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My OneNote® 2016

Book Description

If you’re currently a OneNote user or thinking about upgrading to the latest version, My OneNote 2016 is your must-have companion. This friendly, quick, full-color, 100% practical tutorial walks you through the various tasks for building your own digital notebooks and filling them with notes, ideas, resources, artwork, lists, and more. If you’re ready to organize your note-taking projects, then My OneNote 2016 is ready to help.
My OneNote 2016 is an easy, full-color tutorial on the latest personal information-management program from Microsoft, which covers the following topics:

  • Start fast with OneNote on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, or the web

  • Customize OneNote to your personal note-taking style

  • Create, manage, and edit notebooks

  • Organize notes into sections, pages, and subpages

  • Quickly add and create content, including audio and video clips and photos

  • Search, tag, and index your notes so you can find anything fast

  • Share notes and notebooks with colleagues--even in real time

  • Build outlines, tables, and spreadsheets in your note pages

  • Draw pictures and handwrite text--or even equations

  • Research and clip web content into your notebooks

  • Add links to files, web pages, and other notebooks

  • Store notebooks in the cloud and access them anywhere

  • Synchronize notebooks you’ve shared

  • Open notebooks using the OneNote Online web app

  • Every task is presented step-by-step, using carefully annotated, colorful screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost or confused. Everything's clearly organized in modular, self-contained chapters designed to help you get started quickly. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips, lists, and quick solutions to the problems you're most likely to encounter.

