My Google Chromebook™, Second Edition

Book description

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to new Google Chromebook photos that show you exactly what to do

Help when you run into Chromebook problems or limitations

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your brand-new Chromebook

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Chromebook or ChromeboxTM working just the way you want. Learn how to:

  • Quickly set up your Chromebook or Chromebox, log in, and get productive

  • Get comfortable with Google’s intuitive new Chrome Desktop interface

  • Reliably connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks

  • Use Google Drive to access files from your Chromebook or any other computer

  • Securely share files with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ followers or friends

  • Play and edit photos, music, and video online

  • Browse and search the Web with the Google Chrome browser

  • Safely share your Chromebook with other users

  • Get started with free or low-cost web-based office productivity software

  • Build shared calendars, schedule meetings, and manage email

  • Find great new apps for business, education, entertainment, gaming, and more

  • Print to your printer across the Internet with Google Cloud Print

  • Configure your Chromebook for maximum security and privacy

  • Optimize your Chromebook’s performance and battery life

  • Work and play faster with Chromebook’s built-in keyboard shortcuts

  • Evaluate the new top-of-the-line Google Chromebook Pixel

  • Troubleshoot and recover from frozen apps and other problems

  • CATEGORY:  PC Hardware

    COVERS:  Google Chromebook

    USER LEVEL:  Beginning-Intermediate

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright Page
    3. Contents at a Glance
    4. Table of Contents
    5. About the Author
    6. Dedication
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. We Want to Hear from You!
    9. Reader Services
    10. P. Understanding Chrome, Chromebooks, and Cloud Computing
      1. What Is a Chromebook?
      2. What Is a Chromebox?
      3. What Is Google Chrome OS?
      4. What Is Cloud Computing?
      5. Should You Buy a Chromebook?
      6. What Chromebook Should You Buy?
    11. 1. Unboxing and Setting Up Your New Chromebook
      1. Unboxing Your Chromebook
      2. Turning on Your Chromebook—For the Very First Time
      3. Creating a New Google Account
    12. 2. Getting to Know Your Chromebook
      1. Getting to Know Your Chromebook
      2. Using the Keyboard
      3. Using the Touchpad
      4. Connecting External Devices
      5. Adjusting Brightness and Volume
    13. 3. Using Chrome OS and the Chrome Desktop
      1. Starting Up and Shutting Down
      2. Navigating the Chrome OS Desktop
      3. Navigating Windows and Tabs
    14. 4. Managing Multiple Users
      1. Adding Users to Your Chromebook
      2. Editing User Information
      3. Switching Users
    15. 5. Working Wirelessly
      1. Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network
      2. Connecting to an Ethernet Network
      3. Managing Network Connections
    16. 6. Configuring and Personalizing Chrome OS
      1. Personalizing the Desktop
      2. Configuring the Chrome Browser
      3. Configuring Other Settings
    17. 7. Managing Files and Using External Storage
      1. Using Chrome’s File Manager
      2. Using External Storage Devices
    18. 8. Using Google Drive to Store and Share Files
      1. Getting Started with Google Drive
      2. Storing Files on Google Drive
      3. Sharing Google Drive Files
    19. 9. Viewing and Listening to Photos, Videos, and Music
      1. Viewing Digital Photos on Your Chromebook
      2. Listening to Music on Your Chromebook
      3. Watching Videos on Your Chromebook
    20. 10. Browsing and Searching the Web
      1. Browsing the Web
      2. Viewing and Managing Browser History
      3. Searching the Web
      4. Managing Your Home Page
      5. Bookmarking Favorite Pages
      6. Browsing in Incognito Mode
    21. 11. Using Chrome Apps and Extensions
      1. Understanding Chrome Apps
      2. Getting to Know the Chrome Web Store
      3. Installing and Launching Apps
      4. Examining Chrome Apps—by Category
      5. Installing and Using Chrome Extensions
    22. 12. Working in the Cloud
      1. Office Suites in the Cloud
      2. Word Processing in the Cloud
      3. Spreadsheets in the Cloud
      4. Presentations in the Cloud
      5. Photo Editing in the Cloud
      6. Finances and Banking in the Cloud
      7. Calendars in the Cloud
      8. Email in the Cloud
    23. 13. Printing with Google Cloud Print
      1. Understanding Google Cloud Print
      2. Connecting a Printer to Google Cloud Print
      3. Printing to Google Cloud Print
      4. Sharing a Printer
    24. 14. Using Google Chrome Safely and Securely
      1. Cloud Computing and Data Security
      2. Chrome OS and Malware
      3. Protecting Against Phishing
      4. Practicing Safe Computing
      5. Configuring Chrome’s Privacy and Security Settings
    25. 15. Optimizing Your Chromebook’s Performance
      1. Optimizing Battery Life
      2. Speeding Up Performance
    26. 16. Troubleshooting and Recovering from Problems
      1. Dealing with a Frozen App or Web Page
      2. Resetting Your Chromebook
      3. Recovering from Severe Problems
      4. Updating Chrome OS
    27. A. Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts
    28. B. Google Chromebook Pixel
      1. Introducing the Chromebook Pixel
      2. Who Needs a $1,299 Chromebook?
    29. Index

    Product information

    • Title: My Google Chromebook™, Second Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: April 2013
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780133434293