My Digital Entertainment for Seniors (Covers movies, TV, music, books and more on your smartphone, tablet, or computer)

Book Description


Learn On-Demand TV, DVRs, Music, Games, Books, and More!

With My Digital Entertainment for Seniors, you’ll discover easy ways to access and experience entertainment using today’s technology, without getting confused or bogged down with techno-babble—and without spending a fortune. This easy-to-follow guide covers all aspects of entertainment—movies, TV shows, radio, music, newspapers and magazines, books, and more—whether you’re using a computer, mobile device, or other technology.

Specifically, you'll:

  • Get acquainted with all forms of digital entertainment that are available in everyday life, including on-demand TV shows, movies, music and radio programming, podcasts, eBooks and audiobooks, digital editions of newspapers and magazines, YouTube videos, and interactive games.Discover the difference between streaming and downloading content from the Internet to your computer or mobile device.

  • Learn what equipment you’ll need and how to use this equipment, no matter how tech-savvy you are—or aren’t.

  • Find out how to watch, listen to, and read what you want, when you want it, on your TV, desktop computer, notebook computer, smartphone, tablet, eBook reader, or gaming console.

  • Learn what types of entertainment are available to use on eBook readers, digital video recorders, digital music players, high-definition television sets, cable/satellite TV service providers, what types of entertainment are readily available via the Internet, and how to use your computer, smartphone or tablet as an entertainment device.

  • Find ways to stay safe and protect yourself from identity theft or online crime when surfing the Internet, shopping online, playing games, doing online banking, and handling other Internet-related tasks.

