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My iPhone®, Tenth Edition

Book Description

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPhone images that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into iPhone problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPhone.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPhone working just the way you want. The tasks include how to:

• Connect to the Internet, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi networks, and other iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads; take advantage of AirDrop to instantly share with other iOS and Mac users around you • Use Siri to get information, write texts and emails, set reminders/appointments, and more just by speaking to your iPhone

• Customize your iPhone with folders, wallpaper, ringtones, and much more

• Configure and sync your information, and efficiently manage contacts, and calendars

• Communicate via FaceTime videoconferences, conference calls, text, email, and more

• Make your text messages come alive by adding Digital Touches and effects

• Make the most of Safari to browse the Web and Mail to manage all of your email from one Inbox

• Listen to music, subscribe to podcasts, and use other great iPhone apps

• Capture and edit photos and video; use the great camera features such as burst, timed and time-lapse photos, slow-motion video, and Live Photos via email, AirDrop, or texts; use iCloud to automatically save and share your photos

• Find, download, install, and use awesome iPhone apps

• Take advantage of iCloud to keep your content and information in sync on all your devices

Table of Contents

  1. About This E-Book
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. Using This Book
  12. 1. Getting Started with Your iPhone
    1. Getting to Know Your iPhone’s External Features
    2. Getting to Know Your iPhone’s Software
      1. Using Your Fingers to Control Your iPhone
      2. Going Home
      3. Touching the iPhone’s Screen
      4. Working with iPhone Apps
      5. Using the Home Screens
      6. Using the iPhone Plus’ Split-Screen
      7. Working with the Control Center
      8. Working with the Notification Center
      9. Using Siri Suggestions
      10. Using the Do Not Disturb Mode
      11. Using Airplane Mode
      12. Meeting Siri
      13. Understanding iPhone Status Icons
      14. Turning Your iPhone Off or On
      15. Sleeping/Locking and Waking/Unlocking Your iPhone
      16. Signing In To Your Apple ID
      17. Setting the Volume
  13. 2. Using Your iPhone’s Core Features
    1. Introducing the Settings App
    2. Using and Configuring Widgets
      1. Accessing Widgets
      2. Configuring the Widget Center
    3. Working with Text
      1. Working with Predictive Text
      2. Working with Keyboards
      3. Using Emojis
      4. Correcting Spelling as You Type
      5. Editing Text
      6. Selecting, Copying, Cutting, or Pasting Text
      7. Correcting Spelling After You’ve Typed
      8. Dictating Text
    4. Searching on Your iPhone
    5. Working with Siri Suggestions
    6. Working with Notifications
      1. Working with Visual Notifications
      2. Working with Other Types of Notifications
      3. Configuring Your Notifications
      4. Configuring an App’s Notifications
    7. Configuring the Do Not Disturb Mode
      1. Setting an Automatic Do Not Disturb Schedule
    8. Printing from Your iPhone
    9. Working with the Wallet App and Apple Pay
      1. Working with the Wallet App
      2. Adding Passes or Cards to Your Wallet Using an App
      3. Adding Passes or Cards to Your Wallet by Scanning Their Codes
      4. Working with Apple Pay
      5. Adding Credit or Debit Cards to Apple Pay
      6. Managing Apple Pay
  14. 3. Connecting Your iPhone to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and iPhones/iPods/iPads
    1. Using Wi-Fi Networks to Connect to the Internet
      1. Connecting to Open Wi-Fi Networks
      2. Connecting to Public Wi-Fi Networks
      3. Disabling Automatic Prompting
      4. Forgetting Wi-Fi Networks
    2. Using Cellular Data Networks to Connect to the Internet
      1. Configuring Cellular Data Use
