Sensing and Writing Operations of Nano-Crossbar Memory Arrays

An Chen


22.1 Introduction

22.2 Reading Operation of Crossbar Arrays

22.2.1 Voltage Configurations for Reading Operation

22.2.2 Sensing Margin

22.2.3 Disturbance and Power Efficiency

22.3 A Crossbar Array Solution Based on Matrix Algebra

22.4 Effect of Nonlinear Memory Characteristics

22.5 Writing Operation of Crossbar Arrays

22.6 Discussions and Summary



Many nanoarchitectures are based on the crossbar arrays where active devices are built at the junctions between access lines laid out in orthogonal arrangement [1]. NanoFabrics [2], nanoscale programmable logic array (NanoPLA) [3], and nanoscale application-specific integrated circuit (NASIC) ...

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