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My iPad® for Kids (covers iOS 6 and iPad 3rd generation), Second Edition

Book Description

My iPad for Kids is here to help your kids (and you!) get the most out of your iPad2, iPad 3rd or 4th generation, or iPad mini running iOS 6. Using full-color, step-by-step tasks, My iPad for Kids walks step-by-step through learning how to use your iPad for home, school, and just for fun! Grade specific chapters for grades 4-7 offer information on apps that are great resources for everything from music to art to spelling and math homework. In addition, you learn how to setup and configure all the features of your iPad, including connecting to networks, setting up and using email accounts, using Siri, downloading and installing apps, safely surfing the internet downloading and syncing music and videos, taking and sharing photos, playing games, as well as setting up restrictions (parental controls) and troubleshooting problems with your iPad, should any occur. 

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through learning how to use your iPad for home, school, and just for fun! Learn how to:

•      Safely surf the Internet on the iPad to do research for school and find interesting facts.

•      Use email, texting, and chat apps to stay in touch with friends, family, and teachers.

•      Have fun (or do group projects for school) using FaceTime and Skype video chatting.

•      Write emails, search the Web, and launch apps with your voice using Siri.

•      Use the iPad in school and for homework. Four chapters of suggestions for grade-specific apps (4th through 7th grade) to help you excel in the classroom.

•      Use the built-in Music app so you can rock out to your favorite tunes.

•      Watch movies and TV shows from iTunes and videos on YouTube (only when homework is done, of course).

•      Use iPad’s built-in cameras to take photos and video of you and your friends. Use the Photo Booth app to make them even more interesting—or a little crazy!

•      Set new high scores playing the tens of thousands of great games available at the App Store.

•      Discover great apps for school or just for fun through recommendations in nearly every chapter.

•      Reassure your parents that you can use your iPad and the Internet safely and responsibly.

•      Become your own tech support team by learning to maintain and solve problems with your iPad, including tips on restarting, backing up, and cleaning the iPad.

•      Read about the latest iPad technologies, including iOS 6, Siri, and 4G LTE.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Online Extras
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Learn More with Online Extras!
  12. 1. Please Touch: How the iPad Works
    1. The On/Off/Sleep/Wake Button
    2. Nice to Meet You: How to Know Which iPad You Have
    3. Understanding the Buttons and Ports
    4. Controlling by Touch
    5. Using the Home Screen
    6. Know Your OS
  13. 2. Getting Started: Set Up and Sync Your iPad
    1. Setting Up and Syncing Your iPad
    2. Getting Music, Apps, and More at the iTunes Store
    3. iTunes Allowance: What It Is and Why Your Parents Should Give You One
    4. Lost and Found: Find My iPad
    5. Spotlight Search
    6. Meet Your Digital Sidekick: Siri
  14. 3. It’s All Yours! Customizing Your iPad
    1. Changing the Wallpaper and Lock Screen
    2. Arranging Your Apps and Making Folders
    3. Customizing Your iPad’s Sounds
    4. Screen Brightness
  15. 4. Surf’s Up! Using the Internet
    1. The Two Kinds of iPads
    2. Let’s Go on Safari: Using the iPad Web Browser
    3. Why Some Sites and Videos Don’t Work
    4. Save Your Favorite Pages with Reading List
    5. Be Safe: On the Internet
    6. Awesome Apps
  16. 5. Talk to Me: Texting, Chatting, and Email
    1. Using Contacts
    2. Using Messages
    3. Finding Great Texting Apps
    4. Awesome Chat and Instant Messaging Apps
    5. Talk to Friends with Social Media
    6. Email
    7. Be Safe: Texting, Chatting, and Emailing
  17. 6. Get Ready for Your Close-Up! It’s FaceTime!
    1. Setting Up FaceTime
    2. Hold All Your Calls with Do Not Disturb
    3. Skype: FaceTime for People without FaceTime
    4. Be Safe: On FaceTime and Skype
  18. 7. Using Your iPad for School
    1. Writing and Printing on the iPad
    2. Writing Apps: Notes
    3. Writing Apps: Pages
    4. Awesome Apps
    5. Using the Internet for Homework
  19. 8. Get Organized with Calendar, Reminders, and Clock
    1. Using Calendar
    2. Using Reminders
    3. Awesome Apps
    4. Always Wake Up on Time: Using Alarm Clock
  20. 9. E-books and iBooks
    1. Where to Find and Buy E-books
    2. Getting E-books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble
    3. Getting E-books from the Library
    4. Awesome Apps
    5. Getting Magazines and Newspapers with Newsstand
    6. Awesome Apps
  21. 10. Using Your iPad in Fourth Grade
    1. English/Language Arts
    2. Math
    3. Science
    4. History/Social Studies
    5. Music
    6. Art
    7. Foreign Language
  22. 11. Using Your iPad in Fifth Grade
    1. English/Language Arts
    2. Math
    3. Science
    4. History/Social Studies
    5. Music
    6. Art
    7. Foreign Language
  23. 12. Using Your iPad in Sixth Grade
    1. English/Language Arts
    2. Math
    3. Science
    4. History/Social Studies
    5. Music
    6. Art
    7. Foreign Language
  24. 13. Using Your iPad in Seventh Grade
    1. English/Language Arts
    2. Math
    3. Science
    4. History/Social Studies
    5. Music
    6. Art
    7. Foreign Language
  25. 14. Rock Out: Music on the iPad
    1. Getting Music for Your iPad
    2. Using the Music App
    3. Making and Using Playlists
    4. Listen Carefully: Protecting Your Hearing
    5. Awesome Apps
  26. 15. Lights, Camera, Action: Videos and Photos
    1. Watching Videos from YouTube or iTunes
    2. Using the iPad’s Cameras and Apps
    3. Using the Photos App
    4. Sharing Pictures and Video
    5. Be Safe: With Photos and Videos
    6. Awesome Apps
  27. 16. It’s Play Time: Gaming on the iPad
    1. Getting Games
    2. Using Game Center
    3. Be Safe: On Game Center
    4. Awesome Apps
  28. 17. Fixing Problems Yourself
    1. Restarting a Frozen iPad
    2. Make Your Battery Last Longer
    3. Finding a Lost iPad
    4. What to Do If Your iPad Gets Wet
    5. Backing Up Your iPad
    6. Redownloading from iCloud
  29. 18. Taking Care of Your iPad
    1. Keeping Your iPad Safe
    2. Protecting Your Data
    3. Protecting Your Privacy
    4. Caring for Your iPad
  30. Index