Implementing AToM for Like to Like Circuits

AToM supports the following Layer 2 technologies over MPLS:

  • Ethernet

  • 802.1Q VLAN

  • ATM AAL5 frames

  • ATM cells

  • Frame Relay

  • PPP

  • HDLC

In this section, you will configure AToM for the following like to like circuits:

  • ATM over MPLS

    - AAL5 over MPLS

    - ATM Cell Relay over MPLS

  • Ethernet over MPLS

    - Router-based port mode

    - Router-based VLAN mode

    - Switch-based port mode

    - Switch-based VLAN mode

    - Switch-based Dot1q tunnel mode

  • PPP over MPLS

  • HDLC over MPLS

  • Frame Relay over MPLS


In ATM over MPLS, two modes of encapsulation are supported to transport ATM cells over MPLS:

  • AAL5 over MPLS

  • ATM Cell Relay over MPLS

AAL5 over MPLS

In AAL5 over MPLS operation, the entire AAL5 frame is encapsulated and label switched across ...

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