Chapter 3

Identifying a Programme

In This Chapter

arrow Deciding when to use programme management

arrow Working out whether a change initiative is a programme

arrow Getting the right people involved in decisions

arrow Understanding the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the Sponsoring Group

Identifying a Programme is the first step in the MSP transformational flow, to which I introduce you in Chapter 1. The transformational flow (in effect, the programme's life-cycle) is part of the top-level structure of MSP, and although it's a process model, the authors helpfully use the word flow in order to emphasise that the processes aren't discrete, rigid or formal. Figure 3-1 shows where Identifying a Programme falls within the transformational flow.


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Figure 3-1: Identifying a Programme in the transformational flow.

In this chapter I describe the steps that the Sponsoring Group – that is, the most senior decision-makers in an organization ...

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