My Apple TV®

Book Description

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Apple TV screenshots that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from Apple TV.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing everything you want to do with your Apple TV. Learn how to:

  • Set up your Apple TV–and how to do it faster with an iPhone

  • Control a home entertainment system using the Apple TV

  • Use Siri to find content, launch apps, and get useful information

  • Rent and buy movies and TV shows from iTunes

  • Stream video from Netflix®, Hulu, HBO®, and Showtime®

  • Find every app that offers the movie or TV show you’re looking for with just one search

  • Make your Apple TV even more fun by finding and using the best apps and games

  • Use your Apple TV remote as a motion-sensitive game controller

  • Enjoy music on your TV, including how to use Apple Music

  • Set restrictions to prevent kids from accessing adult material

  • Control your Apple TV using an iPhone

  • Customize your Apple TV to fit how you use it

  • Configure settings for people with visual impairments

  • Solve common problems with the device

  • Discover the hidden features and shortcuts that let you truly master the Apple TV

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    Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. I: Using This Book
    12. 1. Introduction to Your Apple TV
      1. Understanding What the Apple TV Is
      2. What You’ll Need
        1. A Fast Internet Connection
        2. High-Definition Television
        3. HDMI Cable
        4. An Apple ID
      3. What You Might Want
        1. Surge Protector
        2. Ethernet Cable
        3. Home Theater System or Soundbar
        4. iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
        5. iCloud Account
        6. Remote Loop
        7. Game Controllers
      4. Setting Up the Apple TV
        1. Learn the Apple TV’s Ports and Connectors
        2. Choose Ethernet vs. Wi-Fi
        3. Connect to a Receiver/Home Theater
        4. Get to Know the Remote Control
        5. Set Up Your Apple TV
        6. Set Up Apple TV Using iPhone or iPad
        7. Get to Know the Apple TV Home Screen
        8. Control Your TV and/or Receiver with the Apple TV Remote
        9. Use the Apple TV Remote to Control TV Volume
        10. Use the Remote to Put the Apple TV to Sleep
    13. 2. Controlling Your Apple TV: The Remote, Siri, and Search
      1. Using the Remote Control
        1. How to Pair the Remote Control with the Apple TV
        2. Use a Third-Party Remote with Apple TV
        3. How to Edit Third-Party Remote Control Settings
        4. How to Remove Third-Party Remote Controls
        5. The Basics of Using the Remote
        6. Use Fast Forward and Reverse
        7. How to Control Games
        8. Charge the Remote’s Batteries
        9. How to Tell When Your Battery Is Low
        10. How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Apple TV
        11. How to Connect a Third-Party Game Controller to Apple TV
      2. Using the Remote App
        1. How to Set Up the Remote App
        2. How to Use the Remote App
      3. Using Siri to Control the Apple TV
        1. Activating Siri
        2. Frequently Used Siri Commands
      4. Searching the Apple TV
        1. Universal Search
        2. How to Search Using Siri
        3. Refine Your Searches
        4. Search Using the Search App
        5. Anatomy of the Search Results Screen
    14. 3. Using iTunes for TV and Movies
      1. Renting and Buying Movies at iTunes
        1. Search for Movies
        2. Browsing Movies
        3. Browse Featured Releases
        4. Browse By Genre
        5. Anatomy of the Movie Detail Screen
        6. Rent and Buy Movies
        7. Rules for Rentals
        8. Watch Movies
        9. Learn About the Movie You’re Watching
        10. Watch Previous iTunes Movie Purchases
        11. Turn on Subtitles for Movies and TV
      2. Buying TV Shows at iTunes
        1. Search for TV Shows
        2. Browse TV Shows
        3. Buy TV Shows
        4. Buy a Season Pass
        5. Get New Episodes Via Season Pass
        6. Watch TV Shows
        7. Watch Previous iTunes TV Show Purchases
      3. Using Home Sharing to Watch Movies and TV Shows from Your Computer
        1. Enable Home Sharing
        2. Watch Movies and TV Shows Using Home Sharing
    15. 4. Using Other Video Apps: Netflix, HBO, and More
      1. Using Network TV Apps
        1. Watch Network TV Apps
        2. Network TV Apps with Streaming Services
      2. Using Netflix
        1. Log In to Your Netflix Account
        2. Subscribe to Netflix
        3. Search for Movies and TV
        4. Add Movies and TV Shows to Your Netflix Queue
        5. Remove Movies and TV from Your Netflix Queue
        6. Options to Watch and Control Movies and TV Shows on Netflix
        7. How to Rate Content
      3. Using HBO
        1. Sign In to HBO GO
        2. Sign In to HBO NOW
        3. Sign Up for HBO NOW
        4. Finding Content in HBO Apps
        5. Add Items to the Watchlist
        6. Options to Watch and Control Movies and TV on HBO
      4. Using Showtime
        1. Sign In To Showtime Anytime
        2. Sign In To Showtime Streaming
        3. Sign Up For Showtime Streaming
        4. Finding Content In Showtime Apps
        5. Add Items to My List
        6. Options to Watch and Control Movies and TV on Showtime
      5. Using Hulu
        1. Sign In to Your Hulu Account
        2. Subscribe to Hulu
        3. Find Content in Hulu
        4. Options to Watch and Control Movies and TV Shows on Hulu
      6. Video Apps to Check Out
