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My Samsung Galaxy S®5

Book Description

Friendly, quick, and 100% practical, My Samsung Galaxy S5 is the must-have companion for every Samsung Galaxy S5 user. 

  • Step-by-step instructions with callouts to Samsung Galaxy S5 photos that show you exactly what to do

  • Help when you run into Samsung Galaxy S5 problems or limitations

  • Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Samsung Galaxy S5

  • Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Samsung Galaxy S5 working just the way you want. Learn how to:

  • Quickly set up your Galaxy S5 and master its improved TouchWiz interface

  • Save time with great features such as Priority Senders, S Finder, and Swype

  • Personalize the Home screen and tweak system settings to make your S5 uniquely yours

  • Manage your contacts and create appointments

  • Reach out to friends with text and multimedia messages

  • Send and receive email from multiple accounts, including Gmail

  • Capture stunning photos with the amazing 16MP, HDR-capable camera

  • Shoot state-of-the-art ultra-high definition/4K videos

  • Make your phone child-friendly and child-safe with Kids Mode

  • Never get lost with built-in GPS and Google Maps

  • Move files over Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth

  • Reliably synchronize important contact, calendar, and other data

  • Find great new apps on Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and beyond

  • Make the most of S Voice and Google/Voice Search, your new “personal assistants”

  • Check your heart rate and track your personal fitness

  • Stretch battery life to the max with Ultra Power Saving mode

  • “Mirror” your phone’s display on your high-def TV

  • Share Internet access by transforming your S5 into a mobile hotspot

  • Protect your personal data with the new Fingerprint Scanner

  • Keep your phone safe and secure--and enable it to be found if you lose it

  • Fix lockups, memory shortages, and other annoyances

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. We Want to Hear from You!
    9. Reader Services
    10. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. The Need for a Book
      3. How to Read This Book
      4. Smartphone “Facts of Life”
    11. 1. Galaxy S5 Essentials
      1. About the Galaxy S5
        1. The Hardware
        2. The Android Operating System and TouchWiz
        3. The Interface
        4. Customization
      2. Charging the Battery
      3. Powering On/Off
      4. Running the Setup Wizard
        1. Run the Setup Wizard
      5. Darkening and Restoring the Display
        1. Restore a Dark Display
        2. Set the Screen Timeout Interval
      6. Adjusting the Volume
      7. Using a Headset or Headphones
        1. Wired Headset or Headphones
        2. Bluetooth Headset
      8. Setting Up Voicemail
      9. Gmail and Your Phone
        1. Create a Gmail Account
        2. Register Your Gmail Account
      10. Creating a Samsung Account
      11. Creating a Dropbox Account
      12. Working with Data
        1. Manually Set a Connection Method
        2. Connect to a New Wireless Network
      13. Changing the Default Language
      14. Wireless Printing
        1. Install the Print Services Software (First Time Only)
    12. 2. Understanding the Android/TouchWiz Interface
      1. The Home Screen
        1. The Status or Notification Bar
        2. Main Area
        3. Extended Home Screen
        4. Set the Home Screen Mode
        5. Primary and Other App Shortcuts
      2. Using the Hardware Keys
        1. Recent Apps Key
        2. Home Key
        3. Back Key
      3. The Notification Panel
      4. Interacting with the Touchscreen
        1. Using Your Fingers
        2. Rotating the Screen
      5. Entering Text
        1. Use the Keyboard: Tapping
        2. Use the Keyboard: Swype
        3. Use Voice Input
      6. Editing Text
      7. Searching for Items on the Phone and Web
        1. Use S Finder
        2. Search in Settings
        3. Use Google Search
    13. 3. Making the Phone Your Own
      1. Customizing the Home Screen
        1. Select Wallpaper
        2. Rearrange, Remove, and Add Home Screen Pages
        3. Add Shortcuts
        4. Add Widgets
        5. Create Folders
        6. Reposition and Remove Home Screen Items
      2. Setting the Apps View
        1. Creating and Working with App Folders
      3. Changing System Settings
