My Amazon Fire™ Phone

Book description

My Amazon Fire Phone is a comprehensive one-stop guide to the all-new Fire phone, the integrated ecosystem between tablet and phone.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Amazon Fire Phone working just the way you want. Learn how to
•  Navigate your Fire phone’s hardware and interface
•  Configure the phone application
•  Use text and multimedia messaging
•  Set up the Email application
•  Stay connected by managing contacts
•  Simplify your life using the Time, Weather, and Calendar apps
•  Get the most from the Prime Music and Instant Video apps
•  Manage music and videos, and sync media with your computer
•  Read, listen, and mange books
•  Connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Networks
•  Optimize your web browsing experience with the Silk Browser
•  Capture, store, view, and share photos
•  Navigate using Maps
•  Enhance your Fire phone with apps
•  Customize your Fire phone
•  Properly maintain and troubleshoot your Fire phone

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. 1. Get to Know Your Amazon Fire Phone
    1. Your Fire Phone’s External Features
    2. Fire OS 3.5.1 Features
      1. The Unlock Screen
      2. The Home Screen
      3. Protect Your Phone with a PIN or Password
      4. Use the Fire Phone Touchscreen
      5. One-Handed Shortcuts
    3. Dynamic Perspective
    4. Use Firefly Technology
      1. Use Firefly to Identify Products
    5. Multitask with the Home Button
    6. Use the Phone Keyboard
      1. Dictate Instead of Typing
      2. Edit Text
      3. Manually Correct Misspelled Words
    7. Use Voice Commands
      1. Make a Phone Call
      2. Send a Text Message
      3. Send an Email
      4. Search the Web
    8. Create an Amazon/Prime Account
      1. Manage Your Amazon Account
    9. Configure Amazon Application Settings
    10. Synchronize Content
      1. Amazon Cloud Drive
    11. Sync Content with Your Computer
      1. Transfer Content from a PC
      2. Transfer Content from a Mac
  12. 2. Use the Phone Application
    1. Voice Call Features
      1. Place a Call
      2. Handle a Missed Call
      3. Answer a Call
      4. Options While on a Call
    2. Playback and Management of Voicemails
      1. Set Up and Manage Your Voicemail
      2. Record a New Voicemail Greeting
      3. Change Your Voicemail Password
    3. Configure the Phone Application
  13. 3. Text and Multimedia Messaging
    1. Get to Know the Messaging Application
    2. Compose Messages
    3. Attach Files
    4. Receiving Messages
    5. Work with Messages
  14. 4. Set Up the Email Application
    1. Set Up Gmail
    2. Add a New POP3 or IMAP Account
    3. Add a New Microsoft Exchange Account
    4. Compose an Email
      1. Read an Email
      2. Navigate Options with Left and Right Panels
      3. Become Familiar with Email App Settings
  15. 5. Manage Contacts
    1. Sync Third-Party Contacts
    2. Get to Know Your Contacts
      1. Navigate Your Contacts List
      2. Manage and Communicate with Individual Contacts
    3. Add and Manage New Contacts
      1. Add Contacts Manually
      2. Join Contacts Manually
      3. Separate Contacts
      4. Organize Contacts
      5. Send Contact Information
  16. 6. Date, Time, Weather, and Calendar
    1. Manually Set the Date and Time
    2. Navigate the Clock Application
      1. Set Alarms
      2. Add and Manage Alarms
    3. View and Manage the Weather App
      1. Modify Weather App Settings
    4. The Calendar Application
      1. Navigate the Calendar App
      2. Add a New Event or Appointment
      3. Edit or Delete an Event
      4. Calendar Settings
    5. Respond to Event Invitations
      1. Respond to an Invitation in Mail
      2. Respond to an Invitation in Calendar
  17. 7. Play and Manage Audio and Video
    1. Tour the Amazon Music and Prime Music Applications
      1. Search and Browse Music App Content
      2. Sample and Purchase Content
      3. Listen to Music
      4. Adjust Music App Settings
      5. Download and Open the Prime Music App
      6. Search and Browse Prime Music App Content
      7. Sample, Add, and Purchase Content
      8. Listen to Music
      9. Adjust Prime Music Settings
    2. Manage Playlists
      1. Create a New Playlist
      2. Add Songs to an Existing Playlist
      3. Change the Order of Songs in a Playlist
      4. Delete or Rename a Playlist
    3. Discover New Music and Movies with Firefly
      1. Use Firefly to Identify Music, Movies, and TV Shows
    4. Sync Music with Computers and Devices
      1. Transfer Content Between a Windows Computer
