My Photoshop® Elements 13

Book description

My Photoshop  Elements 13

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Photoshop Elements 13 screenshots that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run in to Photoshop Elements 13 problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from Photoshop Elements 13.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through doing everything you want to do with Photoshop Elements 13. Learn how to

--Import, organize, and manage Catalogs, photos, videos, and other digital media

--Use improved photo mashup techniques to recompose your photos

--Customize your photos with 50 new enhancements and variations in the Expert mode
of the Elements Editor

--Edit and enhance your photos with new and improved Instant Fixes, Quick Fixes, and Guided Edits

--Crop your photos like a professional photographer with new cropping tools and options

--Quickly post your photos and video to popular social media sites that are easily accessible in the new Photoshop Elements workspace

--Learn the new Facebook integration to post photos and create a Facebook Cover and Profile picture

--Learn new features, functionality, tips, and techniques with Adobe Elements Live (eLive)

--Share your photos with improved Adobe Revel integration and Private Web Albums

--Add graphics, frames, textures, filters, and shapes, and paint, draw, and add titles and text to your photos

--Use the improved Camera Raw feature to precisely modify and enhance your photos

--Create, print, and share greeting cards, collages, photo books, contact sheets, slideshows, DVD/CD covers and playlists, and more

Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. P. Getting to Know Adobe Photoshop Elements 13
    1. Overview of Adobe Elements 13 Family of Products
    2. Photoshop Elements 13 Versus Photoshop CC
    3. Designed for Home Use and Printer Output
      1. Digital Darkroom
      2. Photoshop Elements Use of Color
      3. Image Color Modes
    4. Photoshop Elements 13 Workspace
      1. Overview of the Elements Organizer Workspace
      2. Overview of the Elements Editor Workspace
      3. Accessing Menu Bars and Menu Commands
      4. Overview of the Options Bar
      5. Using the Viewer
      6. Using Tabs
      7. Using the Toolbox
      8. Using Panels
      9. Task Pane and Taskbar
      10. Status Bar
    5. Mobile Albums
  12. 1. Getting Comfortable with the Photoshop Elements 13 Workspace, Preferences, and Settings
    1. Opening Photoshop Elements 13
    2. The Elements Organizer Versus the Elements Editor
      1. Switching to Photo Editor from the Organizer
      2. Switching to the Elements Organizer from the Elements Editor
    3. Using the Toolbox and Menus
      1. Accessing the Organizer Menu Commands
      2. Accessing the Photo Editor Menu Commands
      3. Accessing Tools in the Toolbox
    4. Customizing the Organizer Workspace
    5. Customizing Preferences
      1. Setting Elements Organizer Preferences
      2. Setting the Photo Editor Preferences
    6. Using Elements Live
  13. 2. Importing Photos and Videos
    1. Understanding Photo Resolution
    2. Import Photos to Organizer
      1. Using the Import Button
      2. Importing Files on a Mac
      3. Importing Files on a Windows Computer
      4. Import from Camera or Card Reader
      5. Import By Searching
      6. Import from iPhoto (Mac Only)
      7. Import Scanner (Windows Only)
    3. Opening Photos in Elements Editor
    4. Deleting a Photo
  14. 3. Using Elements Organizer: Organizing with Catalogs, Albums, and Folders
    1. Managing Catalogs
      1. Creating a New Catalog
      2. Switch Between Catalogs
      3. Adding Photos and Videos to Catalogs
      4. Backing Up a Catalog
      5. Restoring a Backup Catalog
      6. Convert a Catalog from a Previous Version of Organizer
    2. Albums Versus Folders
      1. Creating Albums
      2. Adding Media to Albums
      3. Creating Album Categories
      4. Switching Between Albums
      5. Using the Folders Tab
    3. Working in the Viewer
      1. Organizing Photos
      2. Using Zoom
  15. 4. Attaching Metadata, Tags, and Ratings in the Organizer
