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My Motorola Atrix™ 4G

Book Description

Android phones have become the most popular in the world, and are growing faster than any other type of phone. Many new Android phones have been introduced in the last few months. The Motorola Atrix has been getting some of the best reviews, and is poised to be one of the bestselling phone models of 2011. As eWeek puts it in their review: "Boasting snappy application and network performance and a high-resolution display, the Atrix 4G easily holds its own with the best Android devices I've tested so far. For road warriors, it may well surpass that competition when combined with its optional Lapdock accessory." Written in the proven My Series format, this full-color, task-based guide will help the reader master the Atrix quickly and easily. It covers the Android OS as well as all of the features of the Atrix and it's powerful add-ons, including the revolutionary Lapdock.