Chapter 7

Nanofibrous and nanoparticle materials as drug-delivery systems

Fatemeh Zamani*,**
Fatemeh Jahanmard*
Farzaneh Ghasemkhah*
Sepideh Amjad-Iranagh*
Roohollah Bagherzadeh*
Mohammad Amani-Tehran*
Masoud Latifi**    Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran**    Hazrat-e Masoumeh University, Qom, Iran


Nanomedicine is a growing research area dealing with the engineering of materials at a nanometer scale for the improvement of treatment, diagnosis, and imaging of diseases. In medicine and therapeutic applications, the use of nanostructures, such as nanofibrous materials and nanoparticles as drug-delivery systems has improved the bioavailability, intestinal absorption, solubility, sustained and on-demand drug release and targeted ...

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