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Mutual Funds: Your Money, Your Choice... Take Control Now and Build Wealth Wisely

Book Description

Mutual Funds: Your Money, Your Choice gives you an unvarnished look at both the positives and the negatives of mutual fund investing: the real risks, the real costs, the real tax issues, and the real returns. Simply and clearly, without complicated charts or equations, top investment researcher Charles P. Jones helps you pick the right funds, and introduces brand-new alternatives - including folios, ETFs, and managed accounts - that can help you meet your goals when mutual funds won't.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. FINANCIAL TIMES Prentice Hall
  3. Financial Times Prentice Hall Books
  4. Preface
    1. Acknowledgments
  5. 1. Background
    1. 1. Evaluating Your Investment Situation
    2. 2. Direct versus Indirect Investing
      1. Mutual Fund Families
      2. Closed-End Investment Companies
    3. 3. Understanding Mutual Funds: The Nitty-gritty Details
      1. Initial Investment
      2. Liquidity
      3. Types of Mutual Funds
      4. Investment Objective
      5. Money Market Funds
      6. Bond, Stock, and Income Funds
      7. Actively Managed Funds
      8. Passively Managed Funds (Index Funds)
      9. Regulation
      10. Prospectus and Reports to Shareholders
      11. NAV
      12. Fund Pricing and Reporting
      13. Load (Sales) Charges
      14. Costs of Owning Funds
      15. Expense Ratio
      16. Investor Services
      17. Ratings
      18. Examining a Mutual Fund
      19. Information on Mutual Funds
    4. 4. Mutual Funds Are Popular!
      1. Mutual Funds and the Retirement Market
    5. 5. Why Do Investors Own Mutual Funds?
    6. 6. Why Should I Be Concerned About My Mutual Funds?
  6. 2. Why Investors Can Have Problems with Mutual Funds
    1. 7. Seduced by the Dark Side
    2. 8. Mutual Funds Are Sold, Not Bought
      1. Big Investors Versus Small Investors
    3. 9. Name That Fund
    4. 10. Conflicts of Interest
      1. Some Thoughts on Share Classes
    5. 11. The Devil Is in the Details, and Other Disconnects
    6. 12. Are You in Style?
    7. 13. The Watchdogs Are Cocker Spaniels, Not Dobermans
  7. 3. Your Choice: If Mutual Funds, Then…
    1. 14. Be Aware of the Important Issues
      1. Performance
      2. Control Over Your Portfolio
      3. Taxes
      4. Costs of Investing
    2. 15. Think Carefully About Managed Bond Funds
    3. 16. Ask Yourself: Can My Equity Fund Manager Really Beat Your Equity Fund Manager?
      1. More on Fund Ratings
    4. 17. Determine How You Will Know Who the Winner Is
      1. Making Performance Comparisons
    5. 18. You Should Be Concerned About the Costs of Owning Mutual Funds
      1. Load Funds and Costs
      2. Calculating Fund Costs
    6. 19. Remember, the Tax Man Cometh
      1. Taxes and the Investor
      2. A Tax-Efficient Mutual Fund
  8. 4. Your Choice: Alternatives to Mutual Funds
    1. 20. Decisions, Decisions: Alternatives to Mutual Funds
    2. 21. Exchange-Traded Funds
      1. Some Popular ETFs
        1. Spiders
        2. Diamonds
        3. Qubes
        4. Vanguard Index Participation Equity Receipts (Vipers)
        5. iShares (Barclays Global Investors)
    3. 22. Comparing ETFs and Mutual Funds
      1. Tradability
      2. Tax Efficiency
      3. Costs
      4. Distinguishing Among ETFs, Closed-End Funds, and Mutual Funds
    4. 23. Folios
      1. Learning More About Folios
    5. 24. Comparing Mutual Funds With Folios
    6. 25. Managed Accounts
      1. Investor Alternatives With Separately Managed Accounts
    7. 26. Comparing Mutual Funds With Separate Accounts
  9. 5. Building Wealth: Choosing the Right Asset
    1. 27. What Really Determines Your Long-term Investing Results?
      1. Failure of Most Portfolios to Outperform the Relevant Benchmark on a Risk-Adjusted Basis
      2. Costs
      3. Taxes
    2. 28. Why Mutual Funds Can Be the Right Asset
    3. 29. How to Use Mutual Funds Effectively
    4. 30. If You Choose an Actively Managed Mutual Fund
      1. What to Look For in an Actively Managed Fund
    5. 31. When to Choose an Alternative to Mutual Funds
      1. Better Management of Your Entire Portfolio
      2. Carrying Out Particular Strategies
      3. The Tax Issue
    6. 32. Lessons to Remember
  10. Glossary of Terms