Chapter 13. Top Ten Ways to Make People More Productive

If you've been reading this book and paying any attention, you know by now that moving to the world of ERP provides you with lots of new functionality and technology to save money and make your business processes flexible. But that's not the end of the story. As intelligent as these technical solutions are, people still (for the time being) call the shots, so you have to make sure they use that technology productively.

mySAP ERP has many ways of bringing information to the user faster and more easily than ever before. This chapter describes ten ways that you can use mySAP ERP to make your people more productive and effective.

Using Both Generic and User-Specific Roles

One of the major facelifts in mySAP ERP is the user interface — more specifically, the way that functionality and information are presented to users based on their role in an organization.

A typical employee may have many different roles in an organization. Take for example the boss of a production plant (we'll call him Irving). Irving would probably have several roles in his organization. For example, Irving is

  • An employee

  • A manager

  • A plant manager

Now imagine if Irving had all the information, applications, and services needed to complete these tasks actively "pushed out" to him. No longer would he have to search through complex menu structures to find the right bit of functionality; ...

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