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Moving into the Express Lane

Book Description

Moving into the Express Lane: How to Rapidly Increase the Value of Your Business will show readers how to exponentially increase their company's value by aligning operations strategy with the business model. Increasing a business's value and potential sale price is important for business transitions as well as for ongoing operations to accelerate revenue growth, increase profits and cash flow, and to allow the company to increase capacity and grow without capital expense. Many companies focus on implementing tactics, such as lean, without a strategic framework, which renders their efforts fruitless. By taking a holistic operations-based view of strategy and tactics, executives can exponentially improve their company's value. The concepts and resources in Moving into the Express Lane are useful to manufacturing, distribution, and retail organizations, as well as any company that has an operations component and suppliers. Executives, managers, and practitioners at all levels-as well as consultants-will use it as a desktop reference