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My Photos for Mac

Book Description


Photos for OS X® Yosemite 10.10.3 and higher.

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Photos screenshots that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into problems with Photos.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from Photos.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing everything you want to do with Photos for Mac. Learn how to:

  • Import your photos from digital cameras, iPhones®, iPads®, and more

  • Navigate your photos by Years, Collections, and Moments

  • Search your photos by description, date, location, and more

  • Organize your photos into albums

  • Create Smart albums

  • Create Faces collections to group photos of your friends and family together

  • Store all your photos and videos in iCloud Photo Library

  • Enhance and retouch your photos

  • Add effects and filters to your photos

  • Use Photos’ advanced editing tools

  • Create printed books, cards, and calendars using your photos

  • Create slideshows

  • Share your photos online via iCloud, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and more

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. 1. What Is Photos for Mac?
      1. Navigating and Organizing Your Photos
      2. Editing Your Photos
      3. Sharing Your Photos
      4. Getting and Maintaining Photos for Mac
        1. System Requirements
        2. Recommended Extras
        3. Keep Photos Up-to-Date
      5. Launching Photos
      6. The Photos Interface: A Tale of Two Layouts
        1. Switch Between Simplified and Expanded Layouts
      7. The Main Viewing Area
      8. The Toolbar
      9. The Sidebar
    12. 2. Importing Your Photos
      1. Migrating an iPhoto or Aperture Library to Photos for Mac
        1. Migrate a Library to Photos
      2. Creating and Working with Libraries
        1. Create a Library
        2. Create Additional Photos Libraries
        3. Switch Between Photos Libraries
      3. Importing Photos to Libraries
        1. Import from iOS Devices, Digital Cameras, or Card Readers
        2. Import from a Folder on Your Mac or from an External Device
      4. Enabling Automatic Device Imports
        1. Enable Automatic Import
      5. Dealing with Duplicates
      6. Disabling Copy Imported Photos
        1. Disable Copy Imported Photos
    13. 3. Navigating and Viewing Your Photos
      1. Working with Years, Collections, and Moments
        1. Navigate Years, Collections, and Moments
        2. Scrub Through Years and Collections
      2. Working with Photo Thumbnails
        1. Adjust the Thumbnail Size
        2. View an Individual Photo
      3. Working with the Split View Toolbar
        1. Use the Split View ToolBar
    14. 4. Working with Metadata and Searches
      1. Working with the Information Window
      2. Viewing Metadata on Thumbnails
      3. Changing the Date and Time
        1. Change a Single Photo’s Date and Time
        2. Change Multiple Photos’ Dates and Times
      4. Working with Titles and Descriptions
        1. Add a Title
        2. Add a Description
      5. Working with Keywords
        1. Add a Keyword
        2. Work with the Keyword Manager
        3. Add Keyboard Shortcuts to Keywords
        4. Apply Keywords Using Shortcut Keys
      6. Marking Your Favorite Photos
        1. Mark a Photo as a Favorite
      7. Searching Your Photos
        1. Search Photos
      8. Hiding Your Photos
        1. Hide a Photo
        2. Temporarily View Hidden Photos
        3. Unhide a Photo
      9. Deleting Your Photos
        1. Delete Your Photos
        2. Recover Deleted Photos
        3. Permanently Delete Your Photos
      10. Using the Contextual Menu
    15. 5. Working with Albums
      1. Understanding Album Types
      2. Working with Regular Albums
        1. Create an Empty Album
        2. Immediately Populate a New Album
        3. Creating an Album from Selected Photos
      3. Changing the Contents of Your Regular Albums
        1. Drag and Drop Photos to an Existing Album
        2. Use the + Button
        3. Remove Photos from Regular Albums
        4. Delete Entire Regular Albums
      4. Setting an Album’s Key Photo
        1. Change the Key Photo
      5. Working with Smart Albums
        1. Create a Smart Album
        2. Edit Smart Albums
        3. Delete Smart Albums
      6. Duplicating Albums
        1. Duplicate an Album
      7. Organizing Albums into Folders
        1. Create an Empty Album Folder
        2. Add Albums to a Folder
        3. Remove Albums from a Folder
        4. Delete a Folder
      8. Sorting Your Albums Alphabetically
        1. Alphabetize Your Folders
      9. Using the Burst Album to Manage Burst Photos
        1. Work with the Bursts Album
    16. 6. Organizing Your Photos with Faces
      1. Creating Faces Collections
        1. Create a Face Collection
        2. Ignore a Face
      2. Managing Your Faces Album
        1. Rearrange Faces Collections
        2. Renaming a Face
        3. Rename a Collection on the Faces Album Screen
        4. Set a Faces Collection’s Key Photo
        5. View a Faces Collection
        6. Add Photos to an Existing Faces Collection
        7. Name a Person Who Has a Faces Collection
        8. Add a Face Manually
        9. Reject a Faces Match
        10. Hide Face Names When Viewing Photographs
        11. Remove People from Faces
    17. 7. Viewing Your Photos On a Map
      1. Accessing the Photos Map
        1. Open the Map