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This E-Book
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. About AARP and AARP TEK
    8. Dedication
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. We Want to Hear from You!
    11. Reader Services
    12. 1. The Changing World of Digital Entertainment
      1. Defining Digital Entertainment
      2. Understanding the New Terminology
      3. Types of Digital Entertainment
        1. Audiobooks
        2. Computer and Video Games
        3. eBooks
        4. Movies
        5. Music
        6. Newspapers and Magazines
        7. Radio Programming
        8. Television Shows
        9. World Wide Web
      4. Considering Compatibility Issues
      5. Don’t Be Afraid!
      6. What You’ll Need To Get Started
    13. 2. Getting Started with Digital Entertainment
      1. Saving Money When Shopping for Consumer Electronics
        1. Shop at Retail Stores
        2. Shop Online
      2. Overview of Required Equipment
        1. HD Television Set
        2. Desktop and/or Notebook Computer
        3. Smartphones and Tablets
        4. Overview of Optional Equipment
      3. Internet Access Is Required
      4. Overview of Content Service Providers and Suppliers
    14. 3. Television in the 21st Century
      1. Recording Your Favorite Shows
      2. Streaming Your Favorite Shows On-Demand
      3. Connecting a Streaming Device to Your TV
        1. Apple TV
        2. Google Chromecast
        3. Amazon FireTV Stick
        4. Roku Streaming Stick
      4. Binge Watching TV Shows
    15. 4. Watching TV on Your Devices
      1. Streaming TV Shows on Your Computer’s Screen
        1. Visiting a Network’s Website
      2. Purchasing TV Shows to Watch on Your Computer
        1. Purchase Content from iTunes
      3. Streaming TV Shows on Your Smartphone or Tablet
        1. Using Network-Specific Mobile Apps
        2. Using a Mobile App from Your Cable or Satellite Service Provider
        3. Using a Streaming Service’s Mobile App
      4. Mobile Apps That Make Watching TV More Interactive
    16. 5. On-Demand Movies at Your Fingertips
      1. Owning, Renting, and Streaming Movies: A Comparison
      2. On-Demand Services from Your Cable or Satellite TV Service Provider
        1. Use the On-Demand Service from Your Cable or Satellite Service Provider
      3. Accessing Movies from the iTunes Store
        1. Purchase Movies from the iTunes Store Using a Mac or PC
        2. Purchase Movies from the iTunes Store Using an iPhone or iPad
      4. Other Digital Movie Stores
        2. Google Play Also Sells and Rents Digital Movies
        3. Vudu
      5. Streaming Movie Services
        1. Use Netflix from Your Computer
        2. Use Netflix from Your Tablet or Smartphone
        3. Use Netflix from Your Streaming Device
    17. 6. Streaming Video with YouTube and Other Services
      1. Creating a Free Google Account
      2. Accessing YouTube
        1. Access YouTube from Your PC or Mac Computer
        2. Access YouTube from Your Smartphone or Tablet
        3. Access YouTube from a Streaming Device, Smart TV, or Video Game System
      3. Finding Videos to Watch
        1. Subscribe to YouTube Channels
        2. Provide Feedback to YouTube Videos
      4. Playing Videos and Creating Playlists
        1. Watch Videos
        2. Create a Playlist
    18. 7. The Evolution of Radio: Beyond AM and FM
      1. Understanding Streaming Radio Options
      2. Introduction to Sirius/XM Satellite Radio
        1. Stream Sirius/XM Programming
      3. Accessing Streaming Radio Stations
        1. iHeart Radio
        3. NPR News and NPR One
        4. Find Your Favorite Local Radio Stations Online
      4. Discovering Streaming Music Services
        1. Amazon Prime Music
        2. Apple Music
        3. Pandora
      5. Discovering Podcasts
        1. Use the Podcasts App on an iOS Device
    19. 8. Digital Music: No More Records, Tapes, or CDs
      1. Acquiring Digital Music
      2. Using iTunes on the Mac or PC
        1. Purchase Music from the iTunes Store with a Mac or PC
        2. Select and Play Music
        3. Create and Manage Playlists
        4. Purchase Music from the iTunes Store with a Mobile Device
        5. Use the Music App
      3. Using the Groove Music Player on a PC
        1. Play Your Music with the Groove Music Player
      4. Using the Music App on an Android Device
    20. 9. Having Fun with Games and Interactive Entertainment
      1. Understanding Gaming Options
        1. Understanding Game Ratings
        2. Benefits of Interactive Games Versus Traditional Types of Games
        3. Ways to Experience Interactive Gaming Experiences
      2. Finding Games for Your Smartphone or Tablet
        1. Games for iPhone and iPad
        2. Games for Android-Based Smartphones and Tablets
      3. 15 Popular Games for Mobile Devices
      4. Playing Online Games
    21. 10. Reading Digital Newspapers and Magazines
      1. Using the iPhone and iPad with Digital Editions
        1. Downloading a Publication’s App
        2. Read a Digital Publication
        3. Manage or Cancel a Digital Subscription
        4. Discover Apple’s News App
      2. Reading Digital Editions with Your Android Device
        1. Use Google’s Play Newsstand App
      3. Reading with eBook Readers or Apps
      4. Subscribing to a Magazine Service
    22. 11. Reading eBooks
      1. Using eBook Reader Devices
        1. Selecting an eBook Reader
      2. Shopping for eBooks
      3. Customize Your eBook Reading Experience
      4. Reading eBooks Using iBooks
        1. Acquire eBooks from iBook Store
        2. Read and Manage eBooks
        3. Customize Your Reading Experience
      5. Reading eBooks Using Android Mobile Devices
      6. Reading eBooks Using the Kindle App or Device
        1. Find and Acquire eBooks
        2. Read eBooks
      7. Reading eBooks with the Nook App
        1. Find and Acquire eBooks
        2. Read eBooks
    23. 12. Listening to Audiobooks
      1. Using
        1. Shop for Audiobooks via
        2. Listen to Audiobooks Using the Audible App
      2. Using iBooks with Audiobooks
        1. Shop for Audiobooks Using the iBooks App
        2. Listen to Audiobooks Using the iBooks App
        3. Playing Audiobooks Using the iBooks App
      3. Using Your Android Device
      4. Using a Kindle or Nook eBook Reader or Mobile App
    24. 13. Taking Digital Entertainment on the Road
      1. Accessing TV Shows and Movies
        1. Use the Xfinity TV Go App
      2. Remotely Accessing Your TiVo DVR
        1. Use the TiVo Mobile App
      3. Experiencing Digital Entertainment in Your Vehicle
    25. 14. Using Parental Controls to Protect Your Kids and Grandkids
      1. Setting Firm Limits and Expectations
      2. Setting Parental Controls
        1. Set Mac Controls
        2. Set Controls for Windows 10
        3. Set iTunes Store Parental Controls
        4. Set Controls on an Android Device
        5. Set Controls on Other Devices
    26. A. 10 Web Surfing Tips That’ll Keep You Safe
      1. Use Secure Passwords
      2. Change Your Passwords Regularly
      3. Don’t Follow Links to “Secure” Websites
      4. Always Use a Credit Card When Shopping Online
      5. Manually Enter the Website URL That You Want to Visit
      6. Don’t Respond to Unusual Friend Requests on Social Media
      7. Avoid Sharing Your Social Security Number or Driver’s License Number Online
      8. Avoid Doing Online Banking from Public Networks
      9. Don’t Respond to Emails from the Court or From an Airline You Did Not Book Travel With
      10. Always Sign Off from Websites on Someone Else’s Computer
    27. Glossary
    28. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: My Digital Entertainment for Seniors (Covers movies, TV, music, books and more on your smartphone, tablet, or computer)
    • Author(s): Jason Rich
    • Release date: February 2016
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780134428758