        1. Customize the Quick Setting Buttons
        2. Customize the Quick Settings
        3. Motions and Gestures Settings
        4. Air View
        5. One-Handed Operation
        6. Ringtones
        7. Blocking Mode
        8. Safety Assistance Settings
    14. 4. Placing and Receiving Calls
      1. Placing Calls
        1. Manual Dialing
        2. Dial from a Contact Record
        3. Dialing from the Call Logs
        4. Dialing a Number in a Text or Email Message
        5. Emergency Calling
      2. Other Outgoing Call Options
        1. Speed Dialing
        2. Temporarily Blocking Your Caller ID Information
        3. Three-Way Calling
        4. Inserting Pause and Wait Commands
      3. Receiving Calls
        1. Respond to an Incoming Call
        2. Call Waiting
        3. Call Forwarding
      4. In-Call Options
      5. Checking Voicemail
      6. Enabling Mute, Vibrate, or Airplane Mode
        1. Mute and Vibrate
        2. Airplane Mode
      7. Configuring Call Settings
    15. 5. Managing Contacts
      1. The Contacts Interface
      2. Creating a Contact Record
      3. Adding a Photo to a Contact Record
      4. Viewing Contacts
      5. Editing Contact Records
        1. Edit Contacts
        2. Set Defaults for a Contact
        3. Link and Unlink Contacts
        4. Mark Contacts as Favorites
        5. Delete Contacts
      6. Working with Contact Groups
        1. Create a Group
        2. Change a Person’s Memberships
        3. Email or Text a Group
        4. Reorder the Groups
        5. Delete a Group
      7. Backing Up/Restoring and Exporting/Importing Contact Records
        1. Backing Up Contact Data
        2. Restoring Contacts from Backups
        3. Importing Contact Data from Other Sources into Google Contacts
      8. Setting Display Options
    16. 6. Using the Calendar
      1. Adding Calendar Accounts
      2. Working in Calendar
        1. Creating Events and Tasks
        2. View the Calendar
        3. Manage Events and Tasks
      3. Responding to Reminders
      4. Setting Calendar Preferences
    17. 7. Browsing the Web
      1. Launching Internet
      2. Visiting Web Pages
        1. Type the Address
        2. Following a Link
        3. Visit a Bookmarked, Recent, or Saved Page
        4. Search for a Site or Page
      3. Viewing Pages
        1. Portrait or Landscape View
        2. Magnification (Zoom)
        3. Reader View
        4. Refreshing the Page
        5. Working with Windows
        6. Page Navigation
        7. Incognito Browsing
      4. Working with Bookmarks
        1. Create a Bookmark from the Current Page
        2. Create a Bookmark from the History List
        3. Edit Bookmarks
        4. Using Bookmark Folders
        5. Delete Bookmarks
      5. More Menu Commands
      6. Configuring the Browser
      7. Google Chrome Essentials
    18. 8. Sending and Receiving Email
      1. Adding Email Accounts
        1. Automatically Add an Account
        2. Manually Add an Account
      2. Configuring Email Accounts
        1. Edit General Settings
        2. Edit Individual Account Settings
        3. Configure an Account’s Sync Settings
        4. Delete an Account
      3. Retrieving Mail
      4. Reading Mail
        1. View and Save Attachments
        2. Designate and Work with Priority Senders
      5. Composing and Sending Mail
        1. Create a New Email Message
        2. Reply to Mail
        3. Forward Mail
        4. Add Attachments and Inserts
      6. Managing the Mail
        1. Deleting Messages
        2. Moving Messages
        3. Changing the Message Read Status
        4. Marking Important Messages
        5. Managing the Spam Senders List
      7. Using the Gmail App
    19. 9. Messaging
      1. About Text and Multimedia Messaging
      2. Composing a Text Message (SMS)
      3. Composing a Multimedia Message (MMS)
      4. Managing Conversations
        1. Responding to a New Message Notification
        2. Continue a Conversation
        3. Reviewing a Conversation
        4. Delete Conversations
        5. Delete Messages
        6. Other Options for Individual Messages
        7. Search for Messages
      5. Designating Priority Senders
        1. Add Priority Senders
        2. Manage Priority Senders
      6. Configuring Messages Settings
    20. 10. Installing and Using Applications
      1. Using Apps
        1. Launching an App
        2. Using the Hardware Keys
        3. Using Multi Window™ to Run Two Apps
