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My Samsung Galaxy Tab® S

Book Description

Friendly, quick, and 100% practical, My Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the must-have companion for every Samsung Galaxy Tab S user.
    •    Step-by-step instructions with callouts to photos that show you exactly what to do with the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Galaxy Tab S 8.4
    •    Help when you run into Samsung Galaxy Tab S problems or limitations
    •    Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your Samsung Galaxy Tab S working just the way you want. Learn how to
    •    Navigate Samsung Galaxy Tab S’s Android operating system
    •    Retrieve, play, and manage music, video, podcasts, and audiobooks
    •    Use Google Play as a portal to movies and TV content
    •    Capture higher quality photos and video
    •    Surf the Web quickly with the built-in browser
    •    Simplify your life with the Calendar and Contacts
    •    Send email, text, and multimedia messages
    •    Connect your Galaxy Tab S to other devices and the cloud
    •    Use your Galaxy Tab S as an eReader to read books and magazines online
    •    Find and share any destination with Maps
    •    Discover, install, maintain, and work with new Android apps and widgets
    •    Customize your tablet to reflect your personal style and preferences
    •    Keep your Galaxy Tab S software up to date, reliable, and running smoothly

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. 1. The Galaxy Tab Universe
    1. First, a Look at Android
    2. The Newest Members: The Galaxy Tab S Family
      1. The Galaxy Tab S 8.4
      2. The Galaxy Tab S 10.5
    3. Comparing the Tab S to Other Tabs
      1. Galaxy Tab 7.0
      2. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
      3. Galaxy Tab 7.7
      4. Galaxy Tab 8.9
      5. Galaxy Tab 10.1
      6. Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1
      7. Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1
      8. Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, and 10.1
      9. Galaxy Note and Note Pro
      10. Galaxy Tab Pro
  12. 2. Meeting the Samsung Galaxy Tab S
    1. Investigating the Galaxy Tab S Unit
      1. Physical Features of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4
      2. Physical Features of the Galaxy Tab S 10.5
    2. The Galaxy Tab S Buttons and Switches
      1. The Three Galaxy Tab S Buttons
      2. The Power Button
      3. Volume Control Buttons
    3. Galaxy Tab S Screens
      1. The Lock Screen (Galaxy Tab S 8.4)
      2. The Lock Screen (Galaxy Tab S 10.5)
      3. The Apps Screen
    4. Manipulating the Screen
      1. Tapping an Element
      2. Pinching
      3. Dragging and Flicking
      4. Screen Rotation and Orientation
    5. Interacting with Android
      1. Sliders
      2. Button Bar
      3. Tab Area
    6. Using the Keyboard
      1. Using Special Keyboards and Characters
      2. Copy and Paste Data
  13. 3. Setting Up the Galaxy Tab S
    1. Getting Details About the Galaxy Tab S
    2. Setting Up Your Network
      1. Set Up Wi-Fi
      2. Set Up Bluetooth
      3. Set Up a VPN
    3. Syncing the Galaxy Tab S
      1. Sync Media Files
  14. 4. Customizing Android to Your Liking
    1. Password-Protecting the Galaxy Tab S
    2. Changing Your Password
    3. Use Your Fingerprint to Access the Galaxy Tab S
      1. Set Up Finger Scanner
      2. Test the Finger Scanner
      3. Change the Screen Lock Type
    4. Setting Parental Restrictions
    5. Changing the Date and Time
    6. Modifying Your Wallpaper
    7. Setting Alert Sounds
    8. Changing Keyboard and Voice Settings
    9. Modifying More Settings
  15. 5. Adding Widgets to Your Home Screens
    1. Accessing the Widgets Screen
    2. Taking a Tour of Available Widgets
      1. Examine the Page 1 Widgets
      2. Examine the Page 2 Widgets
      3. Examine the Page 3 Widgets
      4. Examine the Page 4 Widgets
    3. Adding a Widget to a Home Screen
      1. Place a Widget on a Home Screen
      2. Move a Widget on a Home Screen
      3. Resize a Widget
    4. Creating a New Home Screen
    5. Removing a Widget
  16. 6. Finding Widgets and Using Quick Briefing
    1. Viewing Default Widgets
      1. Find Widgets on the Widgets Pages
    2. Using the Widgets
      1. Learn What It’s Like Outside with the Weather Widget
      2. Get Social Network Updates with Flipboard
      3. Add Videos to the Video Widget
      4. Access Chrome Bookmarks Quickly Using Bookmarks
    3. Using the Quick Briefing Home Screen
      1. View the Primary Quick Briefing Home Screen
      2. View the Secondary Quick Briefing Home Screen
      3. Change Quick Briefing Settings and Bookmarks
  17. 7. Browsing the Web
    1. Browsing to a URL
    2. Searching the Web
    3. Viewing Web Pages
    4. Bookmarking Websites
    5. Returning to Previously Visited Pages
    6. Deleting Bookmarks
      1. Delete from the Bookmarks List
      2. Delete from the History List
    7. Filling in Web Forms
    8. Copying Text and Images from Web Pages
      1. Copy a Block of Text
      2. Copy an Image
  18. 8. Sending Email and Instant Messages
    1. Configuring Email
    2. Reading Email
    3. Composing a New Message
    4. Creating Your Own Signature
    5. Deleting Messages
    6. Searching Through Email
