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My iPhone

Book Description

A new edition of this title is available, ISBN-10: 0789738236 ISBN-13: 9780789738233

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPhone photos so that you can see exactly what to do

Help when you run into the few iPhone limitations

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPhone

Learn How to Make iPhone Your Own:

  • Use as a cell phone for multiple simultaneous calls, visual voicemail, and more.

  • Manage your contacts on your computer and on iPhone.

  • Use as an iPod to listen to music and podcasts,  or watch movies, TV shows, and music videos.

  • Email on the go using your existing email accounts.

  • Surf the web so you can view and use standard web pages on a mobile device.

  • Stay on schedule with Calendar manager sync’d to your Outlook or iCal calendar (or both).

  • Use the camera and photo viewer for photos you take on iPhone or those you move from your computer.

  • Watch YouTube videos, create maps, track stocks, watch the weather, take notes, and on it goes…

  • About the Author x

    Dedication xi

    Acknowledgments xi

    Prologue: Getting Started with iPhone 3

    Chapter 1: Making, Receiving, and Managing Calls 17

    Chapter 2: Managing Contacts 51

    Chapter 3: Listening to Audio and Watching Video 81

    Chapter 4: Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and VPNs 125

    Chapter 5: Emailing 145

    Chapter 6: Surfing the Web 177

    Chapter 7: Text Messaging 201

    Chapter 8: Working with Date & Time and the Calendar 211

    Chapter 9: Taking, Storing, and Viewing Photos 239

    Chapter 10: Using Other iPhone Widgets 261

    Chapter 11: Configuring iPhone's Settings 299

    Chapter 12: Maintaining iPhone and Solving iPhone Problems 311


    Index 325

    Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. About the Author
    3. Acknowledgments
    4. We Want to Hear from You!
    5. Reader Services
    6. P. Getting Started with iPhone
      1. Preparing iTunes
        1. Step-by-Step: Downloading and Installing iTunes on a Windows PC
        2. Updating iTunes
        3. Obtaining and Signing in to an iTunes Store Account
      2. Installing and Activating iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step
      3. Touring iPhone
      4. Using This Book
    7. 1. Making, Receiving, and Managing Calls
      1. Configuring Phone Settings
        1. Step-by-Step: Setting Phone Sounds
        2. Step-by-Step: Configuring Phone Settings
        3. Other Phone Settings
      2. Making Calls
        1. Step-by-Step: Dialing with the Keypad
        2. Dialing with Contacts
        3. Dialing with Favorites
        4. Dialing with Recents
        5. Managing In-Process Calls
        6. Step-by-Step: Entering Numbers During a Call
        7. Making Conference Calls
      3. Receiving Calls
        1. Answering Calls
        2. Answering Calls When You’re Already on a Call
      4. Managing Calls
        1. Step-by-Step: Working with Missed and Recent Calls
        2. Adding Caller Information to Favorites
        3. Using iPhone’s Headset for Calls
      5. Using Visual Voicemail
        1. Step-by-Step: Recording a Greeting
        2. Listening to and Managing Voicemails
        3. Step-by-Step: Finding and Listening to Voicemails
        4. Step-by-Step: Deleting Voicemails
        5. Listening to and Managing Deleted Voicemails
        6. Changing Your Voicemail Password
    8. 2. Managing Contacts
      1. Configuring How Contacts Are Displayed
        1. Step-by-Step
      2. Getting Contact Information on iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step: Moving Contacts from a Windows PC to iPhone
        2. Moving Contacts from a Mac to iPhone
        3. Creating New Contacts While Using iPhone
          1. Step-by-Step: Creating a Contact from a Recent Phone Call
          2. Creating a Contact from an Email
          3. Creating a Contact from a Text Message Conversation
          4. Creating a Contact from a Map