    1. Adding Metadata—Keyword Tags
      1. Setting Keywords Tags
      2. Organizing with Keyword Categories and Keyword Tags
      3. Rename a Keyword Tag or Keyword Category
    2. Setting People Tags
      1. Assigning People Tags Using the Auto-analyzer
      2. Modifying People Tags
      3. Deleting People Tags
      4. Manually Add People Tags
    3. Setting Places Tags
      1. Modifying Place Tags
      2. Deleting Place Tags and Photos
    4. Setting Events Tags
      1. Adding and Deleting Event Tagged Media
      2. Deleting an Event
    5. Setting Information Tags
      1. Viewing Metadata Attached to a Photo
      2. Viewing the History of a Photo
    6. Applying Ratings
    7. Finding Photos
      1. Using Search
      2. Finding People, Places, and Events
      3. Finding Media Through Metadata
      4. Using Ratings to Find Media
      5. Using Menu Commands to Find Media
  16. 5. Editing Photos with Organizer
    1. Applying Instant Fixes
    2. Applying Instant Fixes to a Photo in Preview
      1. Using Smart Fix
      2. Cropping Photos
      3. Rotating Photos
      4. Adjusting Contrast
      5. Fixing Red Eye
      6. Adjusting Color
      7. Using Sharpen
      8. Adjust Image Levels
  17. 6. Applying Quick Fixes with the Photo Editor
    1. Editing Modes of the Photo Editor
    2. Opening a Photo in Photo Editor
    3. Workspace of the Photo Editor
    4. Working with the Quick Mode Tools
      1. Using the Zoom Tool
      2. Use the Hand Tool
      3. Use the Quick Selection Tool
      4. Using the Selection Brush Tool
      5. Using the Refine Selection Brush
      6. Remove Red Eye
      7. Whiten Teeth
      8. Use the Spot Healing Brush Tool
      9. Cropping a Photo
      10. Use the Move Tool
    5. Applying Adjustments
    6. Saving Edited Photos
  18. 7. Working with Layers
    1. Creating a New Layer
      1. Show and Hide Layers
    2. Reorder Layers
      1. Deleting a Layer
      2. Merging Layers
    3. Creating Fill Layers
      1. Creating a Gradient Fill Layer
      2. Creating a Pattern Fill Layer
    4. Creating Layer Masks
    5. Creating Adjustment Layers
    6. Locking and Linking Layers
    7. Adding Layer Styles
    8. Graphics and Favorites
    9. Using the History Panel
  19. 8. Correcting and Retouching Photos Using the Guided Mode
    1. Making Guided Edits
      1. Overview of Touchups Category
      2. Using the Perfect Portrait Guided Edit
      3. Photo Effects
      4. Camera Effects
      5. Photo Play
  20. 9. Advanced Photo Corrections
    1. Setting a Custom Workspace
      1. Opening a New Blank Document
      2. Setting Canvas and Image Size
      3. Displaying and Using Guides, Grids, and Rulers
    2. Making Selections
      1. Using the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools
      2. Using the Lasso Tool Option
      3. Refining Edges of a Selection
      4. Using the Magic Wand Tool Option
    3. Modifying Photo Composition
      1. Using the Cookie Cutter Tool Option
      2. Recomposing a Photo
      3. Using the Content-Aware Move Tool
      4. Straighten a Photo
    4. Fixing Imperfections
      1. Using the Healing Brush Tool
      2. Using the Clone/Pattern Stamp Tool
      3. Using Blur Tools and Tool Options
      4. Using Sponge Tools and Tool Options
    5. Precisely Adjusting Color
      1. Using the Smart Brush to Adjust Color
      2. Precisely Replacing Color
    6. Using Photomerge Compose
    7. Adding a Watermark
  21. 10. Enhancing Photos
    1. Applying Effects, Textures, Filters, and Frames
      1. Adding Effects in the Quick Mode
      2. Adding Effects in the Expert Mode
    2. Adding Textures
    3. Adding One Touch Frames
    4. Applying Filters
      1. Using Adjustments Filters
      2. Using the Filter Gallery
    5. Adding Titles and Text
      1. Adding Text on a Photo
      2. Creating Horizontal or Vertical Text
      3. Creating Text on a Selection
      4. Creating Text on a Shape
      5. Creating Text on a Path
      6. Creating Warp Text
    6. Paint and Draw on Photos
      1. Using the Brush Tool
      2. Drawing with the Pencil Tool