    Table of Contents

    1. About This E-Book
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. P. What Is OneNote?
      1. Introducing OneNote
      2. What Can I Do with OneNote?
      3. Exploring OneNote Features
      4. Comparing OneNotes
    12. 1. Getting Started with OneNote
      1. Opening and Closing OneNote
        1. Open OneNote in Windows 8.1
        2. Open OneNote in Windows 10
        3. Close OneNote
      2. Navigating the OneNote Workspace
        1. Use the Default Notebook
        2. Minimize or Maximize the Window
      3. Working with the Ribbon
        1. Use the Ribbon
        2. Pin the Ribbon
      4. Working with Toolbars and Shortcut Menus
        1. Use the Quick Access Toolbar
        2. Use Mini Toolbars
        3. Use Context Menus
      5. Changing Screen Views
        1. Zoom In or Out
        2. Switch View Modes
        3. Dock OneNote to the Desktop
      6. Finding Help with OneNote Issues and Topics
        1. Open Help
    13. 2. Working with Notebooks
      1. Exploring Notebooks
      2. Creating New Notebooks
        1. Create a New Notebook
        2. Assign a Notebook Color
      3. Opening and Closing Notebooks
        1. Close Notebooks
        2. Close Notebooks with the Shortcut Menu
        3. Open a Notebook
      4. Deleting Notebooks
        1. Delete a Notebook from Your Computer
        2. Delete a Notebook from OneDrive
    14. 3. Working with Sections, Pages, and Subpages
      1. Storing Notes with Sections, Pages, and Subpages
      2. Working with Sections
        1. Add a Section
        2. Rename a Section
        3. Assign a Tab Color
        4. Move a Section
        5. Delete a Section
        6. Empty the Notebook Recycle Bin
        7. Grouping Sections
        8. Move a Section to a Group
        9. Merge a Section
        10. Assign a Password to a Section
      3. Working with Pages and Subpages
        1. Add a Page
        2. Change the Page Name
        3. Move a Page
        4. Delete a Page
        5. Copy a Page
        6. Make a Subpage
        7. Promote and Demote Subpages
        8. Expand and Collapse Subpages
      4. Using Page Templates
        1. Add a Page Based on a Template
        2. Create Your Own Template
        3. Change the Page Color
    15. 4. Taking Notes
      1. Exploring Various Ways to Take Notes
      2. Typing Notes
        1. Type a Note
        2. Apply Basic Formatting
        3. Apply Bullets and Numbers
        4. Change Text Alignment
        5. Indent Text
        6. Change the Font Color
        7. Apply a Style
        8. Remove All Formatting
      3. Handwriting Notes
        1. Add a Handwritten Note
        2. Erase Your Writing
        3. Select Handwritten Text
        4. Convert a Handwritten Note into Text
      4. Adding Pictures
        1. Insert a Picture
        2. Add a Picture from OneDrive
        3. Add a Picture with Bing Search
        4. Add a Picture from Facebook
        5. Insert Screen Clippings
      5. Arranging Notes
        1. Move a Note
        2. Resize a Note
        3. Cut, Copy, and Paste a Note
        4. Add Space Between Notes
        5. Delete a Note
    16. 5. Using Note Features
      1. Inserting Date and Time Stamps
        1. Add a Date and Time Stamp
      2. Calculating with OneNote
        1. Type a Mathematical Expression
        2. Add a Symbol
        3. Turn a Handwritten Equation into Math
        4. Use Built-In Equations
      3. Turning Files into Notes
        1. Add a File as Notes
        2. Embed a File
      4. Clipping Web Content with OneNote Clipper
        1. Add the OneNote Clipper Tool
        2. Capture Content with OneNote Clipper
      5. Adding Quick Notes
        1. Add a Quick Note
        2. Pin a Quick Note
        3. Review Quick Notes
      6. Turning Notes into Outlook Tasks
        1. Turn a Note into an Outlook Task
    17. 6. Taking Audio and Video Notes
      1. Recording Audio and Video Notes
        1. Record Audio
        2. Record Video
      2. Working with Audio and Video Clips
        1. Use Playback Controls
        2. Play Linked Notes
        3. Rename a Clip
        4. Delete a Clip
        5. Open a Clip in Another App
        6. Embed a Clip
        7. Find Audio and Video Settings
    18. 7. Drawing Notes
      1. Drawing Freeform Notes
        1. Draw a Freeform Note
        2. Change the Pen Color and Thickness
      2. Drawing Shapes and Lines
        1. Draw a Shape
        2. Draw a Line
      3. Working with Drawings
        1. Select Lines and Shapes with a Selection Box
        2. Select Lines and Shapes with a Lasso
        3. Select Individual Lines and Shapes
        4. Use the Eraser Tool
        5. Delete Drawings
        6. Move Drawings
        7. Resize Your Drawings
        8. Rotate Drawings
        9. Layer Lines and Shapes
    19. 8. Working with Tables and Spreadsheets
      1. Using Tables
        1. Create a Table
        2. Enter Data into a Table
        3. Select Rows and Columns
        4. Change Text Alignment
        5. Sort Table Data
        6. Insert a Row
        7. Insert a Column
        8. Delete Rows and Columns
        9. Hide Table Borders
        10. Add Cell Shading
        11. Convert a Table to a Spreadsheet
      2. Working with Excel Spreadsheets
        1. Insert a New Spreadsheet
        2. Insert an Existing Spreadsheet
        3. Edit a Spreadsheet
        4. Format a Spreadsheet
        5. Create a Formula
        6. Use Functions
        7. Create a Chart
    20. 9. Working with Links
      1. Linking Within OneNote
        1. Link to a Page or Section
        2. Link to a Specific Paragraph
      2. Linking to Files and Email Addresses
        1. Link to a File on Your Computer
        2. Link to an Email Address
      3. Linking to Content on the Web
        1. Manually Link to a Web Page
        2. Link from Existing Text
        3. Copy and Paste Linked Web Content
      4. Managing Links
        1. Edit a Link
        2. Remove a Link
        3. Delete a Link and Link Text
      5. Taking Linked Notes
        1. Use Linked Notes with Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint
        2. Use Linked Notes with Internet Explorer
    21. 10. Tagging and Searching Notes
      1. Tagging Notes
        1. Assign a Tag
        2. Make a Checklist with the To Do Tag
        3. Delete a Tag
        4. Modify a Tag
        5. Create a Custom Tag
        6. Find Tags
        7. Create a Summary Page
      2. Searching Through Notes
        1. Search Through All Notebooks
        2. Narrow the Search Scope
        3. Search through Audio and Video Clips
    22. 11. Researching and Reviewing with OneNote
      1. Using the Spell Checking Tools
        1. Check Spelling
        2. Turn Off Automatic Spell Checking
        3. Add Your Own Typos to AutoCorrect
      2. Using the Thesaurus
        1. Look Up a Synonym
      3. Using the Research Task Pane
        1. Open the Research Task Pane
        2. Change Search Services
      4. Translating Text
        1. Translate Selected Text
        2. Use the Mini Translator
    23. 12. Distributing and Sharing Notes
      1. Printing Notes
        1. Print Sections of a Notebook
      2. Exporting Notes
        1. Export to a Different File Format
      3. Emailing Notes
        1. Email a Page
        2. Email a Notebook as an Attachment
        3. Email a PDF File as an Attachment
      4. Sharing Notebooks
        1. Share a Notebook with Others
        2. Share a Link to a Notebook
        3. Access a Shared Notebook
        4. View Changes by Other Users
        5. View Most Recent Edits
        6. View Edits by User
        7. Work with Page Versions
        8. Synchronize Notebooks
        9. Change Sharing Options
    24. 13. Customizing OneNote
      1. Finding Customizing Options
        1. Customize the Default Note Font
        2. Customize Backups
      2. Changing the Page Setup
        1. Hide the Page Title
        2. Display Rule Lines
        3. Change the Paper Size
      3. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
        1. Add Your Favorite Command
      4. Updating the OneNote Program
        1. Update OneNote
    25. 14. Taking OneNote Online
      1. Using OneDrive with OneNote
        1. Sign In to OneDrive with Your Browser
        2. View OneDrive Folders and Files
        3. Open a OneDrive Notebook in OneNote 2016
        4. Relocate an Online Notebook from OneDrive to Your Computer
        5. Manually Sync a Notebook
        6. Share a OneDrive Notebook
        7. Create a New OneDrive Folder
        8. Move Files Between Folders
        9. Sign Out of OneDrive
      2. Using the OneDrive Desktop App
        1. Open the OneDrive Desktop App
        2. View Folders and Files in the OneDrive Desktop App
        3. Open a OneDrive Notebook from the OneDrive Desktop App
      3. Using the OneNote Online Web App
        1. Sign In to the OneNote Online App
        2. View the OneNote Online Window
        3. Open a Notebook in the Desktop Program Window
        4. Open a New Notebook
    26. Index