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My Way: How to build a successful life and manage direct marketing

Book Description

Igor Turuk offers a lightweight look at the world of direct sales. During many years in this area he received countless amounts of information which wants to share with readers in the book My Way. His story starts with the joyous memories of childhood that gradually moved on to more serious topics. In addition to the experience of the world ingenuity sales system, he gives an advice how to achieve coveted success and enjoy a full life. In each chapter you will find: - how to successfully operate in a system of direct sales, - how to handle contrariety of destiny, - how to get a positive attitude to money, - how to enjoy your life. My Way will show you the right way. If you start to walk on it, you have a chance to know the secret of a successful life.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. Let’s begin unconventionally
    1. Sell yourself!
  5. 1. My Way: How to build a successful life and handle direct sales
    1. Where are we heading? Why are we at a place we never desired? What future awaits us?
    2. Americans and other heralds of happiness
  6. 2. When Childhood Tastes So Good
    1. Discovery
    2. Jagoda, so sweet and inspiring
  7. 3. Direct Sales: Bothering people in their homes or a sophisticated sales system without competition?
    1. A European affair?
    2. Direct sales today
  8. 4. A Return To My Beginnings: It Doesn’t Work Without Effort
    1. Rejections and failures
    2. Discover your teacher
  9. 5. A Live War Broadcast Or Direct Sales In War? A brief chapter about maintaining your cool during the most difficult life situation and not thinking it’s the end of you
  10. 6. Earlier Or Later, Each Failure Brings Success: On my successful business failures
    1. A peculiar math
  11. 7. You Must Handle Success At All Costs: On Success And Its Daily Dose In Our Lives
  12. 8. How To Become A Successful Sales Representative: Or, A Brief Guide Offering You A Convenient Starting Point
    1. First of all, ethics
  13. 9. Are You Ready? Some Basic Rules For Successful Business
    1. How to handle presentations
    2. How to make telephone calls. Get down to business or be wrapped in a shroud of mystery?
    3. How to start and conduct a business conversation
    4. How to formulate questions the right way
    5. What are the setbacks in a business conversation?
    6. How to react if the customer plays the goat and you see that they consider withdrawing from a contract?
    7. How to explain to people that the quality of the presented product (service) is real and authentic?
    8. How to behave if a customer is leaning towards buying a product, but doesn’t have enough cash?
    9. Do your appearance and clothes make an impact on the customer?
    10. How to cultivate people and business skills
    11. How to use your skills
    12. What is the best way to sell yourself? Or, something for those who realise they have been in direct sales for a long time
    13. In the end, something for a customer or how to approach a customer without them refusing you
    14. A funny note at the end
    15. 10. Business Is Not About Hanging Around Behind A Counter, But A Creative Activity: A Leap To Practice
    16. As an introduction, a lecture that almost drove me round the bend. Admission free!
    17. Passivity will take you only as far as the nearest chair
    18. Am I supposed to do direct selling my whole life?
  14. 11. Interview At A Presentation
    1. Information at the end
  15. 12. Talking About Real Things And Those Between Heaven And Earth
    1. Money – friend or foe?
    2. How should we perceive the role of money in our lives?
    3. Enjoy money
    4. Control your money otherwise it will control you
    5. Find motivation that will bring you money
  16. 13. Spirituality And Success: The Spiritual Side Of Life Or A Soothing Balm For The Soul
    1. Care for your body and soul − relax
  17. 14. Zooming In On Ourselves: A chapter that reveals what pushes us forward or keeps us from succeeding
    1. Our wealth
  18. The Success Indicator: Or fun in the end
  19. Rapid Fire – Change Your Thoughts
  20. Plan A New Life
  21. A few final words
  22. About The Authors