      2. Transfer Files Using Android File Transfer Utility for a Mac
    5. Use the Amazon Music App
    6. Watch TV and Movies
      1. Find Content on Amazon Instant Video
    7. Stream Prime Instant Video
      1. Rent and Purchase Amazon Instant Video Content
      2. Use X-Ray for Video
  18. 8. Read, Listen, and Manage Books
    1. Use the Kindle Books App
      1. Get to Know Kindle MatchBook
      2. Explore the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library
      3. Learn More About Kindle Unlimited
      4. Use Firefly to Discover New Books
      5. Purchase Books
    2. Use Reading Aids
      1. Understand Whispersync
      2. Tour the Hidden Left Panel
      3. Learn More About Your Book with X-Ray
      4. Add Bookmarks, Highlights, and Notes
      5. Organize Your Books
    3. Listen to Audiobooks
      1. Purchase Audiobooks
      2. Immersion Reading
      3. Organize Your Audiobooks
      4. Create Collections
      5. Play Audio Books
  19. 9. Connect to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Networks
    1. Connect to Bluetooth Devices
      1. Pair with a New Bluetooth Device
    2. Work with Wi-Fi Networks
      1. Connect to Wi-Fi Networks
      2. Wi-Fi Network Information and Options
      3. Advanced Wi-Fi Options
    3. Cellular Network Settings
      1. Change Mobile Settings
  20. 10. Surf the Web with the Silk Browser
    1. Learn More About Silk
      1. Navigate with the Browser
      2. Tour the Right and Left Panels
      3. Download Files
      4. Add and Manage Bookmarks
      5. Use GPS Location
      6. Manage Multiple Windows
    2. Customize Browser Settings
    3. Review History and Most Viewed Sites
      1. Accessing Your Most Visited Sites
      2. Accessing Your Browser History
  21. 11. Capture, Store, and View Photos and Video
    1. Use the Camera
      1. Tour the Camera App and Capture Images
      2. Adjust Photo and Video Settings
    2. View, Share, and Manage Photos and Video
      1. Use the Photos App
      2. Edit Photos
    3. Sync Your Photos and Videos
      1. Transfer Content with a Windows Computer
      2. Transfer Files Using Android File Transfer Utility for a Mac
  22. 12. Get Around with Maps
    1. Enable GPS
      1. Access GPS Through Quick Actions
      2. Find Locations with Maps
    2. Get Directions with Maps
    3. Indicate Locations with Maps
  23. 13. Enhance Your Fire Phone with Apps
    1. Get Apps on the Amazon Appstore
      1. Search for Amazon Applications
      2. Tour the Left and Right Contextual Panels
      3. Find Great Apps
      4. Purchase Amazon Applications
      5. Rate Applications
      6. Get Help with Apps
    2. Arrange Application Icons on Your Fire Phone
      1. Utilize Cloud Content
      2. Remove an Item from the Carousel
      3. Rearrange Items in the Carousel
      4. Add an Item to the App Grid
      5. Rearrange Items in the App Grid
      6. Remove an Item from the App Grid
      7. Organize Apps with Folders
    3. Explore the Games App
      1. Set Up GameCircle
      2. Tour the Left and Right Contextual Panels
  24. 14. Customize Your Amazon Fire Phone
    1. Use Scenes
      1. Change the Lock Screen Scene
      2. Use Photos as Scenes
    2. Change Your Keyboard Settings
    3. Use the Home Carousel
      1. Delete an Item from the Carousel
  25. 15. Maintain and Troubleshoot Your Fire Phone
    1. Care for Your Fire Phone
    2. Update Fire Phone Software
    3. Back Up and Restore Your Fire Phone
      1. Ensure Automatic Fire Phone Backup
      2. Sync Content and Use Manual Backup
    4. Extend Battery Life
      1. Monitor Power Usage
      2. Dim Screen Brightness
      3. Utilize Sleep Mode
      4. Conserve Power by Turning Off Wi-Fi
      5. Conserve Power by Turning Off Bluetooth
      6. Make Use of Airplane Mode
    5. Solve Random Fire Phone Issues
      1. Difficulty Turning Your Fire Phone On or Off
      2. Touchscreen Becomes Unresponsive
      3. Force Stop an App
      4. Battery Does Not Charge
      5. Landscape Orientation Does Not Work
    6. Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Accessibility Problems
      1. Make Sure Wi-Fi Is Activated
      2. Check Your Range
      3. Reset the Fire Phone Software
    7. Get Technical Help
      1. Use the Mayday Service
      2. Contact Your Cellular Provider
      3. Locate Fire Phone Number and Model Number

Product information

  • Title: My Amazon Fire™ Phone
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2015
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780134033785