    3. Using Bluetooth to Connect to Other Devices
      1. Connecting to Bluetooth Devices
    4. Connecting Your iPhone to Other iPhones, iPod touches, or iPads
      1. Using AirDrop to Share Content with Other iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, or a Mac
      2. Enabling AirDrop
      3. Using AirDrop to Share Your Content
      4. Using AirDrop to Work with Content Shared with You
  15. 4. Setting Up and Using iCloud and Other Online Accounts
    1. Configuring and Using iCloud
      1. Obtaining an iCloud Account
      2. Signing In To Your iCloud Account
      3. Enabling iCloud to Store Your Information on the Cloud
      4. Configuring iCloud Drive
      5. Configuring iCloud to Store Photos
      6. Configuring Your iCloud Backup
      7. Configuring Your iCloud Keychain
      8. Performing Advanced Configuration of Your iCloud Account
    2. Setting Up Other Types of Online Accounts on Your iPhone
      1. Configuring an Exchange Account
      2. Configuring a Google Account
    3. Configuring Other Types of Online Accounts
      1. Setting Up an Online Account that Isn’t Built-in
      2. Configuring a Facebook Account
    4. Setting How and When Your Accounts Are Updated
      1. Configuring How New Data Is Retrieved for Your Accounts
  16. 5. Customizing How Your iPhone Works
    1. Working with the Settings App
      1. Using the Settings App on Any iPhone
      2. Searching for Settings
      3. Using the Settings App on an iPhone Plus
    2. Setting Keyboard, Language, and Format Options
      1. Setting Keyboard Preferences
      2. Creating and Working with Text Replacements
      3. Setting Language and Region Preferences
    3. Setting Privacy and Location Services Preferences
    4. Configuring Passcode, Touch ID, and Content Restrictions
      1. Configuring Your Passcode and Touch ID
      2. Setting Restrictions for Content and Apps
    5. Customizing How Your iPhone Works with Apps
      1. Configuring Your iPhone to Download and Maintain Apps
      2. Using the App Store App to Find and Install iPhone Apps
      3. Searching for Apps
      4. Browsing for Apps
      5. Downloading Apps
  17. 6. Customizing How Your iPhone Looks and Sounds
    1. Customizing Your Home Screens
      1. Moving Icons Around Your Home Screens
      2. Creating Folders to Organize Apps on Your Home Screens
      3. Placing Icons in Existing Folders
      4. Configuring the Home Screen Dock
      5. Deleting Icons
    2. Setting the Screen’s Brightness, Lock/Wake, Text, View, and Wallpaper Options
      1. Setting the Screen Brightness and Night Shift
      2. Setting Auto-Lock and Raise to Wake
      3. Setting Text Size and Bold
      4. Choosing a View
      5. Setting the Wallpaper on the Home and Lock Screens
    3. Choosing the Sounds and Vibratory Feedback Your iPhone Uses
  18. 7. Managing Contacts
    1. Setting Your Contacts Preferences
    2. Creating Contacts on Your iPhone
      1. Creating New Contacts from Email
      2. Creating Contacts Manually
    3. Working with Contacts on Your iPhone
      1. Using the Contacts App
      2. Accessing Contacts from Other Apps
    4. Managing Your Contacts on Your iPhone
      1. Updating Contact Information
      2. Deleting Contacts
  19. 8. Communicating with the Phone and FaceTime Apps
    1. Configuring Phone Settings
    2. Making Voice Calls
      1. Dialing with the Keypad
      2. Dialing with Contacts
      3. Dialing with Favorites
      4. Dialing with Recents
      5. Dialing from the FAVORITES Widget
    3. Managing In-Process Voice Calls
      1. Entering Numbers During a Call
      2. Making Conference Calls
      3. Using Another App During a Voice Call
    4. Receiving Voice Calls
      1. Answering Calls
      2. Answering Calls During a Call
    5. Managing Voice Calls
      1. Clearing Recent Calls
      2. Adding Calling Information to Favorites
      3. Using the iPhone’s Headset for Calls
    6. Using Visual Voicemail
      1. Recording a New Greeting
      2. Listening to, Reading, and Managing Voicemails
      3. Finding and Listening to Voicemails
      4. Listening to and Managing Deleted Voicemails
    7. Communicating with FaceTime
      1. Configuring FaceTime Settings
