5.4 Forwarding Priority Scheduling

In this section, we will answer the question “in the time fraction λα assigned to Tα, how can we schedule the forwarding priorities among the forwarding candidates images/c05_I0060.gif of the transmitter images/c05_I0061.gif to satisfy images/c05_I0062.gif?” Note that images/c05_I0063.gif is the normalized link rate over the whole scheduling period, thus, during the time fraction λα, the link rate on images/c05_I0064.gif is images/c05_I0065.gif. For simplicity, we denote images/c05_I0066.gif as ni, and images/c05_I0067.gif as images/c05_I0068.gif in the following discussion. Furthermore, we denote the rate vector images/c05_I0069.gif as , where . The forwarding ...

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