        2. Viewing the Photos Map
      2. Working in the Map
        1. Navigate the Map
        2. Switch Map Views
        3. View a 3D Map
      3. Working with Photo Stacks
        1. View a Photo Stack
      4. Using Mini Maps
        1. View Mini Maps in the Information Window
    18. 8. Editing Basics
      1. The Editing Window
        1. Switch to Edit Mode
        2. Edit Mode Features
      2. Photos’ Basic Editing Tools
        1. Enhance a Photo
        2. Rotate a Photo
        3. Crop a Photo
        4. Straighten Crooked Photos
        5. Apply Filters
        6. Retouch a Photo
        7. Reduce Red-eye
    19. 9. Advanced Editing
      1. Getting to Know the Adjustment Tools
        1. Access the Tools
        2. Anatomy of an Adjustments Tool
      2. Customizing the Adjustments Pane
        1. Expand or Contract an Adjustment Tool
        2. Show an Adjustment Tool
        3. Hide an Adjustment Tool
        4. Save Your Adjustment Pane Layout
      3. Using the Basic Adjustment Tools
        1. Reading the Histogram
        2. Use the Light Adjustment Tool
        3. Make Color Adjustments
        4. Adjust Black & White
      4. Using the Details Adjustment Tools
        1. Sharpen a Photo
        2. Adjust Definition
        3. Reduce Noise
        4. Apply a Vignette
      5. Using the Advanced Adjustment Tools
        1. Adjust White Balance
        2. Adjust Levels
      6. Managing Adjustments
        1. Adjust a Slider Numerically
        2. Toggle Adjustments On or Off
        3. Reset a Single Adjustment
        4. Reset All Adjustments
      7. Cool Editing Tips
        1. Copy and Paste Adjustments from One Photo to Another
        2. Duplicate Photos
        3. Reviewing Your Original Photograph
        4. Zooming Tricks Using the Keyboard
    20. 10. Viewing and Editing Your Videos
      1. Locating and Organizing Your Videos
      2. Playing Your Videos
        1. View a Video
        2. Anatomy of the Video Playback Bar
        3. Understanding Video Metadata
      3. Working with Videos
        1. Set a Video’s Poster Frame
        2. Create a Still Image from a Video
        3. Editing Your Videos
        4. Exporting Your Videos
    21. 11. All About iCloud
      1. Configuring Photos to Work with iCloud
      2. Understanding iCloud Photo Library
        1. iCloud Photo Library Requirements and Cost
        2. Enable iCloud Photo Library
      3. Using iCloud Photo Stream
        1. Enable My Photo Stream
        2. Turn Off My Photo Stream
      4. iCloud Photo Sharing
        1. Enable iCloud Photo Sharing
        2. Create a New Shared Album
        3. View Shared Albums
        4. Add Photos and Videos to a Shared Album
        5. Delete Photos and Videos from a Shared Album
        6. Manage Your Shared Albums
        7. Join a Shared Album
        8. Save Photos from a Shared Album
        9. Comment On and Like Shared Photos
        10. Unsubscribe from a Shared Album
      5. Using iCloud Photo Sharing’s Activity Timeline
    22. 12. Sharing Your Photos and Videos
      1. Setting Up Internet Accounts on Your Mac
        1. Set Up Accounts
      2. Sharing Photos and Video with Social Media
        1. Share Photos and Videos via Facebook
        2. Share Photos and Videos via Flickr
      3. Share a Photo via Twitter
        1. Sharing a Video via Vimeo
      4. Other Sharing Methods
        1. Sharing Photos and Videos via Messages
        2. Share Photos and Videos via Email
        3. Share Photos and Videos via AirDrop
        4. Set a Photo as Your Desktop Picture
      5. Exporting Your Photos
        1. Export Photos
    23. 13. Creating Projects: Books, Cards, Calendars, and Slideshows
      1. Creating and Managing Projects
        1. Starting a Project
        2. Navigating Projects
        3. Sort Projects
        4. Rename a Project
        5. Duplicate Projects
        6. Delete a Project
      2. Creating Books
        1. Start a Book Project
        2. Navigating the Book Project Screen
        3. Page Screen Components
        4. Select Photos for Your Project
        5. Add and Remove photos on a Page
        6. Autofilling All Photos in Your Book
        7. Clearing Photos in Your Book
        8. Add Pages to Your Book
        9. Delete Pages from Your Book
        10. Reorder the Pages in Your Book
        11. Change the Layout of Pages
        12. Edit Photos on a Page
        13. Format Text in Your Project
        14. Use Maps in Books
        15. Change a Book’s Settings
      3. Creating Cards and Calendars
        1. Create a Card
        2. Design Your Card
        3. Create a Calendar
        4. Design Your Calendar
        5. Add Events to a Calendar
        6. Add Custom Text to Specific Dates
        7. Add Photos to Specific Dates
        8. Reorder the Pages in Your Calendar
        9. Change a Calendar’s Format and Theme
      4. Exporting Books, Calendars, and Cards
      5. Buying Your Keepsakes
      6. Ordering Prints of Your Photos
        1. Place a Photo Order
      7. Working with Slideshows
        1. Create a Slideshow
        2. Navigate the Slideshow Window
        3. Add Text to a Slideshow
        4. Remove Text from a Slide
        5. Add Photos to a Slideshow
        6. Remove Slides from a Slideshow
        7. Choose a Slideshow Theme
        8. Work with the Ken Burns Theme
        9. Add Music to a Slideshow
        10. Adjust Slideshow Settings
        11. Play a Slideshow
        12. Export Your Slideshow
        13. Create an Instant Slideshow
    24. Index