6 Troubleshooting

This chapter covers the most common issues that you are likely to come across during your first attempted installation of MySQL Cluster.

What to Look for When Something Goes Wrong

There are several things to look for when something goes wrong in MySQL Cluster. The log files on each storage node are stored in DataDir, which is typically in /var/lib/mysql-cluster. The typical directory listing for such a folder on a storage node looks like this:

[user@storage] lsndb_3_error.log  ndb_3_out.log  ndb_3_trace.log.1ndb_3_fs         ndb_3.pid      ndb_3_trace.log.next

For a management node the directory listing looks like this:

[user@mgm] lsconfig.ini  ndb_1_cluster.log  ndb_1_out.log ndb_1.pid

These files all take the ...

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