The field of multiplexed buses is constantly expanding, thanks to the work of many highly skilled people. I have been lucky enough to encounter many of them on numerous occasions, so it is very difficult for me to acknowledge all of them individually.

I must offer my special thanks to numerous friends at Philips Semiconductors of Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and Hamburg, Germany, with whom I have had the pleasure of working in this area for many years, and, at the risk of some unfairness, more particularly to Hannes Wolff, Matthias Muth, the many ‘Hans’ and other colleagues from the Netherlands, and the many ‘Peters’ and other colleagues in Germany.

Finally, I would be ungrateful if I did not also thank the many colleagues in the industry, including car makers and parts manufacturers, whom I regularly encounter at work meetings and at the ISO. They will know who they are from my remarks about the development of this book, as a result of which we all hope that this field of multiplexed buses will see the rapid growth that it deserves.

Lastly, I am extremely grateful to the Marcom team of Philips Semiconductors at Eindhoven, especially Manuella Philipsen, for the numerous documents and photographs which she was kind enough to supply and which so enliven this book and the cover.

Dominique PARET

Meudon, 10 june 2006.

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