My Google Chromebook, Third Edition

Book description

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Google Chromebook photos that show you exactly what to do

Help when you run into Chromebook problems or limitations

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Chromebook

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing exactly what you want with Google Apps. Learn how to:

  • Browse and search the Web with Google Chrome

  • Manage your content wherever it’s stored: on your Chromebook, an external drive, or in The Cloud

  • Find great new apps and extensions for business, education, and fun

  • Strengthen privacy with Incognito Mode and Google’s privacy settings

  • Watch TV, movies, and other video with Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube

  • Listen to music you’ve downloaded or streamed from Spotify or Pandora

  • Print with Google Cloud Print, even if your printer wasn’t designed for it

  • Fix photos in The Cloud with Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Send, receive, read, and manage email through Google Gmail

  • Create, import, edit, and format documents with Google Docs

  • Build and share powerful spreadsheets with Google Sheets

  • Prepare and deliver live presentations with Google Slides

  • Optimize Chromebook performance and battery life

  • Troubleshoot and recover from problems

  • Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. 1. Understanding Chrome OS, Chromebooks, and Cloud Computing
      1. What Is a Chromebook?
      2. What Is Google Chrome OS?
      3. What Is Cloud Computing?
        1. How Traditional Desktop Computing Works
        2. How Cloud Computing Works
      4. Should You Buy a Chromebook?
        1. Chromebook vs. Tablet
        2. Chromebook vs. Traditional Notebook
    12. 2. Getting to Know Your Chromebook
      1. Understanding the Parts of a Chromebook
        1. Screen
        2. Webcam
        3. Microphone
        4. Keyboard
        5. Touchpad
        6. Headset Jack
        7. Memory Card Slot
        8. USB Ports
        9. HDMI Connector
        10. Status Indicator
        11. Power Connector
      2. Using the Keyboard
      3. Using the Touchpad
        1. Move the Cursor
        2. Click the Cursor
        3. Right-Click the Cursor
        4. Drag an Item
        5. Scroll the Screen
        6. Adjust Touchpad Sensitivity
      4. Connecting External Devices
        1. Connect an External Mouse
        2. Connect an External Keyboard
        3. Connect to a Large-Screen TV
      5. Adjusting Brightness and Volume
        1. Adjust Screen Brightness
        2. Adjust and Mute the Volume
    13. 3. Using Chrome OS and the Chrome Desktop
      1. Starting Up and Shutting Down
        1. Start Up and Log In
        2. Put Your Chromebook to Sleep
        3. Power Off Your Chromebook
      2. Navigating the Chrome OS Desktop
        1. Shelf and Launcher
        2. Status Area
      3. Navigating Windows and Tabs
        1. Open a New Chrome Window
        2. Open New Tabs
        3. Navigate Tabs
        4. Manage Window Size
        5. Switch Between Open Windows
        6. Close the Window
    14. 4. Managing Multiple Users
      1. Adding Users to Your Chromebook
        1. Add a User
        2. Add a Supervised User
        3. Control Sites Supervised Users Can Visit
      2. Editing User Information
        1. Change Your Profile Picture
        2. Edit Your Profile
      3. Switching Users
        1. Switch User Accounts
        2. Log In as a Guest User
    15. 5. Working Wirelessly
      1. Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
        1. View Network Status
        2. Enable Wi-Fi on Your Chromebook
        3. Connect to an Open Wi-Fi Network
        4. Connect to a Secure Wi-Fi Network
      2. Connecting to an Ethernet Network
        1. Connect via Ethernet
      3. Managing Network Connections
        1. Automatically Connect to a Network
        2. Forget a Network
        3. View Network Details
    16. 6. Configuring and Personalizing Chrome OS
      1. Personalizing the Desktop
        1. Change the Desktop Background
      2. Configuring the Chrome Browser
        1. Configure Startup Behavior
        2. Display the Home Button
        3. Display the Bookmarks Bar
        4. Change Search Providers
        5. Enable Voice Search
        6. Select a New Theme
        7. Reset to the Default Theme
      3. Configuring Other Settings
        1. Configure the Touchpad
        2. Change Search, Ctrl, and Alt Key Behavior
        3. Wake from Sleep
        4. Sync Your Account
        5. Disable Guest Browsing
        6. Hide Usernames
        7. Restrict Sign-In
        8. Change Your Time Zone
        9. Configure Privacy Options
        10. Connect a Bluetooth Device
        11. Enable Autofill
        12. Save Passwords
        13. Display Web Content
        14. Customize Languages and Input Methods
        15. Translate Pages
        16. Manage Downloads
        17. Disable Google Drive
        18. Manage Cloud Print
        19. Enable Accessibility Features