        4. Creating Contacts on iPhone Manually
      3. Using Contacts on iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step
      4. Changing or Deleting Contacts
        1. Step-by-Step: Changing Contacts via Syncs
        2. Adding or Removing Information for an Existing Contact Manually
        3. Adding Information to an Existing Contact While Using iPhone
        4. Deleting Contacts Manually
    9. 3. Listening to Audio and Watching Video
      1. Stocking iPhone with Audio and Video
        1. Step-by-Step: Building Your iTunes Library
          1. Importing Audio CDs
          2. Step-by-Step: Downloading Audio and Video from the iTunes Store
          3. Step-by-Step: Subscribing to Podcasts in the iTunes Store
        2. Building Audio and Video Playlists
        3. Building Audio and Video Smart Playlists
        4. Moving Audio, Video, and Podcasts onto iPhone
      2. Listening to Music
        1. Step-by-Step: Using the Cover Flow Browser to Find and Play Music
        2. Using Playlists to Find Music
        3. Using Artists to Find Music
        4. Using Genres to Find Music
        5. Using the More Menu to Find Music
        6. Playing Music
      3. Finding and Listening to Podcasts
        1. Step-by-Step
      4. Finding and Watching Video
        1. Step-by-Step: Finding Video
        2. Watching Video
        3. Deleting Video
      5. Customizing iPhone for iPod
        1. Step-by-Step: Building and Editing an On-The-Go Playlist
          1. Creating and Listening to an On-The-Go Playlist
          2. Step-by-Step: Changing an On-The-Go Playlist
        2. Configuring iPhone’s iPod Toolbar
        3. Configuring iPhone’s iPod Settings
    10. 4. Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and VPNs
      1. Connecting to the Internet
        1. Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi Networks
          1. Step-by-Step: Connecting to a Broadcast Network
          2. Connecting to a “Hidden” Network
          3. Changing Networks
          4. Forgetting Networks
        2. Connecting to the Internet via EDGE
      2. Connecting to Bluetooth Devices
        1. Step-by-Step
      3. Connecting to VPNs
        1. Step-by-Step
    11. 5. Emailing
      1. Configuring Email Accounts on iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step: Syncing Email Accounts with a Windows PC
        2. Syncing Email Accounts with a Mac
        3. Configuring Email Accounts on iPhone Manually
        4. Configuring Email Accounts for Exchange Servers That Don’t Support IMAP
        5. Step-by-Step
      2. Configuring Global Email Settings
        1. Step-by-Step
      3. Working with Email
        1. Step-by-Step: Receiving and Reading Email
        2. Sending Email
        3. Replying to Email
        4. Forwarding Email
        5. Managing Email
          1. Checking for New Messages
          2. Deleting Email from the Message Screen
          3. Step-by-Step: Deleting Email from the Account Screen
          4. Organizing Email
      4. Managing Email Accounts
        1. Step-by-Step: Changing Email Accounts
        2. Deleting Email Accounts
    12. 6. Surfing the Web
      1. Configuring Safari Settings
        1. Step-by-Step
      2. Moving Favorites from a Windows PC to iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step
      3. Moving Bookmarks from a Mac to iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step
      4. Browsing the Web
        1. Step-by-Step: Moving to Websites via Bookmarks
        2. Moving to Websites by Typing a URL
        3. Viewing Websites
        4. Searching the Web
        5. Returning to Previous Websites
        6. Saving and Organizing Bookmarks
          1. Saving Bookmarks
          2. Organizing Bookmarks
          3. Deleting Bookmarks or Folders
        7. Completing Web Forms
        8. Opening and Managing Multiple Web Pages at the Same Time
    13. 7. Text Messaging
      1. Turning the New Text Message Sound Off or On
        1. Step-by-Step
      2. Sending Text Messages
