When I was growing up, I didn't really know what mental health was. All I knew was that I had extreme thinking that would manifest in different ways.

From as far back as I can remember, I overthought everything with a running commentary in my head that never turned off. I can also see that I had OCD issues and obsessive thoughts, which, looking back, completely ruled my life.

It's important to understand that these intrusive thoughts can be related to all things, big and small. Sometimes it becomes a fixation about big things such as the obsession with competing in sport. But often the fixation can arise around more trivial things, such as buying an item of clothing or getting a new computer. I can remember obsessing about purchasing a new laptop. My previous one was worn out and I had to buy a new version, the latest model. The new computer was slightly bigger but still completely portable, and better in every way. Rather than enjoying the convenience of this I began obsessing that it was not as small as my past laptop and that it would be too big to carry around. I panicked, trying to return it and desperately called around asking if they still had the old version in stock. This went on for weeks until I eventually got used to the new computer. Looking back, it was an utterly pointless and ridiculous thing to obsess about. But I can remember many similar examples, all of which made no logical sense. The point here is that the thinking ...

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