      2. Making FaceTime Calls
      3. Receiving FaceTime Calls
      4. Managing FaceTime Calls
  20. 9. Sending, Receiving, and Managing Email
    1. Configuring Email Accounts
    2. Setting Mail App Preferences
    3. Working with Email
      1. Receiving and Reading Email
      2. Receiving and Reading Email on an iPhone Plus
      3. Using 3D Touch for Email
      4. Sending Email
      5. Using Mail’s Suggested Recipients
      6. Replying to Email
      7. Forwarding Emails
    4. Managing Email
      1. Checking for New Email
      2. Understanding the Status of Email
      3. Managing Email from the Message Screen
      4. Managing Email from an Inbox
      5. Managing Multiple Emails at the Same Time
      6. Organizing Email from the Message Screen
      7. Organizing Email from the Inbox
      8. Viewing Messages in a Mailbox
      9. Saving Images Attached to Email
      10. Filtering Email
      11. Searching Your Email
      12. Working with VIPs
      13. Designating VIPs
      14. Accessing VIP Email
      15. Managing Junk Email
      16. Marking Junk Email
  21. 10. Sending, Receiving, and Managing Texts and iMessages
    1. Preparing the Messages App for Messaging
      1. Setting Your Text and iMessage Preferences
      2. Blocking People from Messaging or Texting You
    2. Sending Messages
      1. Creating a New Message and Conversation
      2. Sending Messages in an Existing Conversation
      3. Applying Effects to Messages You Send
      4. Including Photos or Video in Messages You Send
      5. Using Digital Touches in Messages You Send
      6. Managing Apps in Messages
      7. Adding Content from Apps to Messages You Send
      8. Including Instant Audio in Messages You Send
      9. Adding Your Location to Messages You Send
      10. Using Quick Actions to Send Messages
    3. Receiving, Reading, and Replying to Messages
      1. Receiving Messages
      2. Reading Messages
      3. Viewing Images or Video You Receive in Messages
      4. Listening to Audio in Messages You Receive in Messages
      5. Replying to Messages from the Messages App
      6. Replying to Messages from a Banner Alert
      7. Having a Messages Conversation
    4. Working with Messages
      1. Managing Messages Conversations
      2. Receiving and Reading Messages on an iPhone Plus
      3. Using 3D Touch for Messages
      4. Browsing Attachments to Conversations
      5. Working with Messages from People You Might Not Know
      6. Responding to a Message with Icons
      7. Deleting Messages and Conversations
      8. Deleting Conversations
  22. 11. Managing Calendars
    1. Setting Calendar, Date, and Time Preferences
    2. Working with Calendars
      1. Viewing Calendars and Events
      2. Navigating Calendars
      3. Viewing Calendars
      4. Using 3D Touch for Events (iPhone 6s/6s Plus and Later)
      5. Adding Events to a Calendar
      6. Using Quick Actions with the Calendar App (iPhone 6s/6s Plus and Later)
      7. Searching Calendars
      8. Working with Invitations
      9. Sharing Calendars
      10. Managing Calendars, Events, and Invitations
  23. 12. Working with Siri
    1. Setting Up Siri
    2. Understanding Siri’s Personality
    3. Learning How to Use Siri by Example
      1. Using Siri to Make Voice Calls
      2. Composing New Email with Siri
      3. Replying to Emails with Siri
      4. Having Messages Read to You
      5. Replying to Messages with Siri
      6. Sending New Messages with Siri
      7. Using Siri to Create Events
      8. Using Siri to Create Reminders
      9. Using Siri to Get Information
      10. Using Siri to Play Music
      11. Using Siri to Get Directions
      12. Using Siri to Open Apps
    4. Using Dictation to Speak Text Instead of Typing
  24. 13. Surfing the Web
    1. Setting Safari Preferences
    2. Visiting Websites
      1. Using Bookmarks to Move to Websites
      2. Using Your Favorites to Move to Websites
      3. Typing URLs to Move to Websites
      4. Using Your Browsing History to Move to Websites
    3. Viewing Websites
    4. Working with Multiple Websites at the Same Time
      1. Opening New Pages in the Background
      2. Opening New Pages in a New Tab
      3. Using Tab View to Manage Open Web Pages
