The MPLS Virtual Private Networking MIB (PPVPN-MPLS-VPN MIB)

“The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

Oscar Wilde


This chapter focuses on the management of MPLS VPN networks. In particular, it investigates how the PPVPN-MPLS-VPN MIB can be a useful addition to the existing tools in the network manager’s quiver to manage MPLS VPN networks—specifically, the management of provider edge routers as well as the customer edge routers in the carrier’s carrier model of MPLS VPN. The PPVPN-MPLS-VPN MIB is but one tool of many available to the operator for managing MPLS VPN networks, but we assert that it is quite a useful one. Some of the other tools available are those that have been mentioned in previous chapters ...

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