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Moving the Needle: Get Clear, Get Free, and Get Going in Your Career, Business, and Life!

Book Description

A detailed system that will help you achieve your professional and personal goals

Moving the Needle provides both the "kick in the pants" and the game plan many of us need to break out of the rut and get moving to achieve our goals. CEOs, vice presidents, professionals, military personnel, and even college students frequently express frustration at the entrenched status quo, in which initiating progress feels like moving mountains. This book lights a path toward continual improvement, helping readers first find a direction, then make the key transitions that jumpstart forward progress. This highly practical guide outlines a change process that can be applied to professional or personal goals, giving readers a concrete plan for making big things happen. Rather than blindly shooting for the moon, readers will formulate a solid, systematic, actionable plan that can only result in progress.

In today's tenuous business climate, employers and employees alike can be glued to the ground, unsure of the path they should take, or whether they have the freedom to move forward. Moving the Needle helps readers clarify their current position, identify their optimum position, and formulate a workable strategy for getting from here to there.

  • Find what "moving forward" means for your career and life

  • Shake off the doldrums of routine and establish a culture of innovation

  • Improve performance on a consistent basis, at every level Break the inertia and get moving in the right direction

  • Stagnation is diametrically opposed to progress. Moving forward requires a vision, a plan, and the impetus to get things done. Those who sense that big things can happen need to get clear, get free, and start Moving the Needle.

    Table of Contents

    1. Praise for Moving the Needle
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright
    4. Foreword
    5. Acknowledgments
    6. Introduction: Why This Book?
    7. Section I: Get Clear
    8. Chapter 1: When It Comes to Getting Clear, First Get Quiet
      1. Our Obsession with Busyness
      2. The Sound of Silence
      3. Have an End Goal in Mind
      4. See All Obstacles in Your Way
      5. Notes
    9. Chapter 2: Life Balance and the Life Decision Wheels
      1. Another Way to Look at Life Balance
      2. Balance or Fulfillment and Satisfaction
    10. Chapter 3: Get Clear with Your Life Mission
      1. A Winning Formula
      2. The Big Eight Questions
      3. Getting There?
      4. Notes
    11. Chapter 4: Understanding People's Needs
      1. The Need to Belong
      2. The Need for Love
      3. Taking Care of Those Closest to You
    12. Chapter 5: Clarity in Differentiating Yourself
      1. The Four-Step Process to Differentiating Yourself
      2. Notes
    13. Chapter 6: Getting Clear by Creating Your Ideal Day and Ideal Life
      1. Planning Your Ideal Week
      2. Planning Your Ideal Month
      3. Planning Your Ideal Year
      4. Planning Your Ideal Life
      5. Have, Do, and Be
      6. Notes
    14. Section II: Get Free
      1. Notes
    15. Chapter 7: Get Free by Taking 100 Percent Responsibility
      1. A PhD in Entitlement
      2. The 200-Year Rule
      3. Every Day Is a Bonus
      4. Notes
    16. Chapter 8: Your Perspective Determines Your Freedom
      1. A New Gift of Freedom
      2. Notes
    17. Chapter 9: Freedom and the ZAP Concept: Zones, Alignment, and Paradoxes
      1. Getting into the Zone
      2. Alignment and Freedom
      3. Managing the Paradox
      4. Notes
    18. Chapter 10: Habits and Getting Free
      1. Moving from Unhealthy to Healthy Habits
      2. Taking Inventory
      3. Staying on the Straight and Narrow
      4. Education versus Entertainment Habits
      5. Habits of Attitude
      6. Habits to Begin and End the Day
      7. Other Ideas Worth Making a Habit
      8. Notes
    19. Chapter 11: Get Free with Energizing People and Activities
      1. The Rule of Three
      2. Taking a Look Around
    20. Chapter 12: Get Free with Your Money
      1. Dealing with Debt
      2. Credit Cards: A Form of Modern-Day Slavery
      3. A New Way of Looking at Money
      4. Notes
    21. Section III: Get Going
    22. Chapter 13: The 5/10/15 Plan
      1. The Value of a Great System
      2. Making the Right Connections
      3. The Plan
      4. Get Going on Building Your Client Base
      5. The Personal Touch Never Goes out of Style
    23. Chapter 14: Wingmen and Bird Dogs
      1. Your Circle of Friends
      2. Round Up Your Bird Dogs
      3. The Value of Mentors
    24. Chapter 15: Mindstorming Ideas
      1. Seeing Results
      2. Lawyers, Accountants, and Bankers (LAB) Nights
      3. Final Thought
      4. Notes
    25. Chapter 16: Differentiating Yourself with the Sweeney 22
      1. The Sweeney 22
      2. The Wow Factor
    26. Chapter 17: Putting It All Together
    27. Conclusion: 25 Key Takeaways
    28. About the Author
      1. Invite Joe Sweeney to Speak to Your Company or Organization
    29. The Winning Game Plan
    30. Index
    31. End User License Agreement