The GtkCombo Widget

The GtkCombo widget is the GTK+ answer to the combo box. It has an entry widget with a drop-down list of values. The user can enter values directly into the entry widget, and if the entered value matches a value already in the list, the widget can be set to automatically fill in the value. One of the interesting things about the GtkCombo widget is that the list of values is actually maintained separately from the widget itself. Figure 3.1 shows the running program compiled from Listing 3.1. Note that the comments in the code in Listing 3.1 tell what is coming up rather than what just happened.

Figure 3.1. Combo widget demo program.

Listing 3.1. GtkCombo Widget Demo Program
 #include <gtk/gtk.h> GtkWidget *frm_combo; GtkWidget ...

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