Glossary of Religious Terms

Local dialect versions of the terms as used in the Rhodopes are listed first.

Abdest (Turkish: abdest, Arabic: wudu or tawaddu) – ablution, ritual purification performed by Muslims before prayer, symbolizing a return to the primordial purity of Paradise.

Agnets – see Amnos.

Ayat/ayats (Turkish: sing. ayet, pl.ayetler , Arabic: sing. ayah, pl. ay) – literally “miraculous signs”, verses of the Qur’an.

Akathist (Greek: akathistos) – 1) liturgical hymn dedicated to a Christian saint or saints, sung standing, 2) a church service during which akathists are sung.

Aksham (Turkish: akImageam, Arabic: al-maghrib) – the time from sunset ...

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