    16. 5. Using Apps and Games
      1. Finding Apps and Games
        1. Search the Apple TV App Store
        2. Browse the Apple TV App Store
        3. All About the App Detail Screen
      2. Downloading and Managing Apps
        1. How to Buy Apps
        2. Stop Having to Enter Your Password for Every Download
        3. Delete Apps
        4. Requesting Refunds for Paid Apps
        5. Manage Your Storage
        6. Review Apps at the App Store
      3. Playing Games on the Apple TV
        1. Use the Siri Remote to Play Games
        2. Use Third-Party Game Controllers
        3. Sign In to Game Center
        4. Use Game Center to Check Scores
        5. Challenge Friends to Games
        6. Use Game Center for Multiplayer Gaming
      4. Managing In-App Purchases and Subscriptions
        1. Make In-App Purchases
        2. Turn Off In-App Purchases
        3. Manage Your Subscriptions
      5. Updating Apps to New Versions
        1. Enable Automatic App Updates
      6. Apps Worth Checking Out
    17. 6. Music Television: Music on the Apple TV
      1. Accessing and Playing Your Music
        1. Access Your iTunes Music Library
        2. Use Your Full iTunes Library on the Apple TV
        3. Browse Your Music Library
        4. Search Your Music Library
        5. Use Siri to Search for Music
      2. Using Apple Music
        1. Sign Up for Apple Music
        2. Cancel Apple Music
        3. Add Songs and Albums from Apple Music to Your Library
        4. Remove Apple Music Songs or Albums from Your Library
      3. Listening to Music
        1. Play Your Music
        2. Master the Playback Screen
        3. Favorite Songs
        4. Shuffle Your Music
        5. Use Playlists
        6. Use Sound Check to Equalize Song Volumes
      4. Discover New Music in Apple Music
        1. Get Recommendations from Apple with For You
        2. Improve the For You Recommendations
        3. Check Out the Latest Releases
      5. Tuning In Radio on Your TV
        1. Listen to Beats 1
        2. Enjoy Curated Radio Stations in Your Favorite Genres
        3. Create Custom Radio Stations
        4. Modify Your Curated or Custom Radio Stations
      6. Using Pandora on Apple TV
      7. Music Apps to Check Out
    18. 7. Advanced TV Topics
      1. Viewing Photos and Videos on Your Apple TV
        1. Sign In to iCloud Photo Stream
        2. View Photos and Videos on Your Apple TV
        3. Use Apple TV to Display a Slideshow
        4. Access Photos on Your Computer Without Using iCloud
      2. Customizing Your Home Screen Layout
        1. Change the Home Screen Layout
      3. Using Content Restrictions
        1. Enable Content Restrictions
        2. Manage Content Restrictions
        3. Turn Off Content Restrictions
        4. Reset Your Password (and Everything Else)
      4. Using AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring
        1. Stream Audio from an iPhone or iPad
        2. Stream Audio from a Mac
        3. Enable AirPlay Mirroring from an iPhone or iPad
        4. AirPlay Mirroring from a Mac
        5. Configure AirPlay Settings
      5. Understanding the Apple TV’s Advanced Audio and Video Settings
        1. Change HDMI Output Format
        2. Adjust the Apple TV’s Output Resolution
        3. Calibrate Your Television
        4. Change Your Audio Mode
        5. Change Your Audio Output
    19. 8. Take Control of Your Apple TV’s Settings
      1. Setting Your Screensaver
        1. Use Apple’s Screensavers
        2. Use Your Photos as Screensavers
        3. Choose How Quickly Screensavers Appear
        4. Tweak Your Auto-Sleep Setting
      2. Controlling Your Privacy Settings
        1. Disable Location Services
        2. Control Location Services for Individual Apps
        3. Don’t Share Diagnostic Data
        4. Limit Ad Tracking
      3. Customizing Interface Settings
        1. Make Onscreen Text Easier to Read
        2. Reduce Transparency Effects
        3. Enable High-Contrast Focus Style
        4. Reduce Animations and Motion
        5. Turn Off Navigation Clicks
        6. Disable Sound Effects and Music
        7. Turn Off Siri
      4. Configuring Accessibility Settings
        1. Enable Closed Captions
        2. Change the Closed Caption Style
        3. Create a Custom Closed Caption Style
        4. Enable Audio Descriptions
        5. Change the Default Subtitle Language
        6. Make Apple TV Read Onscreen Text Using VoiceOver
        7. Make Onscreen Elements Bigger with Zoom
        8. Enable Accessibility Shortcut
    20. 9. Troubleshooting Apple TV
      1. Restarting the Apple TV
        1. Restart the Apple TV Using the Remote
        2. Restart the Apple TV Using the Settings App
      2. Updating the Operating System
        1. Update tvOS Manually
        2. Automatically Update tvOS
      3. Resetting or Restoring the Apple TV
        1. Reset or Restore the Apple TV
      4. Backing Up the Apple TV
      5. Fixing Problems with Your Account
        1. Solve Apple ID Problems
        2. Recover a Forgotten Apple ID Password
      6. Solving Problems with the Siri Remote
        1. Charge the Battery
        2. What to Do If the Remote Isn’t Working
      7. Resolving Internet Connection Issues
        1. Check Your Network Connection
        2. Reset Your Wireless Router
        3. Reset Your Cable Modem
      8. Getting Help from Apple
        1. Get Help at the Apple Store
        2. Get Phone Support from Apple
    21. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: My Apple TV®
    • Author(s): Sam Costello
    • Release date: February 2016
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133124873