MySQL - Become a Certified Database Engineer

Video Description

MySQL is one of the most famous systems whose primary role is managing databases. The main goal of this course is the acquaintance with the basic concepts of databases. The acquired knowledge will enable you to practically use MySQL servers. Through the lessons, you’ll get a general picture regarding SQL language syntaxes as well as the advanced functionalities of servers. This is an open code system which means it’s available to everyone that wishes to use it and modify it according to their own specific needs. Apart from the fact this system enables you to manage your daily tasks quickly and efficiently, gaining skills and experience in MySQL will also provide you with a chance at building a successful and lucratively rewarding IT career. This course also prepares you for ORACLE certification, which can only further improve your chance at landing a great job.

Table of Contents

  1. Installation 00:17:28
  2. MySQL Workbench 00:17:00
  3. Creating Your First Database 00:10:47
  4. Primary and Foreign Keys 00:29:50
  5. Definition Commands - DDL 00:14:54
  6. SELECT 00:16:51
  7. Connecting Data 00:10:19
  8. INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE 00:18:33
  9. Views 00:06:39
  10. Stored Routines 00:25:43
  11. Built-In Functions 00:24:29
  12. Cursors and Triggers 00:25:21
  13. Transactions 00:09:08
  14. Users and Access 00:11:51
  15. MySQL Security 00:06:11
  16. Connections 00:06:42
  17. Replication 00:19:20
  18. Backup and Migration 00:10:41

Product Information

  • Title: MySQL - Become a Certified Database Engineer
  • Author(s): Funny Code
  • Release date: October 2017
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 100000006A0709