Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the world of enterprise computing in general are undergoing a quiet revolution. With the introduction of enterprise services, businesses now have more of an opportunity to differentiate themselves, adapt to change quickly, and provide a common language for IT and business people to communicate — and do it while reducing the overall costs associated with their IT systems.

mySAP ERP, beginning with mySAP ERP 2004, heralded the start of this new service-enabled functionality. Building on top of the traditional features of SAP® R/3®, this new generation of ERP software helps businesses do things they could never do before — at lower cost.

In this book, we help you understand this brave new world, and how it can benefit your enterprise today and in years to come.

Why Buy This Book?

To be part of the ERP revolution, you have to understand more than mySAP ERP's features. You have to explore the world of Enterprise Services Architecture, or ESA, and discover how services work and how mySAP ERP embraces them. You need a basic understanding of the underlying technology, SAP NetWeaver, to see how flexibly you can work with out-of-the-box and custom business processes. And you need all of this in plain English that you can understand. That's where this book comes in.

For Dummies books all share a common goal: to avoid complexity like the plague and make topics easy to understand. Throughout this book, we explain concepts, both technical and nontechnical, ...

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