Chapter 10. Knowing What to Expect: Covering Costs and Managing Change

In This Chapter

  • Making a business case for mySAP ERP

  • Exploring the financial aspects of introducing mySAP ERP

  • Taking on the challenge of change

Throughout this book, we explore the challenges to business today and how mySAP ERP can help you address them. If we've convinced you and you're ready to put mySAP ERP to work in your organization, what should you do to get your ducks in a row? You probably have to justify mySAP ERP from a financial perspective to the powers-that-be in your corner of the world. To that end, in this chapter, we tell you about the tools and services available to help you impress even the most jaded CEO.

At this stage, you should also prepare yourself and your management to deal with impending change in your organization. Don't underestimate this: A mySAP ERP implementation touches just about everybody in your company and potentially your vendors, partners, and customers. At the end of this chapter, we give you some sound advice about dealing with change management.

The Financial Bottom Line of mySAP ERP

In Chapter 2, we cover the two major challenges businesses face today. Businesses have to find ways to

  • Increase efficiency and reduce the cost of their standard processes

  • Enable differentiating processes and foster innovation with low investment

But how do you know that implementing mySAP ERP will help you achieve these goals? What you need is a model. We're not talking about the people in fashion ...

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