Encapsulation by nanoemulsions

Seid Mahdi Jafari*
Paraskevi Paximada**
Ioanna Mandala**
Elham Assadpour*
Mohammad A. Mehrnia**    Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Gorgan, Iran**    Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece


Nanoemulsions are considered as ideal vehicles for nanoencapsulation of food bioactive ingredients and nutraceuticals. They serve as nanocarriers in many different materials as they are capable of improving water solubility and preventing the degradation of bioactive food components.

Oil in water emulsions (O/W) can be used for the encapsulation of lipophilic active agents; on the other hand, water in oil emulsions (W/O) can be also used to encapsulate hydrophilic compounds ...

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