User Interface (UI) Construction with Glade

To begin the build process, set the project options after launching Glade. Set the project directory, and enter the project name of ww_comm (for “worldwide commissions”). Disable Gnome and gettext support, as you did for the SESI project.

Create a new form and name it frm_login. For its Title property, enter Commissions Login. Drop in a four-row vbox named vbox_login, and then insert lbl_title and lbl_messages, as shown in Figure 8.2, setting the text for both as shown in Figure 8.1. Give lbl_title a bit of visual separation by setting itsY Pad property to 5. For the rest of the construction of frm_login, have Figures 8.1 and 8.2 available for quick reference.

Drop in frame_login and frame_change_password ...

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