        4. Exit/Quit an App
      2. Downloading and Installing Apps from Google Play
        1. Customize Google Play
      3. Enabling App Downloads from Other Sources
      4. Using the Amazon Appstore for Android
        1. Install the Amazon Appstore App
        2. Download Apps from the Amazon Appstore
        3. Customize the Amazon Appstore
      5. Managing Apps
        1. Create Home Screen Shortcuts
        2. Uninstall, Disable, and Hide Apps
        3. Update Apps
        4. Move Apps to Your Memory Card
        5. Designating Default Apps
        6. Enable the Toolbox App Launcher
      6. Special and Noteworthy Apps
    21. 11. Using the GPS
      1. Enabling/Disabling GPS
      2. Getting Directions from Google Maps
        1. Voice Search: Direct to Navigation
        2. Launch Google Maps
        3. Set a Trip within Google Maps
      3. Configuring Location (GPS) Settings
    22. 12. Playing and Managing Music
      1. Playing Stored Songs with the Music App
        1. Select and Play Songs
        2. Use the Equalizer
      2. Working with Playlists
        1. Create a Playlist
        2. Add Songs to a Playlist
        3. Play Songs from a Playlist
        4. Manage Playlists
      3. Deleting Unwanted Songs
        1. Delete a Track While Playing a Song
        2. Delete Tracks While Browsing
        3. Delete an Album or Artist
    23. 13. Shooting, Editing, and Sharing Photos
      1. Shooting Photos
        1. Shoot Self-Portraits with the Front Camera
        2. Shoot Photos with the Rear Camera
      2. Changing the Camera Settings
        1. Configure and Use the Shortcuts
        2. Using the Settings Palette
        3. Selecting a Shooting Mode
      3. Reviewing Photos
      4. Using Gallery to View and Edit Photos
      5. Image-Editing with Photo Studio
      6. Running a Slideshow
    24. 14. Watching and Creating Videos
      1. Streaming Video to the Phone
        1. Streaming with a Dedicated App
        2. Streaming from Web Pages
      2. Playing Videos with the Video App
        1. Using the Video Menus
      3. Converting DVD Videos for Playback on the Phone
      4. Recording Videos with the Phone
      5. Participating in Video Chats
    25. 15. Using Voice Services
      1. Using S Voice
        1. Commanding the Phone
        2. Commanding Apps: Calendar
        3. Configure S Voice
      2. Using Google/Voice Search
      3. Configuring Google/Voice Search
    26. 16. Transferring and Sharing Files
      1. Transferring Files over USB with Samsung Kies 3
        1. Setup and Basic Operation
        2. Copy Files
      2. Manually Transferring Files over USB
        1. Transfer to and from a Mac
        2. Transfer to and from a PC
      3. Transferring Files Using Bluetooth
        1. Send Files from Computer to Phone
        2. Send Files from Phone to Computer
      4. Emailing Files
        1. Email Photos from Gallery
        2. Email Songs from My Files
      5. Transferring Files Between Phones
        1. Use Wi-Fi Direct
        2. Use S Beam
    27. 17. Synchronizing Data
      1. Developing a Sync Strategy
        1. Microsoft Exchange Server
        2. Google/Gmail
        3. Alternative Software
        4. The Sneakernet (Manual) Approach
      2. Setting Sync Options and Schedules
      3. Performing Manual Syncs
    28. 18. Securing the Phone
      1. Securing the Lock Screen
        1. Change the Screen Locking Method
        2. Setting Lock Screen Options
      2. Unlocking the Lock Screen
      3. Enabling Private Mode
    29. 19. Powering Other Devices
      1. Creating a Mobile Hotspot for Wi-Fi Devices
      2. Tethering the Phone and a Computer
        1. USB Tethering for Windows PCs
        2. Bluetooth Tethering
      3. Mirroring the Phone on an HDTV
    30. 20. Optimizing and Troubleshooting
      1. Managing Memory
      2. Conserving the Battery
        1. Configure and Enable Power Saving Mode
        2. Configure and Enable Ultra Power Saving Mode
        3. Tips for Manually Conserving the Remaining Charge
        4. View Battery Usage by Features and Apps
      3. Managing Talk Time and Data Usage
        1. Checking Current Usage
        2. Manage Data Usage
        3. What’s Cheaper?
        4. Can This Call Be Made Later?
        5. Prorated Features
        6. Faster Downloads with Download Booster
      4. Viewing and Expanding Storage
        1. View Used and Available Space
        2. Adding a Memory Card
    31. Index