    7. Configuring Email Settings
    8. Sending and Receiving Instant Messages
    9. Configuring Google Hangouts Settings
    10. Reading Email Messages in the Quick Briefing Home Screen
  19. 9. Connecting to the Cloud
    1. Connecting Using Wi-Fi Direct
      1. Set Up Wi-Fi Direct
    2. Printing Wirelessly
      1. Connect a Wi-Fi Printer
      2. Connect a Bluetooth Printer
    3. Sharing Files
      1. Use the Dropbox App
      2. Find Other Cloud Services
    4. Sharing Music and Video
      1. Copy Files with Windows Media Player
      2. Connect as a Mass Storage Device
      3. Samsung Kies for PCs and Macs
  20. 10. Using Maps
    1. Enabling GPS
    2. Getting Around with Maps
      1. Find a Location with Maps
      2. Get Directions with Maps
      3. Specify Locations with Maps
    3. Getting Voice-Command Directions
    4. Finding Local Information
    5. Sharing Locations with Friends
  21. 11. Capturing and Managing Photos
    1. Using the Camera
    2. Navigating Image Viewer
    3. Tips for Capturing Photos
    4. Working with Gallery
      1. Manage Photos with Gallery
      2. Email Photos from Gallery
    5. Creating Screen Captures
  22. 12. Playing Music and Video
    1. Downloading Movies and TV Shows
      1. Download a TV Show
      2. Play the TV Show
      3. Shop for a Movie
    2. Playing Videos
      1. Play Movies and TV Shows in the Play Movies & TV App
      2. Play Videos in the Video App
    3. Viewing YouTube Videos
    4. Recording Video
    5. Purchasing Music
    6. Playing Songs
      1. Play Music in the Music App
      2. Play Music in the Google Play Music App
    7. Creating Your Own Playlists
    8. Adding a Podcast App
  23. 13. Reading and Managing Books and Magazines
    1. Using Google Play Books
      1. Browse the Catalog
      2. Purchase a Book
      3. Download and Read a Book
      4. Use Reading Aids
      5. Add Bookmarks, Highlights, and Notes
      6. Organize Your Books
    2. Using Google Play Newsstand
      1. Shop for Magazines
      2. Purchase a Magazine
      3. Subscribe to a Magazine
      4. Read an Issue
      5. Browse and Read Individual Pages
      6. Organize Your Magazines
    3. Shopping for Book and Magazine Readers
  24. 14. Using Productivity Apps to Simplify Your Life
    1. Staying Up to Date
      1. Choose a Weather Forecast
      2. Track Stocks
      3. Select Your News Settings
    2. Managing Contacts
      1. Set Up Contacts Accounts
      2. Add Contacts
      3. Search for Contacts
      4. Link Contacts
      5. Use Contacts
    3. Managing Your Busy Schedule
      1. Create Calendar Events
      2. Use Calendar Views
      3. Add a Task to Your Calendar
  25. 15. Using Apps for Learning, Creating, and Sharing
    1. Staying Up to Date with Google Now
      1. Start Google Now for the First Time
      2. Use Google Now
    2. Connecting to Google+
      1. Set Up Google+
      2. Use Google+
      3. Write a Post
    3. Creating Documents and Presentations with Hancom Office
      1. Start Hancom Office Viewer for the First Time
      2. Open and Close a Document
      3. Install Hancom Office
      4. Open a Document in Hword 2014
      5. Access Files from a Cloud Service
      6. Create a New Document
  26. 16. Finding and Managing Apps
    1. Accessing Google Apps from the Home Screen
    2. Opening Multiple Apps in Multiwindow View
      1. Manage Multiple Windows on the Screen
      2. Edit Apps in the App Tray
    3. Finding Apps from Samsung
      1. Set Up the Kids Mode App
      2. Shop in the GALAXY Apps Store
    4. Getting Apps in the Google Play Store
      1. Search for Android Applications
      2. Find Great Apps
      3. Purchase Android Applications
      4. Rate Applications
      5. Get Help with Apps
    5. Managing Apps Through Your Home Screens
    6. Adding Useful Apps
      1. Use the Merriam-Webster Dictionary App
      2. Use the LinkedIn Pulse RSS Reader
      3. Use Note Everything
  27. 17. Adding New Hardware
    1. Bluetooth Keyboards
    2. Pairing Bluetooth Devices
      1. Pair a Bluetooth Device
    3. Using MicroSD Cards
      1. Format MicroSD Cards
  28. 18. Troubleshooting Your Galaxy Tab S
    1. Maintaining Your Galaxy Tab S
    2. Updating Galaxy Tab S Software
    3. Backing Up and Restoring Your Galaxy Tab S
      1. Ensure Automatic Google Account Backup
    4. Syncing and Using Manual Backup
    5. Extending Battery Life
      1. Monitor Power Usage
      2. Adjust Screen Brightness
      3. Utilize Sleep Mode
      4. Conserve Power by Turning Off Wi-Fi
      5. Conserve Power by Turning Off Bluetooth
      6. Conserve Even More Power Using Power Saving Modes
    6. Solving Random Galaxy Tab Issues
      1. Difficulty Turning Your Tab On or Off
      2. Touchscreen Becomes Unresponsive
      3. Force Stop an App
      4. Battery Does Not Charge
      5. Landscape Orientation Does Not Work
    7. Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Accessibility Problems
      1. Make Sure Wi-Fi Is Activated
      2. Check Your Range
      3. Reset the Galaxy Tab S Software
    8. Getting Technical Help
      1. Contact Your Cellular Provider or Samsung
      2. Locate the Tab Model Number
  29. A. Finding Galaxy Tab S Accessories
    1. Protective Cases
    2. Screen Protectors
    3. Chargers and Adapters
  30. B. Glossary of Terms