Utility Functions of the Application

This section lists and describes the code found in comm_utils.c (you can download the code from the www.newriders.com Web site). These are the “workhorse” functions of the application, much like sesi_utils.c was in Chapter 7.

Header, Logging, and Message Communication Functions

Listing 9.2 is the header section of comm_utils.c after the code has been written and compiled. It contains the #include statements, macro definitions, and such that will be used throughout the code.

Listing 9.2. Header Section from comm_utils.c
#include <gtk/gtk.h> 
#include <mysql.h> 

/* string.h is needed for the strlen() function.
							* time.h is needed for the date/time functions.
							* stdio.h is needed for the write-to-file operations. ...

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