My Samsung Galaxy S7 for Seniors

Book description

The perfect book to help anyone 50+ learn the Samsung Galaxy S7 — in full color!

My Samsung Galaxy S7 for Seniors helps you quickly and easily get started with the new smartphone and use its features to look up information and perform day-to-day activities from anywhere, any time.

Veteran author Michael Miller has written more than 100 nonfiction books and is known for his ability to explain complex topics to everyday readers. Michael wrote this book from the 50+ point of view, using relevant examples and covering all the most popular tasks.

  • Set up contacts, accounts, and voicemail

  • Make and receive voice and video calls

  • Turn your phone into an alarm clock

  • Explore the Web with Google Chrome

  • Customize your phone’s settings

  • Master the arts of texting and emailing

  • Take and share great photos and videos

  • Get driving directions

  • Watch TV and movies in the palm of your hand

  • Use your phone to monitor your health

  • Learn all the exclusive features of the Galaxy S7 Edge

  • Keep your phone safe and secure

  • Table of contents

    1. About This E-Book
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. About AARP and AARP TEK
    8. Dedication
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. We Want to Hear from You!
    11. Reader Services
    12. 1. Getting Started with Your Samsung Galaxy S7
      1. Unboxing and Charging Your New Phone
        1. Take Your New Phone Out of the Box
        2. Connect and Recharge Your Phone
      2. Getting to Know the Galaxy S7
      3. Turning Your Phone On and Off
        1. Power On Your Phone
        2. Lock Your Phone
        3. Unlock Your Phone
        4. Turn Off Your Phone
        5. Restart Your Phone
      4. Using the Galaxy S7
        1. Learn Essential Touch Gestures
        2. Navigate the Lock Screen
        3. Navigate the Home Screen
        4. Understand the Status Bar
        5. Navigate the Apps Screen
        6. View the Notification Panel
        7. Move from Screen to Screen
        8. View and Close Open Apps
      5. Performing Basic Operations
        1. Change the Volume Level
        2. Put the Phone on Vibrate or Mute
        3. Adjust the Brightness Level
        4. Rotate the Phone
        5. Enter Text with the Onscreen Keyboard
        6. Copy and Paste Text
        7. Set an Alarm
        8. Set a Timer
        9. Use Your Phone as a Flashlight
      6. Managing Your Phone’s Power
        1. Monitor Battery Usage
        2. Deal with a Low Battery
        3. Turn On Power Saving Modes
    13. 2. Using the Galaxy S7 edge
      1. Getting to Know the Galaxy S7 edge
      2. Using Edge Panels
        1. Display the Edge Panels
        2. Edit the Edge Panels
        3. Configure the Edge Panel Handle
      3. Using the Apps Edge
        1. Configure Apps on the Apps Edge
        2. Launch an App from the Apps Edge
      4. Using the Tasks Edge
        1. Configure Tasks on the Tasks Edge
        2. Launch a Task from the Tasks Edge
      5. Using the People Edge
        1. Add a Contact to My People
        2. Change a Contact’s Color
        3. Contact a Favorite Contact
      6. Using the News and Weather Edges
        1. Use the News Edge Panel
        2. Use the Weather Edge Panel
      7. Using Edge Lighting
        1. View Missed Messages
      8. Using Edge Feeds
        1. Activate and Configure the Information Stream
        2. View the Edge Feeds
      9. Using the Night Clock
        1. Activate the Night Clock
        2. View the Night Clock
    14. 3. Personalizing the Way Your S7 Looks and Works
      1. Personalizing the Screen Background
        1. Change the Lock Screen Wallpaper
        2. Change the Home Screen Wallpaper
        3. Change Your Phone’s Theme
      2. Personalizing Screen Settings
        1. Screen Mode Options
        2. Set the Screen Mode
        3. Set Screen Timeout
        4. Configure Smart Stay