        20. Reset to Default Settings
    17. 7. Managing Files and Using External Storage
      1. Using the Files App
        1. Open Files and Folders
        2. Rename Files and Folders
        3. Copy a File
        4. Move a File
        5. Delete Files
        6. Create a New Folder
        7. Save Files from the Web
      2. Using External Storage Devices
        1. Connect a USB Memory Device
        2. Insert a Memory Card
        3. Connect an External Hard Drive
    18. 8. Using Google Drive to Store and Share Files
      1. Getting Started with Google Drive
        1. Configure Google Drive
      2. Storing Files on Google Drive
        1. View Your Google Drive Files
        2. Copy a File to Google Drive
        3. Open a File from Google Drive
        4. Delete Files from Google Drive
        5. Create a New Google Drive Folder
      3. Sharing with Google Drive
        1. Share a File or Folder with Selected Users
        2. Share a Link to a File or Folder
    19. 9. Browsing and Searching the Web
      1. Browsing the Web
        1. Go to a Web Page
        2. Click Links
        3. Reload a Page
        4. Move Forward and Back Through Pages
        5. Zoom In to a Page
      2. Viewing and Managing Browser History
        1. View Your Recent History
        2. View Your Full History
        3. Delete Browsing History
      3. Searching the Web
        1. Enter a Query
        2. Understand Search Results
        3. Use Google’s Advanced Search
        4. Change Search Providers
      4. Managing Your Home Page
        1. Choose a New Home Page
        2. Display the Home Button
      5. Bookmarking Favorite Pages
        1. Bookmark a Web Page
        2. Display the Bookmarks Bar
        3. Go to a Bookmarked Page
        4. Manage Bookmarks
      6. Browsing in Incognito Mode
        1. Open an Incognito Window
    20. 10. Using Chrome Apps and Extensions
      1. Understanding Chrome Apps
      2. Getting to Know the Chrome Web Store
      3. Installing and Launching Apps
        1. Download and Install Apps
        2. Launch Chrome Apps
      4. Managing Installed Apps
        1. Determine How Apps Are Launched
        2. Uninstall Apps
      5. Installing and Using Chrome Extensions
        1. Download and Install Extensions
        2. Use Extensions
        3. Manage Chrome Extensions
    21. 11. Viewing and Editing Photos
      1. Viewing and Editing Photos in Chrome OS
        1. View Photos Locally
        2. Edit Photos with the Image Editor
        3. View Photos Stored Online
      2. Editing Photos with Adobe Photoshop Express Editor
        1. Edit a Photo
        2. Crop a Picture
        3. Rotate a Picture
        4. Remove Red Eye
        5. Apply Auto Correct
        6. Adjust Exposure
        7. Adjust Color Saturation
        8. Apply Advanced Adjustments
        9. Apply Special Effects
    22. 12. Viewing Movies, TV Shows, and Other Streaming Video
      1. Watching Streaming Video on Your Chromebook
        1. View Movies and TV Shows on Netflix
        2. View TV Shows on Hulu
      2. Purchasing and Renting Videos from Google Play
        1. Purchase or Rent a Video
        2. Watch a Google Play Video
      3. Viewing Locally Stored Videos
      4. Watching Videos on YouTube
    23. 13. Listening to Music
      1. Listening to Streaming Music Services
        1. Listen to Pandora
        2. Listen to Spotify
      2. Listening to Music Stored Locally or Online
        1. Listen to a Single Track
        2. Listen to a Playlist
      3. Listening to Your Own Music with Google Play
        1. Upload Your Music to Google Play
        2. Play Music with Google Play
        3. Create and Play Playlists
    24. 14. Emailing with Gmail
      1. Getting to Know Gmail
        1. Access Gmail
        2. Navigate Gmail
      2. Reading and Replying to Messages
        1. Read Messages
        2. View Conversations
        3. View Pictures and Other Attachments
        4. Reply to Messages
        5. Forward Messages
      3. Sending New Messages
        1. Compose a New Message
        2. Attach a File to a Message
        3. Add a Signature to Your Messages
      4. Managing Your Messages
        1. Assign Labels to a Message
        2. Filter Messages by Label
        3. Star and Mark Important Messages
        4. Search for Messages
        5. Delete Messages
    25. 15. Word Processing with Google Docs
      1. Getting to Know Google Docs
        1. Navigate the Google Docs Dashboard
        2. Navigate the Google Docs Editor
      2. Working with Documents
        1. Open an Existing Document
        2. Create a New Document
        3. Import a Word Document
        4. Export a Document to Word
      3. Editing Documents
        1. Enter Text
        2. Copy and Paste Text
        3. Move Text
        4. Check Your Spelling
      4. Formatting Documents
        1. Format Text
        2. Format a Paragraph
        3. Apply Styles
      5. Printing and Sharing Documents
        1. Print a Document
        2. Share a Document with Others