        1. Step-by-Step
      3. Receiving and Replying to Text Messages
        1. Step-by-Step
      4. Managing Text Messages
        1. Step-by-Step: Conversing in Text
    14. 8. Working with Date & Time and the Calendar
      1. Configuring iPhone’s Date, Time, and Calendar Settings
        1. Step-by-Step
      2. Using iPhone as a Clock
        1. Telling Time with iPhone
        2. Using the Clock Widget
          1. Step-by-Step: Creating, Configuring, and Using Clocks
          2. Setting and Using Alarms
          3. Changing Alarms
        3. Managing Alarms
          1. Step-by-Step: Using iPhone as a Stopwatch
          2. Using iPhone as a Timer
      3. Working with Calendars
        1. Step-by-Step: Syncing iPhone’s Calendar with Outlook on Windows PCs
        2. Syncing iPhone’s Calendar with iCal on Macs
        3. Using iPhone’s Calendar
          1. Viewing the Calendar
          2. Adding Events to the Calendar
    15. 9. Taking, Storing, and Viewing Photos
      1. Taking Photos with iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step
      2. Moving Photos from a Computer to iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step: Moving Photos from a Windows PC to iPhone
        2. Moving Photos from a Mac to iPhone
          1. Step-by-Step: Moving Photos from iPhoto to iPhone
          2. Moving Photos from the Finder to iPhone
      3. Viewing Photos on iPhone
        1. Step-by-Step: Viewing Photos Individually
        2. Viewing Photos as a Slideshow
          1. Step-by-Step: Configure Slideshow Settings
          2. Watching Slideshows
      4. Moving Photos from iPhone to a Computer
        1. Step-by-Step: Moving Photos from iPhone to a Windows PC
          1. Moving Photos from iPhone to a Mac
    16. 10. Using Other iPhone Widgets
      1. Watching YouTube Video
        1. Finding YouTube Videos
          1. Step-by-Step: Searching for YouTube Videos
          2. Browsing Featured YouTube Videos
          3. Browsing Most Viewed YouTube Videos
          4. Bookmarking YouTube Videos
          5. Step-by-Step: Viewing Bookmarked YouTube Videos
          6. Deleting YouTube Bookmarks
          7. Using the More Menu to Find YouTube Videos
        2. Viewing YouTube Videos
        3. Sharing YouTube Videos
        4. Customizing the YouTube Toolbar
      2. Watching Stocks
        1. Step-by-Step: Configuring the Stock Widget
        2. Step-by-Step: Tracking Stocks
      3. Finding Your Way with iPhone Maps
        1. Step-by-Step: Finding a Location by Searching
        2. Finding a Location via Contacts
        3. Finding a Location by Recent Searches
        4. Finding a Location with Bookmarks
          1. Deleting or Changing Bookmarks
        5. Working with Maps
        6. Getting Directions and Traffic Conditions
      4. Watching the Weather
        1. Step-by-Step: Choosing Weather Locations
        2. Viewing Weather Information
      5. Using the Calculator
        1. Step-by-Step
      6. Working with Notes
        1. Step-by-Step: Adding Notes
        2. Working with Notes
    17. 11. Configuring iPhone’s Settings
      1. Accessing iPhone Settings
      2. Using Airplane Mode
      3. Monitoring Usage
        1. Step-by-Step
      4. Configuring General Sound Settings
        1. Step-by-Step
      5. Setting Screen Brightness
        1. Step-by-Step
      6. Setting Wallpaper
        1. Step-by-Step
      7. Configuring General Settings
        1. Step-by-Step
    18. 12. Maintaining iPhone and Solving iPhone Problems
      1. Maintaining iPhone
        1. Maintaining iTunes
        2. Step-by-Step: Maintaining iTunes on Windows PCs
        3. Maintaining iTunes on Macs
        4. Step-by-Step: Maintaining iPhone’s Software
        5. Maintaining iPhone’s Battery
        6. Cleaning iPhone’s Screen
      2. Solving iPhone Problems
        1. Step-by-Step: Restarting iPhone
        2. Restarting the Computer and iTunes
        3. Resetting iPhone
        4. Restoring iPhone
        5. Reinstalling iTunes
        6. Getting Help with iPhone Problems