First up is Move Your Mind. You guessed it: this one's all about movement. Exercise is one of the most natural things you can do. Your body is built to move, and exercise keeps you healthy, both mentally and physically. Unfortunately, this has become increasingly difficult in the modern world due to the busy nature of our lives. That's because most of us spend our working lives either behind a desk or in front of a computer — or both. The impact of this sedentary lifestyle is that it leaves little time for exercise, and plenty of excuses, which I think is one of the main barriers to all healthy behaviour.

We often feel overwhelmed when seeking to incorporate exercise into our lives. The gym can be intimidating, too time consuming or too expensive, and trawling through social media looking at highlight reels of the elite few can discourage us before we step foot inside.

The key to making any change is starting small and relieving yourself of pressure. Look to create a routine that works around your schedule and that can be easily and sustainably managed, regardless of how busy you become.

In this chapter, we'll explore the importance of exercise for our mental and physical health, followed by the many benefits of exercise for mental wellbeing. We'll look at some of the science behind movement and provide expert opinions and simple tips and tools on how to use exercise as an effective preventative tool for maintaining positive mental wellbeing. ...

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