Appendix B

Essential References

B.1 The ISO/OSI Model

ISO 7498 (1984)

Information processing systems. Open systems interconnection – OSI

Basic reference model, International Standard Organization

ISO/IEC 9646 – 1 to 4 (1991)

Information Technology – Open Systems Interconnection Conformance Testing methodology and framework, Part 1

B.2 CAN Reference Document

CAN protocol specifications V 2.0 (A & B) - Robert Bosch (1991 & 1992)

B.3 CAN and ISO

ISO 11898-1, -2, -3, -4 and -5 (1993 to 2006)

Road vehicles – interchange of digital information

Controller area network – CAN – ISO standard

ISO 11519-1 (1994)

Road vehicles – low speed serial data communications

Part 1 – general and definitions

ISO 11519-2(1994)

Road vehicles – low speed serial data communication

Part 2 – low speed controller area network CAN

B.4 ‘Industrial’ Application Layers

CiA draft specifications (DS…)



B.5 Motor Vehicle Application Layers


ICC (International CAN Conferences) proceedings

Most of the documents listed above can be obtained from CiA. This independent organization, which has the mission of supporting CAN, also distributes and sells official documents relating to application layers.

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