    26. 16. Spreadsheets with Google Sheets
      1. Getting to Know Google Sheets
        1. Navigate the Google Sheets Dashboard
        2. Navigate Google Sheets
      2. Working with Spreadsheets
        1. Open an Existing Spreadsheet
        2. Create a New Spreadsheet
        3. Import an Excel File
        4. Export a Spreadsheet to Excel
      3. Entering and Editing Data
        1. Enter Data
        2. Edit Cell Data
        3. Select Rows and Columns
        4. Work with Sheets and Tabs
      4. Formatting Cells and Data
        1. Format Cell Data
        2. Format Numbers
        3. Format Cell Color
        4. Format Cell Borders
      5. Working with Formulas and Functions
        1. Entering a Formula
        2. Using Functions
      6. Creating Charts
        1. Create a Basic Chart
        2. Select a Different Chart Type
        3. Customize a Chart
      7. Printing and Sharing Spreadsheets
        1. Print a Spreadsheet
        2. Share a Spreadsheet with Others
    27. 17. Presentations with Google Slides
      1. Getting to Know Google Slides
        1. Navigate the Google Slides Dashboard
        2. Navigate Google Slides
      2. Working with Presentations
        1. Open an Existing Presentation
        2. Create a New Presentation
        3. Import a PowerPoint File
        4. Export a Presentation to PowerPoint
      3. Managing the Slides in Your Presentation
        1. Add a New Slide
        2. Delete a Slide
        3. Rearrange Slides
      4. Working with Text and Graphics
        1. Add and Format Text
        2. Add Images
      5. Changing the Look and Feel of a Presentation
        1. Choose a New Theme
        2. Add Custom Background Colors and Graphics
      6. Using Transitions and Animations
        1. Add Transitions Between Slides
        2. Animate Elements on a Slide
      7. Giving Live Presentations
        1. Present Your Presentation
      8. Printing and Sharing Presentations
        1. Print Presentation Notes
        2. Share a Presentation with Others
    28. 18. Printing with Google Cloud Print
      1. Understanding Google Cloud Print
      2. Connecting a Printer to Google Cloud Print
        1. Connect a Cloud Print-Ready Computer
        2. Connect an Existing Printer
        3. Disconnect a Printer from Cloud Print
      3. Printing to Google Cloud Print
        1. Print from Your Chromebook
      4. Sharing a Printer
        1. Share a Printer
        2. Disable Sharing
    29. 19. Optimizing and Troubleshooting Your Chromebook
      1. Using Chrome Safely and Securely
        1. Chrome OS and Malware
        2. Protect Against Phishing
        3. Don’t Save Passwords
        4. Don’t Use Autofill
        5. Configure Privacy Settings
        6. Configure Content Settings
        7. Clear Browsing Data
        8. Restrict Sign-In
      2. Optimizing Your Chromebook’s Performance
        1. Optimize Battery Life
        2. Speed Up Performance
      3. Troubleshooting Chromebook Problems
        1. Deal with a Frozen App or Web Page
        2. Reset Your Chromebook
    30. A. Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
    31. Index
    32. 20. Unboxing and Setting Up Your New Chromebook
      1. Unboxing Your Chromebook
      2. Turning On Your Chromebook—For the Very First Time
        1. Set Up a Chromebook
      3. Creating a New Google Account
        1. Create a Google Account
    33. 21. Reading eBooks
      1. Purchasing and Reading eBooks with Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader
        1. Sign In to Kindle Cloud Reader
        2. Purchase eBooks from the Kindle Store
        3. Read an eBook with Kindle Cloud Reader
        4. Change How a Book Is Displayed Onscreen in Kindle Cloud Reader
      2. Purchasing and Reading eBooks with Google Play Books
        1. Purchase eBooks from the Google Play Store
        2. Read an eBook with Google Play Books
        3. Change How a Book Is Displayed Onscreen in Google Play Books
      3. Reading ePub eBooks with Readium
        1. Add Books to the Readium Library
        2. Read an eBook with Readium
        3. Change How a Book Is Displayed Onscreen in Readium
      4. Reading PDF Files in Chrome
        1. Open and Read a PDF File
    34. 22. Video Chatting with Google Hangouts
      1. Participating in Video Hangouts
        1. Open a Hangout
        2. Manage and Exit a Hangout
        3. Join an Existing Hangout
        4. Invite Others to an Existing Hangout
        5. Quit Google Hangouts
      2. Participating in Text Chats
        1. Create a New Text Chat
    35. 23. Using Microsoft Office Online
      1. Understanding Microsoft Office Online
      2. Working with Word Online
      3. Working with Excel Online
      4. Working with PowerPoint Online
    36. Task. What Chromebook Should You Buy?
      1. What’s Not to Like?
      2. What Chromebook Should You Buy?

    Product information

    • Title: My Google Chromebook, Third Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: August 2015
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780134196879