Chapter 4. BIFS: Scene Description

by Jean-Claude Dufourd

Keywords: hierarchical scene description, VRML, binary encoding, scene examples, node reference

The biggest difference in MPEG-4, with respect to MPEG-2 and MPEG-1, is the notion of object. An MPEG-2 program typically is constituted of two MPEG-4 objects: one full-screen video object, and one audio object. MPEG-4 content, on the other hand, may be built with any number of audiovisual objects (subject to the constraints imposed by the profile@level definitions, see Chapter 13). Each object can be of any of a large number of object types, such as rectangular video, natural audio, video with shape, synthetic face or body, generic 3D objects, speech, music, synthetic audio, text, or graphics. ...

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