      4. Opening Web Pages That Are Open on Other Devices
    5. Searching the Web
    6. Saving and Organizing Bookmarks
      1. Creating Bookmarks
      2. Organizing Bookmarks
      3. Deleting Bookmarks or Folders of Bookmarks
    7. Using 3D Touch with Safari
    8. Sharing Web Pages
      1. Emailing a Link to a Web Page
      2. Messaging a Web Page
    9. Signing In to Websites Automatically
  25. 14. Taking Photos and Video with Your iPhone
    1. Setting Your Photos & Camera Preferences
    2. Using the Camera App to Take Photos and Video with Your iPhone
      1. Taking Photos
      2. Taking Panoramic Photos
      3. Taking Telephoto Photos (iPhone 7 Plus Only)
      4. Taking Portrait Photos (iPhone 7 Plus Only)
      5. Taking Video
      6. Taking Photos and Video from the Lock Screen
      7. Taking Photos and Video from the Control Center
      8. Taking Photos with Quick Actions (Models with 3D Touch)
  26. 15. Viewing and Editing Photos and Video with the Photos App
    1. Viewing, Editing, and Working with Photos on Your iPhone
      1. Finding Photos to Work With by Browsing
      2. Finding Photos to Work With by Searching
      3. Viewing Photos Individually
      4. Using 3D Touch with Photos
      5. Working with Memories
      6. Watching and Changing a Memory’s Slideshow
      7. Viewing a Memory’s Photos
      8. Viewing a Memory’s Photos by Place
      9. Working with Burst Mode Photos
      10. Editing Photos
      11. Enhancing Photos
      12. Straightening, Rotating, and Cropping Photos
      13. Applying Filters to Photos
      14. Removing Red-Eye from Photos
      15. Making Smart Adjustments to Photos
      16. Marking Up Photos
      17. Working with Photos
      18. Sharing Photos via Email
      19. Organizing Photos in a New Album
      20. Adding Photos to an Existing Album
      21. Deleting Photos
    2. Viewing, Editing, and Working with Video on Your iPhone
      1. Finding and Watching Videos
      2. Editing Video
    3. Using iCloud with Your Photos
      1. Sharing Your Photos
      2. Adding Photos to a Shared Album
      3. Working with Photo Albums Shared with You
  27. 16. Working with Other Useful iPhone Apps and Features
    1. Touring Other Cool iPhone Apps
    2. Listening to Music with the Music App
      1. Finding Music in Your Library
      2. Setting Up and Finding Music with Apple Music
      3. Searching for Music
      4. Playing Music
      5. Playing Music on the Miniplayer
      6. Playing Music on the Now Playing Screen
      7. Playing Music from the Lock Screen
      8. Playing Music from the Control Center
      9. Using 3D Touch with the Music App (iPhone 6s/6s Plus and Later)
    3. Listening to Podcasts with the Podcasts App
      1. Using the Podcasts App to Subscribe to Podcasts
      2. Choosing a Podcast to Listen To
      3. Listening to Podcasts
      4. Managing Podcasts and Episodes of Podcasts
    4. Finding Your Way with Maps
    5. Working Seamlessly Across Your Devices
      1. Working with Handoff
      2. Using Handoff
      3. Taking Phone Calls on Macs or iPads
  28. 17. Maintaining and Protecting Your iPhone and Solving Problems
    1. Maintaining an iPhone’s Software
      1. Maintaining the iOS Software with the Settings App
    2. Maintaining iPhone Apps
    3. Backing Up Your iPhone
      1. Manually Backing Up Your iPhone to iCloud
    4. Finding and Securing Your iPhone with Find My iPhone
      1. Using Find My iPhone to Locate Your iPhone
      2. Using Find My iPhone to Play a Sound on Your iPhone
      3. Using Find My iPhone to Put Your iPhone in Lost Mode
      4. Using Find My iPhone to Erase Your iPhone
    5. Maintaining an iPhone’s Power
      1. Setting Low Power Mode and Getting Information About Battery Use
      2. Making the Battery Last Longer
    6. Solving iPhone Problems
      1. Restarting an App
      2. Restarting Your iPhone
      3. Resetting Your iPhone
      4. Restoring Your iPhone
      5. Finding a Missing App
      6. Making an iPhone’s Screen Rotate Again
      7. Blocking Unwanted Calls, Messages, or FaceTime Requests
      8. Solving the Quiet iPhone Problem
    7. Getting Help with iPhone Problems
  29. Index