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My Adobe® Photoshop Lightroom® 4

Book Description


instructions with callouts to Photoshop Lightroom 4 images that show you exactly what to do.


when you run into Photoshop Lightroom 4 problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes

to help you get the most from Photoshop Lightroom 4.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. The tasks include how to:

• Quickly import, organize, and tag your photos

• Build and maintain a well-organized photo catalog

• Make the most of metadata, keywords, and searchable attributes

• Use Quick Develop’s fast, handy image-processing tools

• Apply localized adjustments to specific parts of an image

• Work effectively in black and white

• Reduce unwanted image noise

• Output your images to printers, slideshows, photo books, and online galleries

• Customize Lightroom’s preview, import, and backup preferences

• Add GPS metadata to your catalog images

BONUS MATERIAL: Find “Working with DSLR Video” and other bonus tasks on this book’s website at quepublishing.com/title/9780789749970

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. About the Author
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. We Want to Hear from You!
  7. Reader Services
  8. Contents at a Glance
  9. Table of Contents
  10. 1. Getting Started with Lightroom 4
    1. Launching Lightroom 4
    2. Customizing the Identity Plate
    3. Creating a New Catalog
    4. Opening an Existing Catalog
    5. Choosing Settings
    6. Importing Photos
    7. Using Auto Import
    8. Exporting Photos from a Catalog
    9. Renaming Photos
  11. 2. Previewing Photos in the Library Module
    1. Library Module Panels
    2. Library Toolbar
    3. Filter Bar
    4. Choosing View Options
    5. Browsing and Selecting Photos in the Library Grid
    6. Browsing and Selecting with the Filmstrip
    7. Navigating in Loupe View
    8. Changing Loupe Zoom Views
    9. Working in Compare View
    10. Working in Survey View
  12. 3. Organizing Images in the Library
    1. Rotating Images
    2. Flipping Images
    3. Rating Images
    4. Flagging Images
    5. Rejecting Images
    6. Applying Color Labels
    7. Creating a Custom Color Label Set
    8. Organizing with the Painter Tool
    9. Sorting Images
    10. Working with Stacks
    11. Removing Photos
    12. Deleting Photos
  13. 4. Working with Metadata and Keywords
    1. Working with Metadata
    2. Working with Keywords
  14. 5. Searching for Images
    1. Searching with the Text Filter
    2. Searching with the Attribute Filter
    3. Searching with the Metadata Filter
    4. Filtering with the Filmstrip Controls
    5. Filtering by GPS Location
    6. Saving Photos to Collections
  15. 6. Using Quick Develop
    1. Applying Quick Develop Presets
    2. Cropping Photos with Quick Develop
    3. Applying Quick Develop Color Adjustments
    4. Adjusting Vibrance and Saturation with Quick Develop
    5. Converting to Black and White with Quick Develop
    6. Apply Quick Develop Tonal Adjustments
    7. Adjusting Clarity and Sharpness with Quick Develop
  16. 7. Adjusting Images in the Develop Module
    1. Opening a Photo in the Develop Module
    2. Updating the Process Version
    3. Cropping Images
    4. Applying Tonal Adjustments
    5. Applying Color Adjustments
    6. Working with Tone Curves
    7. Enhancing Color with HSL Adjustments
    8. Correcting Chromatic Aberration
    9. Working with Vignettes
    10. Adding Film Grain
  17. 8. Applying Localized Adjustments
    1. Working with the Spot Removal Tool
    2. Correcting Red Eye
    3. Working with the Adjustment Brush
    4. Utilizing Adjustment Brush Presets
    5. Using the Graduated Filter Tool
  18. 9. Develop Module Workflow
    1. Accessing History States
    2. Working with Snapshots
    3. Creating Virtual Copies
    4. Sharing Develop Settings
    5. Resetting Images to the Default Settings
    6. Working with Soft Proofing
  19. 10. Working in Black and White
    1. Converting Images to Black and White
    2. Applying White Balance Adjustments to Black-and-White Images
    3. Applying Auto Black & White Adjustments
    4. Applying Custom Black & White Adjustments
    5. Creating a Split Tone Image
  20. 11. Reducing Noise and Sharpening
    1. Applying the Sharpen Faces Preset
    2. Applying the Sharpen Scenic Preset
    3. Sharpening in Luminance Mode
    4. Reducing Noise
  21. 12. Mapping Photos
    1. Changing the Map Style
    2. Changing Map Magnification and Crop
    3. Viewing Geotagged Image Locations
    4. Adding GPS Locations
  22. 13. Printing
    1. Choosing a Print Layout Style
    2. Choosing Print Settings and Options
    3. Inserting an Identity Plate Overlay
    4. Creating a Watermarking Preset
    5. Utilizing Color Management
    6. Saving a Custom Print Template
    7. Creating a Saved Print
  23. 14. Creating Books
    1. Choosing Book Setup Options
    2. Working with Auto Layout
    3. Viewing Book Pages
    4. Editing a Book Project
    5. Working with Captions
    6. Saving a Book Project
  24. 15. Creating Slideshows
    1. Viewing Images in the Slide Editor
    2. Choosing Slideshow Settings and Options
    3. Inserting Slideshow Overlays
    4. Creating a Backdrop
    5. Adding Intro and Ending Screens
    6. Adding Soundtrack Music
    7. Previewing and Playing a Slideshow
    8. Exporting a Slideshow
    9. Saving a Slideshow Template
    10. Saving a Slideshow Project
  25. 16. Creating Web Galleries
    1. Choosing a Web Gallery Layout Style
    2. Choosing Web & Device Output Settings and Options
    3. Previewing a Web Gallery
    4. Exporting a Web Gallery
    5. Uploading a Web Gallery
    6. Saving a Web Gallery Template
    7. Saving a Web Gallery Project
  26. 17. Working with DSLR Video
    1. Previewing Videos in the Library Module
    2. Trimming Videos
    3. Setting a Video Poster Frame
    4. Capturing a Frame
    5. Editing Videos
    6. Exporting Videos
  27. Index