Chapter 17

Nanoparticulate carrier(s): an emerging paradigm in new generation vaccine development

Rajeev Sharma
Nishi Mody
Surabhi Dubey
Suresh P. Vyas    Dr. H. S. Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar, India


Vaccination has been accomplished as one of the most effective method of regulating microbial infections. Progress in nano-biotechnology has created opportunities for the development of a nanocarrier-based new generation of vaccines against various diseases such as cancer, malaria, hepatitis B, anthrax, AIDS, etc. Nanoparticulate-carrier-based vaccine delivery is a promising approach owing to their nano size, biodegradability, biocompatibility nature, immune adjuvant property, spatiotemporal delivery of antigens, and ability to provide effective ...

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