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Move to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader

Book Description

Are you a Driver, a Collaborator, an Organizer or a Visionary? Read Ginny Whitelaw’s Move to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader to find out.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction: Your Guide to the Patterns
  8. Chapter 1 Enter the Patterns
    1. An Opening Tour
    2. The Way to Balance
    3. The Way to Wholeness
    4. Patterns from the Inside Out
  9. Chapter 2 Discover Your Winning Way
    1. Patterns We Love to Hate
    2. The Basis of Bias
    3. Which Patterns Do You Favor?
    4. Leading in Style
    5. Déjà Vu?
    6. Going Deeper
  10. Chapter 3 Push into the Driver
    1. Hey! I’m Talking to You!
    2. The Driver in You
    3. The Driver in Dell: When Driving Supercharges Performance
    4. A CEO Who Drove Too Much
    5. Do You Have Driving Ambition?
    6. Balancing Your Driver Energy
    7. Overcoming Underdrive
    8. Do You Need More Drive?
    9. Reflecting on the Driver in You
    10. Driver Mini-Breaks and Best Practices
  11. Chapter 4 Step into the Organizer
    1. Sit up Straight
    2. Organizing You
    3. Small Steps and Giant Leaps at NASA
    4. Plan the Work, Work the Plan
    5. Movers and Shapers
    6. Good as Your Word
    7. Caution: Too Much Can Be Dangerous to Your Health
    8. When Too Much Getting It Right Gets It All Wrong
    9. Becoming Un-Organized
    10. Organizer to the Rescue
    11. Organizing for Action
    12. Reflect on the Organizer in You
    13. Organizer Mini-Breaks and Best Practices
  12. Chapter 5 Swing into the Collaborator
    1. Loosen up
    2. Joining with the Collaborator in You
    3. Making “LUV” an Airline
    4. Lovable Leaders
    5. Impulse Control
    6. Two Sides to Every Story
    7. Curb to Curb
    8. Balancing the Collaborator with the Other Players on Your Team
    9. When You Need to Lighten up
    10. When More of the Collaborator Is Merrier
    11. Weighing the Collaborator in You
    12. Collaborator Mini-Breaks and Best Practices
  13. Chapter 6 Drift into the Visionary
    1. What’s Possible?
    2. Getting the Hang of the Visionary
    3. Too Much, Too Little Visionary at Bigtime Investments
    4. When Visionaries Are Whole and Balanced
    5. When Visionary Is Not Enough
    6. Bringing Vision into Balance
    7. When Vision Becomes Blinding
    8. Visionary on the Rise
    9. Expanding into the Visionary
    10. The Whole and Balanced View at Bigtime
    11. Reflect on Your Visionary Essence
    12. Visionary Mini-Breaks and Best Practices
  14. Chapter 7 Pick a Barrier, Break Through
    1. Your Inner Team
    2. Explore What’s Possible
    3. Exploring the Challenge
    4. Focus on a Key Goal
    5. A Goal to Lower Barriers
    6. Plan a Practice for Reaching Your Goal
    7. Engage Yourself and Others in Your Plan
    8. Avoid the Likely Pitfalls
  15. Chapter 8 Lead in Ways Others Can Follow
    1. The Messy World of Relationships
    2. A Master Communicator
    3. Become the Other Person and Go from There
    4. Reading and Speaking to the Patterns in Others
    5. Communicating to Groups
    6. Tell a Story
    7. Use Your Strengths
    8. Shedding the Light on Learning
    9. Leading through Listening
    10. The Patterns in Conflict
    11. A Pattern Approach to Handling Conflict
    12. Push without Pushing
  16. Chapter 9 Move Teams and Organizations to Greatness
    1. A Leader Who Moved a Team toward Balance
    2. Diagnosing the Patterns of a Team
    3. Knowing Where a Team Needs to Move
    4. Forming, Storming, and Norming
    5. The Essential Oil
    6. Performing in All Patterns
    7. Team-Building in the Patterns
    8. Pattern-Building on Teams
    9. The Patterns of an Organization
    10. Diagnosing the Patterns of an Organization
    11. Pattern-Building That Moves an Organization
    12. The Magic of High-Performing Teams and Organizations
  17. Chapter 10 Engage as a Whole and Balanced Leader
    1. Getting the Band Back Together
    2. Watch Your Life
    3. “Patternize” and Energize All That You Learn
    4. “Patternize” New Situations You Face
    5. Review and Revitalize Your Practice
    6. Explore the Macro
    7. Focus, Plan, Engage
    8. Explore the Micro
    9. Integrate Inside
    10. The Inner Journey Is the Outer Journey
    11. Integrative Exercises
  18. Appendix I FEBI Validation and Connection to Other Models
  19. Appendix II Additional Resources
  20. Endnotes
  21. About the Authors
  22. Index
  23. Footnote
    1. Chapter 4
      1. Note 1