        5. Prevent the Screen from Turning On Accidentally
        6. Display a Screen Saver While Charging
        7. Configure the Always On Display
      3. Personalizing Sounds and Notifications
        1. Configure Sounds and Ringtones
        2. Configure Vibrations
        3. Configure Notifications
        4. Configure the LED Light
        5. Turn on Do Not Disturb
    15. 4. Making the Galaxy S7 More Accessible
      1. Working with Easy Mode
        1. Switch to Easy Mode
        2. Use Easy Mode
      2. Changing Screen Fonts and Sizes
        1. Select Screen Fonts and Sizes
      3. Using Voice Feedback
        1. Enable the Voice Assistant
        2. Use the Voice Assistant
      4. Configuring Visibility Options
        1. Enable Visibility Options
      5. Configuring Hearing Options
        1. Enable Hearing Options
      6. Configuring Dexterity and Interaction Options
        1. Enable Dexterity and Interaction Options
      7. Working with the Assistant Menu
        1. Enable the Assistant Menu
        2. Use the Assistant Menu
    16. 5. Connecting to the Internet and Cellular Networks
      1. How Your Galaxy S7 Connects
        1. Cellular Networks
        2. Wi-Fi Networks
      2. Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi
        1. Disable and Re-Enable Wi-Fi
        2. Connect to a New Wi-Fi Network
        3. Connect to a Wi-Fi Network You’ve Used Before
      3. Connecting to the Internet via Cellular
        1. Manually Connect to a Data Network
        2. Enable Smart Network Switching
      4. Monitoring and Managing Your Data Usage
        1. Monitor How Much Data You’ve Used
        2. Set Data Usage Alert Level
        3. Limit Data Usage
      5. Turning Your Phone into a Mobile Hotspot
        1. Enable a Mobile Hotspot
        2. Connect Another Device to Your Phone via Wi-Fi
        3. Tether Another Device to Your Phone
    17. 6. Installing and Using Apps
      1. Using Apps
        1. View All Your Apps on the Apps Screen
        2. Open an App
        3. Close an App
        4. Switch Between Open Apps
        5. Use Multi Window
      2. Managing Installed Apps
        1. Add App Shortcuts to the Home Screen
        2. Rearrange Apps on the Home Screens
        3. Remove an App Shortcut from the Home Screen
        4. Uninstall an App
        5. Manage the Screens on the Home Screen
        6. Change the Icon Grid
        7. Add a Widget to the Home Screen
        8. Remove a Widget from the Home Screen
        9. Organize Apps into Folders
        10. Open and Close a Folder
        11. Set Default Applications for Common Operations
        12. Set Other Default Applications
        13. Use the Application Manager
      3. Downloading New Apps from the Google Play Store
        1. Browse and Search the Google Play Store
        2. Purchase and Download Apps
    18. 7. Making Phone Calls
      1. Calling on Your Galaxy S7
        1. Dial a Number
        2. Quick-Dial from Your Contacts List
        3. Dial a Favorite Contact
        4. Dial a Recent Number
        5. Answer a Call
        6. Options During a Call
      2. Using Speed Dial
        1. Create a Speed Dial Entry
        2. Remove a Person from Speed Dial
        3. Make a Call with Speed Dial
      3. Handling Multiple Calls and Activities
        1. Make a New Call While on Another
        2. Receive a New Call While on Another
      4. Managing Your Call Log
        1. View Recent Calls
        2. Save a Recent Caller to Your Contact List
        3. Delete a Call from Your Call Log
        4. Reject Future Calls from a Given Number
        5. Block Unknown Numbers
      5. Using Voice Mail
        1. Set Up Your Voice Mail
        2. Check Voice Mail Messages
      6. Configuring Call Settings
        1. Set Your Default Ringtone
        2. Configure Other Call Settings
      7. Connecting via Headset or Car Speaker
        1. Connect a Wired Headset
        2. Connect a Bluetooth Headset
        3. Connect to Your Car via Bluetooth
