it'll always be available in the app tray. Additionally, because you created a Google account when you set up your Xoom, you already have a Gmail (email) address, and the Gmail app is already set up for you. All you have to do is input your password the first time you open it.

SHOULD I USE THE GMAIL OR THE EMAIL APP? Although it's easy to use the Gmail app to manage the Gmail you send and receive on your Xoom, it was ultimately built only for Gmail (or at least it seems that way to me). It's somewhat difficult to incorporate other email accounts into it. Thus, if you have email that is not Google mail–based, you may want to use the Email app (detailed later), instead of Gmail. It allows for more manual entering of email server information and may work better for you when configuring accounts. Additionally, if you want to receive all of your email in one app, the Email app is the one you want to use.


When you open Gmail, you see the two panes shown in Figure 5-13. This view offers options to Search, Compose, and Refresh the view (by checking for new email). This view changes to another when you tap an email. When you tap any email in the right pane (refer to Figure 5-13), the list of emails moves left, and the email you've tapped appears where the current list is now so that you can read its content. ...

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