      3. Creating Shapes
      4. Modifying Existing Shapes
  22. 11. Processing Photos in Camera Raw
    1. What Are Camera Raw Images?
    2. Opening Camera Raw Images
    3. Working with Basic Adjustments
    4. Working with Detail Adjustments
    5. Saving and Processing Your Camera Raw Images
  23. 12. Extending Photoshop Elements Functionality
    1. Extend Photoshop Elements Functionality
      1. Installing Compressed Plug-ins
    2. Adding and Using Actions
    3. Adding Additional Brushes
    4. Adding Additional Styles
    5. Adding Custom Shapes
  24. 13. Creating Greeting Cards, Collages, Photo Books, and More
    1. Custom Photo Printing
    2. Creating Photo Projects
    3. Creating a Facebook Cover
    4. Creating a Slideshow
  25. 14. Sharing Your Photos
    1. Sharing Photos and Photo Projects
    2. Sharing to a Private Web Album
    3. Posting Photos to Facebook
    4. Sharing by Email
    5. Sharing by Burning a DVD/Blu-ray Disc
    6. Sharing by PDF Slideshow
    7. Sharing Photos in a Website
    8. Exporting Photos
  26. 15. Printing Your Photos and Photo Projects
    1. Print to Your Printer
      1. Setting Printer More Options
    2. Use Adobe Partner Online Printing
    3. Online Resources for Photos, Greetings Cards, Photo Books, and Other Photo Projects
      1. Change Your Location
  27. Index
  28. 1. Overview of Photoshop Elements 13 Preferences
    1. Overview of Organizer Preferences
    2. General Preferences Overview
      1. Files Preferences Overview
      2. Editing Preferences Overview
      3. Camera or Card Reader Preferences Overview
      4. Scanner Preferences Overview (Windows Only)
      5. Keyword Tags and Albums Preferences Overview
      6. Email Preferences Overview
      7. Adobe Partner Services Preferences Overview
      8. Media-Analysis Preferences Overview
      9. Online Account Preferences Overview
      10. Application Updates Preferences Overview (Windows Only)
    3. Overview of Photo Editor Preferences
      1. General Preferences Overview
      2. Saving Files Preferences Overview
      3. Performance Preferences Overview
      4. Display and Cursor Preferences Overview
      5. Transparency Preferences Overview
      6. Units and Rulers Preferences Overview
      7. Guides and Grid Preferences Overview
      8. Plug-ins Preferences Overview
      9. Adobe Partner Services Preferences Overview
      10. Application Updates (Windows Only)
      11. Type Preferences Overview
  29. 2. Customizing Default Settings for Files
    1. Setting File Preferences for Import Functionality
    2. Mac: Setting Camera or Card Reader Preferences
      1. Mac Preferences
    3. Windows: Setting Camera or Card Reader Preferences for Import
  30. 3. Elements Organizer: Setting Viewer Preferences
    1. Default Viewer Preference Settings
  31. 4. More Ways to Work with Tags
    1. Saving and Importing Tag Sets
    2. Creating Your Own Custom Photo Stack
    3. Creating People Tag Groups
  32. 6. More Ways to Use the Photo Editor
    1. Using the Select Menu Commands with Selections
    2. Customizing Photo Editor Preferences
      1. General Category Preferences
      2. Saving Files Preferences
      3. Display and Cursors Preferences
  33. 7. More on Layers: Clipping Masks and Blending
    1. Using Clipping Layer Masks
    2. Understanding Blending Modes
  34. 10. More Ways to Enhance Photos
    1. Creating Shadowed Text
    2. Type Preferences
    3. Adding Specific Shapes
      1. Creating Rectangles, Rounded Rectangles, and Ovals
      2. Creating Lines and Arrows
      3. Creating Polygons and Stars
      4. Creating Custom Shapes
  35. 13. More Ways to Print
    1. Printing Individual Photos or Picture Packages (Mac)
    2. Printing Individual Photos or Picture Packages (Windows)
    3. Creating and Printing a Contact Sheet (Mac)
    4. Creating and Printing a Contact Sheet (Windows)
  36. 14. Sharing with Adobe ID
    1. Creating an Adobe ID Through Photoshop Elements 13

Product information

  • Title: My Photoshop® Elements 13
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2014
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780133966077