        4. Call from Your Car
    19. 8. Managing Your Contacts List
      1. Adding and Editing Contacts
        1. Add a New Contact
        2. Edit Contact Information
        3. Star Favorite Contacts
        4. Assign a Unique Ringtone to a Contact
        5. Add a Photo to a Contact
        6. Delete a Contact
      2. Using the Contacts App
        1. Sort Contacts
        2. Change the Display Format
        3. Search for Contacts
        4. Contact a Contact
      3. Linking to Other Contacts
        1. Add a New Account
        2. Merge Contacts from Different Accounts
        3. Delete Accounts
      4. Working with Groups
        1. Create a Group
        2. Add Contacts to a Group
    20. 9. Texting Friends and Family
      1. Sending and Receiving Text Messages
        1. Send a Text Message
        2. Read and Reply to a Message
        3. Use Emoji
        4. Delete Conversations
      2. Sending and Receiving Multimedia Messages
        1. Attach a Photo or Video File
        2. Shoot and Send a Photo or Video
        3. View Photos and Videos You Receive
      3. Working with Priority Senders
        1. Set Priority Senders
        2. Text to Priority Senders
      4. Configuring the Messages App
        1. Personalize the Display
        2. Change Font Size
    21. 10. Sending and Receiving Email
      1. Setting Up the Email App
        1. Add a New Account
        2. Switch Between Accounts
      2. Receiving and Sending Messages
        1. Read and Reply to Messages
        2. Create a New Message
        3. Send Photos and Other Attachments
        4. View and Save Attachments
    22. 11. Browsing and Searching the Web
      1. Browsing the Web with Google Chrome
        1. Make Chrome Your Default Browser
        2. Launch Google Chrome
        3. Enter a Web Address
        4. Use Web Links
        5. Revisit Past Pages
      2. Working with Your Home Page
        1. Set Your Home Page
        2. Go to Your Home Page
      3. Using Tabs
        1. Display Tabs as Tabs
        2. Open a New Tab
        3. Open a New Incognito Tab
        4. Switch Between Tabs
        5. Close a Tab
      4. Bookmarking Favorite Pages
        1. Create a Bookmark
        2. Revisit a Bookmark
      5. Making the Web More Readable
        1. Zoom Into a Page
        2. Rotate the Screen
      6. Searching the Web with Google
        1. Enter a Query
        2. Fine-Tune Your Search Results
    23. 12. Controlling Your Phone with Voice Commands
      1. Controlling Your Phone with Samsung’s S Voice
        1. Set Up S Voice for the First Time
        2. Configure S Voice Options
        3. Learn S Voice Commands
        4. Give S Voice a Command
      2. Doing More with OK Google
        1. Learn OK Google Commands
        2. Give an OK Google Command
    24. 13. Video Chatting on Your Phone
      1. Using Google Hangouts
        1. Make a Video Call
        2. Add People to a Group Call
        3. Participate in a Text Chat
      2. Using Skype
        1. Make a Video Call
        2. Participate in a Text Chat
    25. 14. Monitoring Your Health
      1. Setting Up the S Health App
        1. Get Started with S Health
        2. Configure Your Profile
        3. Select Activities to Manage
      2. Tracking Your Vital Statistics
        1. Monitor Your Pulse
        2. Track Your Blood Pressure
        3. Track Your Food Intake and Calories Consumed
        4. Track the Steps You Take
    26. 15. Managing Your Calendar
      1. Viewing Your Calendar
        1. Change the Calendar View
        2. View Calendar Items
      2. Creating Appointments and Events
        1. Create a New Event
        2. Create a Repeating Event
        3. Invite Others to an Event
      3. Creating a To-Do List
        1. Create a New Task
        2. Manage Your Tasks
    27. 16. Viewing Maps and Driving Directions
      1. Viewing Maps
        1. Display Your Current Location
        2. Display Traffic Conditions
        3. Change the Map Display
      2. Finding Nearby Places
        1. Enter a New Location
        2. Find Nearby Businesses and Attractions
      3. Generating Directions
        1. Generate Driving Directions
        2. Generate Other Types of Directions
    28. 17. Shooting and Sharing Photos and Videos
      1. Shooting Photos with Your Smartphone’s Cameras
        1. Shoot a Photograph
        2. Shoot a Selfie
        3. Select a Shooting Mode
        4. Select Quick Settings
        5. Configure Other Camera Settings
      2. Viewing and Organizing Your Photos
        1. View Pictures in the Gallery
        2. Manage Your Photos
        3. Create a New Album
        4. Delete Photos
      3. Editing Your Photos
        1. Employ Auto Adjust
        2. Rotate an Image
        3. Crop a Photo
        4. Perform Detailed Adjustments
        5. Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Color
        6. Apply Special Effects
      4. Recording and Playing Videos
        1. Record a Video
        2. Play a Video
      5. Sharing Your Photos and Videos
        1. Shoot and Share a Photo or Video
        2. Share Items from the Gallery
    29. 18. Listening to Music
      1. Listening to Streaming Music Services
        1. Listen to Pandora Radio
        2. Listen to Spotify Music
      2. Listening to Music Stored on Your Phone
        1. Play Music
        2. Create and Play Playlists
    30. 19. Watching TV Shows, Movies, and Other Videos
      1. Watching TV Shows and Movies on Netflix
        1. Watch a Movie or TV Show on Netflix
      2. Watching TV Shows and Movies on Hulu
      3. Watching Videos on YouTube
        1. Watch YouTube
    31. 20. Copying Files To and From Your Phone—And Backing Up Your Important Data
      1. Working with Removable MicroSD Storage
        1. Insert a MicroSD Card
        2. Format a MicroSD Card
        3. Remove a MicroSD Card
      2. Viewing Device Storage
        1. View Storage Statistics
      3. Using the My Files App
        1. View and Manage Your Files
        2. Change the File Display
        3. Change the Sort Order
        4. View Downloaded Files
        5. View and Open Files
        6. Delete Files
      4. Storing Files on Google Drive
        1. Use Google Drive from the My Files App
        2. Use the Google Drive App
        3. Download a File from Google Drive
        4. Upload a File to Google Drive
      5. Transferring Files Between Devices
        1. Connect Your Phone to Your Computer
        2. Copy Files from One Device to Another
      6. Backing Up Your Data
        1. Configure Data Backup
    32. 21. Making Your Phone More Secure
      1. Creating a Safer Lock Screen
        1. Add a PIN
        2. Unlock with a Password
        3. Unlock with a Gesture
        4. Use Fingerprint Recognition
      2. Locating a Lost or Stolen Phone
        1. Enable Find My Mobile
        2. Access Your Phone Remotely
      3. Paying Safely with Samsung Pay
        1. Set Up Samsung Pay on Your Phone
        2. Set Up Simple Pay
        3. Pay with Samsung Pay
    33. 22. Fixing Common Problems
      1. Keeping Your Phone Up and Running
        1. Maximize Battery Life
        2. Use a Performance-Enhancing App
        3. Free Up Space by Deleting Unused Apps
      2. Troubleshooting Minor Issues
        1. You’re Locked Out
        2. An Individual App Freezes
        3. Your Phone Freezes
        4. Your Phone Won’t Turn On
        5. Your Phone Is Running Slow
        6. Your Mobile Signal Is Weak
        7. You Have Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi
      3. Rebooting and Resetting Your Phone
        1. Reboot Your Phone
        2. Reboot a Frozen Phone
        3. Reset Your Phone’s Settings
        4. Reset Your Phone to Factory Condition
    34. Glossary
    35. Index

    Product information

    • Title: My Samsung Galaxy S7 for Seniors
    • Author(s): Michael Miller
    • Release date: July 2016
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780134581903